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Cranford (2007) S1 E1
sassiebrat -1 points 19 hours ago.

Much is happening in this first episode that sets the stage for what’s coming. Nice character development so that when something does happen you care about the character. And, through this development, feelings about any one character can and do change rather quickly.

La Casa de Papel (2017)
WiseIQ -1 points 18 hours ago.

Where is the english dub?

Impractical Jokers: The Movie (2020)
Brahms: The Boy II (2020)
Detroit Driller Killer (2020)
The Whalebone Box (2020)
Black Swan (2010)
castroadrian -1 points 15 hours ago.

A really good movie. Great acting and music.

Amazing Stories (2020) S1 E5
starshineontop -1 points 15 hours ago.

This was the best one so far !

Doom Patrol (2019) S1 E10
GrumpyMustard -1 points 14 hours ago.

Last couple episodes including this one have been great!

Night Gallery (1969)
JoMoCo -1 points 14 hours ago.

I’m looking forward to seeing these. I missed many of the episodes. Serling had a gift.

Cranford (2007) S1 E5
sassiebrat -1 points 13 hours ago.

Lovely ending to a much believable story! Can’t wait for Return to Cranford! Thanks uploader!

Space (2020)
YgraineDance -1 points 18 hours ago.

Oy. This clunker’s title should have been preceded by the words “Waste of”…
The part that you hope they’ll explore is precisely where the movie ends. Pass this one by unless you’re having trouble sleeping. 😴🙄

JohnJamesRambo -1 points 10 hours ago.

I’ll pass on your words…

The Walking Dead (2010)
bcjammerx 0 points 13 days ago.

I stopped watching years ago because I got tired of the exact same plot EVERY episode EVERY season…it’s been lame for a WHILE

Shade_Chylde -1 points 19 minutes ago.

Then why are you here running your D*sucker?

Tusk (2014)
CinemaHound -2 points 13 hours ago.

bad end 1/5 yuck sorry

The Whalebone Box (2020)
Alien 3 points 17 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Plot Summary:
A box made of whale bone, was washed up on a remote beach in the Outer Hebrides. Once touched the box can change lives. The box was given to Iain Sinclair almost thirty years ago by Steve Dilworth, a sculptor based on the Island of Harris. It was always intended to be an active thing, kill or cure. Three men undertake a journey to return the box to the place where the whale was beached.

darklighter1 -2 points 15 hours ago.


Tales from the Loop (2020) S1 E1
antiflake -1 points 20 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Well I gave this episode a shot, not that great imo, I’ll go one more to see if it grabs my attention.

Frac -2 points 18 hours ago.

I’ll give it a try too.👍for you!

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail (2017)
Brantz1 -2 points 15 hours ago.

Could you correct the air dates please

Tales from the Loop (2020) -2 points 15 hours ago*.

I was disappointed by this series. It’s has the atmosphere of the German series “Dark”, and while that had a complex plot to keep you engaged during the tedium, this is just tedious. In short: slow, long cut scenes with little dialogue and a camera filter that’s usually depressing.

The stories meander around “the loop”, a top secret underground facility experimenting with what has become scifi metaphysics, think “Devs”. But it doesn’t have a compelling central plot like “Devs”. The stories are more like Outer Limit episodes in substance. “Transpose”, for example, involves two teens switching bodies and the consequences. I did like that one, but, nonetheless, it was also hard to finish.

If you don’t get into it by the second episode, don’t expect it to change. If you do, then by all means go on.

Personally, I think it’s a good show for an insomniac who needs a sleeping pill or for adults who can pay attention longer than I can. (LOL)

Impractical Jokers: The Movie (2020)
Yorke91 -2 points 16 days ago.

Does anyone have a link for the impractical jokers movie cant find it anywhere thanks

RoboPhone -2 points 17 hours ago.

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The Walking Dead (2010) S10 E15
TheTruth -2 points 12 hours ago.

This show has really lost its heart. It’s starting to really remind me of another walking dead spin off like fear of the walking dead. They should make Negan the main character.

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