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WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
ct451 3 points 22 hours ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Now I wonder if they will get the memories from the magic Vision into the re-animated white Vision so he can exist outside the bubble.

WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
ac1d -6 points 1 day ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

what the hell? i feel like im watching a movie at the end and have skipped the middle -just when i thought i understood what is happening all this happens and im more lost than ever -who was the guy taht stole visions yellow stone and why did he steal it so many questions- does anyone fully comprehend this episode? im not a marvel fan-so have i missed something ?

Farmboy41 3 points 10 hours ago.

Acid Coming in on the tail end of things can spoil a lot of great movies in the MCU that should be seen before watching this. You did the same thing with Archer. I hope you started from the beginning after you found Archer in the last season.

Resident Alien (2021)
tobbetuff 3 points 16 hours ago.

best comic serie in many years. i love the cartoon comics in the beginning of each ep!

The Ren and Stimpy Show (1991) S2 E15
eric luschen 2 points 15 hours ago.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Superman & Lois (2021) S1 E1
Philingme 2 points 23 hours ago.

Now that was a good start. I am itching to see the next episode. I was good.

WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
ezl88 1 points 12 hours ago.

8+ min credits

sparson 2 points 7 hours ago.

a) there are 2 sets of credits since you’re watching it illegally and seems to be a foreign feed.
b) you’re missing something.

Roadie (1980)
booger 2 points 12 hours ago.

Good soundtrack

Saturday Night Live (1975) S46 E14
Superman & Lois (2021) S1 E1
sabcam 2 points 10 hours ago.

You’re not superman; I have seen him… he doesn’t have glasses, you can’t be him. LOL

Secret Things (2002)
fessologue 2 points 19 hours ago.

Sexy women and good drama! Loved the music!

WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
sparson 2 points 7 hours ago.

a) there are 2 sets of credits since you’re watching it illegally and seems to be a foreign feed.
b) you’re missing something.

saltydawg067 2 points 6 hours ago.

i think there are actually 3 sets of credits if u count the illegal stuff, unless they changed it… there’s one for HER show in the show and one for the show itself plus yeah… the foreign credits too…

b. seeing people complain about the credits has gotten old and it’s always been pointless.

The Monkees (1966) S2 E1
sloburnjo 2 points 23 hours ago.

Written & directed by Bob Rafelson

War Dogs (2016)
CodeBlack 1 points 10 hours ago.

If you haven’t seen it, def worth the watch

MixueW 2 points 3 hours ago.

agreed. good flick

Beetlejuice (1988)
Luvlinguae 2 points 17 hours ago.

i hadn’t seen this movie since it came out in the theaters. I forgot how fun it is.

The Monkees (1966) S2 E2
sloburnjo 2 points 6 hours ago.

‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ by Goffin\King

WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
babyoda 2 points 16 hours ago*.

Came across this vid after watching this episode:

The Beatles (1965) S3 E5
Saucer-People 2 points 4 hours ago.

This was a kids TV series?!? I’d have thought hearing Tomorrow Never Knows, The Beatles interpretation of Leary’s Psychedelic Prayers (which in turn was an interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead) track, accompanied with images of a Mayan inner-world would have left one hell of an impression!
Especially considering this was 1967, it is one hell of an adventurous cartoon - nearly as strange as the Beatles accents which to my English ears sound bizarre.

WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
saltydawg067 2 points 5 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

oh…. gosh!! i think there coulda been a tissue alert on this one… i wonder how many people are binging the first 7 episodes after watching this one to get a better understanding of why it was set up with the old tv shows like it was…

WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
Farmboy41 2 points 16 hours ago.

I have one question. Where is the mind stone?

The Ren and Stimpy Show (1991) S2 E15
Frac -6 points 3 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

ah come on trolls, you can do better than that! hehehe

JadeEnigma 1 points 15 hours ago.

I see almost all new comments downvoted so I think there’s a deep-state conspiracy afoot!

Countdown to Murder (2013)
Killion 0 points 2 days ago*.

sigh.. again with the 0 links?

Saucer-People 1 points 5 hours ago.

There’s one working link to S03E06! Quite an interesting case so fingers crossed some other episode links magically appear.

Adverse (2021)
TX2Guns 1 points 6 hours ago.

This movie is painful to watch.

Confessions of a Time Traveler - The Man from 3036 (2020)
SheWatches 1 points 22 hours ago.

For a short documentary, it was okay. Like a college film

Fear Thy Neighbor (2014) S7 E1
MixueW 1 points 22 hours ago*.

This story is crazy… remember it when it happened, watched the lady live when it was going on.

The Stand (2020) S1 E5
darklighter1 1 points 2 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

What a stupid plan. Send in spies to a place run by a guy who may be the devil but has definitely come to everyone in their dreams. So yeah he probably won’t notice you’re there. If they just expected the worst after the crucified guy showed up to warn them and fortified the town I think they coulda saved a few people’s lives. Stephen King is such an overrated writer.

Braveheart (1995)
Royaltyguy 1 points 20 hours ago.

One of the greateat movies ever made, one of the greatest stories ever told. One of my all time favorites. Freedom for us all. Let everyone be free Amen

Braveheart (1995)
Dante89 2 points 4 months ago.

Finally ! I just had seen some small scenes from it while I was young when my dad saw this movie but finally saw it and I gotta say at the end.. I seemed to have a lot of things in my eyes :’)

Royaltyguy 1 points 20 hours ago.

Me too brother

The Comrades of Summer (1992)
Trent 1 points 3 hours ago.

The Greatest Baseball Movie I’ve never seen before!

matsite101 1 points 4 hours ago.

Terrible flick

The Pioneer Woman (2011)
Unknown Freak 1 points 14 hours ago.

She makes great canned soups! Her recipes are quite simple, but too buttery and oily for my taste. She doesn’t mind cholesterol that’s for sure. Good show tho.

WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
ezl88 1 points 12 hours ago.

8+ min credits

Blade II (2002)
harryteze 1 points 12 hours ago.

I want me some blade’s glasses… damn thing didn’t come off despite the beating he got from lomark!

The Originals (2013) S5 E3
[removed by a moderator]
rapscallion 1 points 11 hours ago.

That’s not how it works.

War Dogs (2016)
CodeBlack 1 points 10 hours ago.

If you haven’t seen it, def worth the watch

Cheaters (2001)
Canilive4life 4 points 3 months ago.

There are new 2020 of cheaters please provide. Need it in this pandemic. Plus Peter Gunz is the host lol

Steens 1 points 9 hours ago.

Sooooooooooooooooooo Agree!!!!!!!! I’ve requested this a few times, just hoping today will be the day! LOL

The Blacklist (2013) S8 E8
YgraineDance 1 points 9 hours ago.

Another excellent episode of the kind of case that makes this show great——and once again, mercifully, NO KEEN MESS.

The Blacklist (2013) S8 E6
collein 1 points 7 hours ago.

not the best but so much better than recently, why ? no keene thats why.

True to the Game 2 (2020)
diesel1972 2 points 2 months ago.

You spelled bruce willis wrong

Hihey 1 points 5 hours ago.

Lol here take my wife

Tom and Jerry (2021)
Honest Review 1 points 5 hours ago.

Was ok. Not what I was expecting. Not that great either. 6/10

Marvel Studios: Assembled (2021)
YELLOWbird 1 points 12 minutes ago.

Really looking forward to seeing this.
Heads up, uploaders March 12, 2021.

All Creatures Great and Small (2020) S1 E6
GrrawentheNormal 1 points 2 months ago.

Hopefully she ends up with that guy for good, and they have a long and happy life together, doubt it though. Five minutes into the first episode, when I saw that lady getting on the bus, I thought the show will definitely push the main character and her together in the end, after some bull$hit interpersonal drama. Hopefully that kind of super cliche development doesn’t happen. I wouldn’t even mind if this was it, the end of the show, better end it here, then take it in a tediously predictable direction. If this turns into runaway bride, I’m gonna slap a b&tch.

Saucer-People 1 points 10 hours ago.

I recommend watching the original 1970s version of All Creatures Great And Small (especially the first three seasons) posted elsewhere on PW - not only are the characters and storylines far more faithful to the original James Herriot novels but there is a total lack of the contrived interpersonal bull$hit on display in this 2020 adaptation.

Wacky Races (1968)
Geogenesis 1 points 5 hours ago.

amazing! thank you uploader!

War Dogs (2016)
SJ Robert 1 points 39 minutes ago.

Good movie. 3.5/5

It's a Sin (2021)
joules 1 points 4 hours ago.

This is SO good. Funny, devastating, touching, and well done. Took me right back to the eighties, especially with that soundrack. Keep tissues on hand.

Real Time with Bill Maher (2003) S19 E6
Alien 0 points 6 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

The whole world is an Onion headline and it brings me to tears.

Shadow and Bone (2021)
Flicker2013 0 points 21 hours ago.

Been looking forward to this on April 23. On my watch list for sure!

The Silence (2010)
TX2Guns 3 points 5 days ago.

To Say you like The Tunnel is to say you like The Heavyweight Champion of all Scandi Noir, The Bridge (Bron/Broen Swedish/Danish version not that American shite version) which has been the inspiration for several decent variations, I actually thought the German/Austrian Der Pass topped The Tunnel with the Russian and Asian remakes coming in a very distant third and fourth.

VacantField42 0 points 6 hours ago.

Made me smile…Thank you! Might re-watch. Yes, American version was complete Shite!

The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft (2006)
Arcangel2020 0 points 3 hours ago.

Don’t even bother with this one. It’s absolutely a total waste of time.

The Blacklist (2013) S8 E6
collein 1 points 7 hours ago.

not the best but so much better than recently, why ? no keene thats why.

ac1d 0 points 6 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

when did that annoying keene stop being in blacklist it could be tempted to restart it again -james spader is the man from gentle to psychotic in heartbeat -but keen is total put off she cant act

McDonald & Dodds (2020) S2 E1
Fmghost 0 points 1 hour ago.

I didn’t even know this was going to have a second series

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