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Flatland (2019)
DamoB78 1 points 2 months ago.

So weird to finally see this making an appearance, I remember Phillip Rhys giving an interview while he was making the rounds for 24 season 2 saying his next project was kinda like the Matrix and he was working with Dennis Hopper. I never imagined it would see the light of day.

Synchronic (2020)
DamoB78 31 points 2 months ago.

whoever is responsible for encoding the SUPER INTRUSIVE adverts into these rips, I don’t hate you but I do wish that you get severe gonorrhea or at the very least Hep-C

Free Guy (2020)
DamoB78 1 points 3 months ago.

What a troll! lmao

The Whoopee Boys (1986)
DamoB78 0 points 3 months ago.

This is one of the funniest 80’s comedies ever made.

Utopia (2020)
mikeym 1 points 4 months ago.

This is NOT a remake of the original British series.
It’s based upon the book by Gillian Flynn the American author that wrote Gone Girl.
Yes there was a Brit series based upon this book. Good series but so is this

DamoB78 5 points 4 months ago.

lol what are you talking about? Gillian Flynn adapted the story for the 2020 remake. There is no book! The show is based upon an original idea by Huw Kennair-Jones, Mark Aldridge and Clare McDonald which was then created for TV by Dennis Kelly, all of which are English or Irish. Nothing to do with America buddy…

Utopia (2020)
PacificLilly 2 points 4 months ago.

Good info to know DamoB78! I haven’t seen the original series/iteration; Is it really that good? Should I watch the original series first or are they both good enough to stand on their own?

DamoB78 2 points 4 months ago.

Thanks PacificLilly! While the original is good I don’t think you’ll gain anything by watching both versions but it’s up to you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy either :)

Utopia (2020)
DamoB78 5 points 4 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Compared to the original version this isn’t that bad, I understand the reasoning of most of the changes given the differences between the U.K & U.S.A however the changes made to Jessica Hyde make her a complete sociopath rather than a likeable but damaged & sympathetic character. That one change makes it extremely hard to rally behind her.

The Babysitter (2017)
DamoB78 4 points 4 months ago.

This is a movie not a tv show

Ava (2020)
dagon51777 -2 points 5 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

oh, i’m sorry that i hurt your butt by alerting you to the fact of a simple 3 icons that tell you the grade and quality of a show. if you don’t like cams, don’t watch cams. some are great for their quality, but most suck. FYI, cams are recorded in theatres with the risk of attendants possibly catching and kicking out the cammer. maybe go spend $12 and watch it at a Wal-Mart free drive in instead of being an internet whiner. BTW, ty. i know i’m a dickhead. any more insults i’m guilty of? Asshole, Prick, Jackass? i’m ok with all of those when i only agreed with a user on your previous post. sorry i explained that 3 should be enough. according to 70’s tv in the US, 3’s company. maybe it’s a crowd. who knows the science in that.

DamoB78 3 points 5 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)


Ava (2020)
dagon51777 1 points 5 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

3 icons are plenty of red flags!? who’d have thought that common sense of a camera icon meant a cam version wasn’t the “best quality video up to 4k?” god forbid they have to wait 2-4 weeks for a dvd quality version! as they complain…all the while…they’re complaining about not spending money. i totally agree with you on this, Alien.

DamoB78 2 points 5 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

oh be quiet, The first 57 mins are great but then it is just unwatchable from there on. Everyone in their right mind would appreciate that info rather than waste an hour. chill the fuck out you dickhead

Ava (2020)
Ava (2020)
Brave New World (2020) S1 E1
LVPVS -4 points 6 months ago.

17 mins 23 seconds is the most I could manage to bear. That girl, Hannah John-Kamen, is just an unbearably bad actress. Hammy and overrated.
Back to drama school. Swipe left.

DamoB78 1 points 6 months ago.

H.J.K was in this episode for less than 3 mins with less than 3 lines of dialogue but nothing she did warranted that sort of comment.

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