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Submerged (2000)
JohnStang 0 points 6 months ago.

Can we say remake or duplication. One of the many ‘Airport’ movies in the 70’s dealt with an intact 747 fully submerged in the ocean full of passengers. Seen one seen them all.

Fast N' Loud (2012) S16 E1
JohnStang 0 points 1 year ago.

I have one. Last season, they were all about completing a 72 Cutlass. It came Sema week, the deadline for the HUGE build and they discovered they won’t be able to get it completed so they submitted an incomplete vehicle. Well this is also television. They should complete it afterwards and show the car to the television audience completed. It may be too late for Sema but at least have the decency not to leave the audience hanging.

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