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Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)
TX2Guns 1 points 29 minutes ago.

Intense, off beat movie with one of my favorite actors, John Hawkes.

Ravenous (1999)
TX2Guns 1 points 40 minutes ago.

This is definitely one of my favorite Dark westerns, right up there with Bone Tomahawk. The script was loosely based on the life of cannibal Alfred Packer. Really solid writing and superb acting by all involved, including one of my favorite period actors, Jefferey Jones.

The Salton Sea (2002)
TX2Guns 2 points 53 minutes ago.

One of the top 10 best under the radar crime movies of the last 20 years. Val Kilmer is excellent but IMO D’Onofrio steals the show as the nose (less) meth king pin.

Capernaum (2018)
TX2Guns 2 points 2 days ago*.

Good movie but a Tough watch. Next time you start feeling like your life is so hard and unbearable, watch this movie and re-evaluate. I felt more anger toward the parents than anything. Sad Deal.

Grenslanders (2019)
TX2Guns 1 points 3 days ago.

A solid turd of a series. One dimensional and tropish.

Barkskins (2020)
TX2Guns 1 points 4 days ago.

Too bad they cancelled this one, it had promise. Unlike series like Frontier which are filled with terrible accents and simple storylines, this one had a really original script.

Katla (2021) S1 E8
TX2Guns 2 points 5 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

After the first episode I thought this was going to be some type of Icelandic crime hybrid but it quickly devolved into a tedious soap opera with the Director eventually trying to rely on some well used Doppelganger tropes to add some “excitement.” This was one of those scripts where it started off with a semi-solid ideal, but the execution got muddled with too much “psychological” dialogue and character sub-plots to be effective.

Katla (2021) S1 E1
TX2Guns 3 points 6 days ago.

I wasn’t sure about this one going in, as Netflix has been known to do some pretty awful foreign “Eco thrillers” but after the first episode I think it’s fair to say this is not one of those, at least not as a stereo-type. It kind of reminded me of a combination of the French Les Revenants and the Crime Noir-Supernatural hybrid Jordskott. As with most Icelandic offerings, The writing is good and the characters interesting, so let’s see where this one goes.

Triumph (2021)
TX2Guns 3 points 6 days ago.

Really inspiring and uplifting movie based on the Amazing true story of screen writer Michael D. Coffey. It stars RJ Mitte (who played Walter White Jr. in Breaking Bad) in the lead role, who actually suffers from cerebral palsy. Great story about overcoming adversity and never giving up!

Mr Inbetween (2018) S3 E5
TX2Guns 2 points 7 days ago.

The scene with them staking out the beach with Ray’s daughter was hilarious. Been there done that when my daughter was that age. It’s interesting how Ray is changing this season, all for the better it seems.

Angel Heart (1987)
TX2Guns 1 points 7 days ago.

This is one of my top 5 Mickey Rourke movies. Alan Parker did a great job with both the script and Directing. The Crime Noir Private Detective feel throughout with both the foreshadowing and character development is top notch.

Das Boot (2018)
TX2Guns 1 points 8 days ago.

I really wanted to like this series but ultimately it fell flat with me. The script was way too ambitious, especially the “resistance” storyline. This was based on a book about U-boats, why turn it into a WW2 soap opera? I’ll stick with the 1981 movie which is still the pinnacle of WW2 UBoat movies IMO.

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band (2020)
yellow_rose1 1 points 11 days ago.

oh yeah? Is it on here? I will check it out thanks

TX2Guns 1 points 11 days ago.
Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band (2020)
yellow_rose1 1 points 11 days ago*.

Good doc. I mostly wanted to hear from Levon Helm and he talks quite a bit in it so that was nice. Personally they would have not become what they were without him and Robbie knows it. Seeing Peter Gabriel, heck I didn’t even recognize him. Man were are all getting old for sure. 4/5

TX2Guns 1 points 11 days ago.

If you want to watch a GREAT Doc on Levon Helm, check out “Ain’t in it for my Health”(2010)

True Detective (2014) S1 E5
TX2Guns 1 points 13 days ago.

One of my favorite Icelandic actors Olafur Darri Olafsson (Trapped) makes an all too brief appearance as the psychotic meth cook cultist, Dewall.

True Detective (2014) S1 E4
TX2Guns 1 points 13 days ago.

Rust Cohle once again shows us the way: Everybody needs a foot locker with an AK, grenades and a fifth of Jameson’s in it.

True Detective (2014) S1 E3
TX2Guns 1 points 13 days ago.

“World Needs Bad Men, we keep the other bad men from the door.” -Rust Cohle

Murder in the Bayou (2019)
TX2Guns 1 points 13 days ago.

As I was re-watching Nic Pizzolatto’s AMAZING First season of True Detective, I was reminded that South Louisiana is the place where crime writers (such as James Lee Burke) like to mine their gritty narratives. If you want to watch two amazing true Crime Docs to verify this, start with this one and then try this one: https://www.primewire.ag/tv/142147-watch-killing-fields

Mr Inbetween (2018) S3 E4
TX2Guns 2 points 15 days ago.

Gary has serious issues.

Galveston (2018)
TX2Guns 1 points 15 days ago.

Nic Pizzolatto is one of the best American crime series screenwriters working IMO. Season 1 of True Detective is his Masterpiece. I remember reading this novel on a trip and not putting it down for three hours. Definitely not an uplifting tale but as far as character studies go in crime novels, this is the goods.

White House Farm (2020)
TX2Guns 1 points 15 days ago.

Really well crafted series based on True events. Mark Addy and Stephen Graham do a really good job.

Time (2021) S1 E3
TX2Guns 2 points 16 days ago.

And THAT is how you write a gritty, heartbreaking series with no filler or fluff. Man that was good.

Time (2021)
TX2Guns 1 points 16 days ago.

No Worries.

Time (2021)
etim 2 points 16 days ago.

Subscene has subs for this if anyone else needs ‘em too.

TX2Guns 2 points 16 days ago.

Many Thanks. Those Northern English accents are thick.

Time (2021) S1 E1
TX2Guns 1 points 17 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

As I expected, this series did not disappoint. Tightly wound, intense drama with great pacing and amazing acting. It was awesome to see Siobhan Finneran (From Happy Valley) in this. Amazing actress. As would be expected from McGovern this is not just a “prison” drama, it is multi-layered with great characters.

Time (2021)
TX2Guns 3 points 17 days ago.

Jimmy McGovern is a solid, no-nonsense writer not afraid to keep it real. Pair that with two amazing actors like Bean and Graham and I am looking forward to this one.

Band of Brothers (2001)
TX2Guns 1 points 17 days ago.

In Memoriam of the 77th Anniversary of D-Day, I am re-watching the entire series today. Join Me!

D-Day: The Last Heroes (2013)
TX2Guns 2 points 17 days ago.

77th Anniversary of D-Day. Take a moment today and Remember the Sacrifice.

Mike Tyson: The Knockout (2021) S1 E1
TX2Guns 1 points 17 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Decent Documentary but please, stop with the race card BS. The racial non-sense these so called “experts” and “moderators” (yeah right) were saying about the great Cus D’amato was a HUGE load of crap. That man LOVED Mike. Besides even if D’amato was a quote “opportunist” are you trying to tell me that Don King and all his corrupt imps were not? Give me a break. The record speaks for itself. When D’amato passed and Mike started listening to King, that was the beginning of the end for him.

Riders of Justice (2020)
TX2Guns 3 points 18 days ago.

Really funny and well acted A List Danish movie. Nice blend of comedy and action. Some hilarious lines in this one.

Five Came Back (2017)
TX2Guns 1 points 18 days ago.

Amazing WW2 Doc about 5 Amazing Film Makers and Patriots. Eisenhower was right about that Generation: We Will Never see their like again.

The Beast Must Die (2021) S1 E1
TX2Guns -1 points 18 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

So the new norm for male leads in crime dramas, is that they be fragile and weak and cry at the drop of a hat? Not even 10 minutes in and the man “in charge” is crying like a 4 year old who lost his balloon because a woman raised her voice at him. Yeah I know something terrible has happened to him but honestly this is ridiculous. Man up and put on your big boy pants (and if this who is getting paid to quote “protect” you, I would seriously have a contingency plan, just saying.) Anyways, after 20 minutes I can see where this series is headed.

Heist (2001)
kermit5k50 2 points 20 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

my man is so cool, when he goes to sleep, sheep count HIM.

TX2Guns 2 points 18 days ago.

Cute as a pail of kittens and a chinese baby…😄

Dom (2021)
YELLOWbird 2 points 18 days ago.

According to Amazon Prime:—
Audio languages: (meaning dubbed)
ENGLISH, Deutsch, Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Français, Italiano, Polski, Português, Português [Descrição do áudio]

Subtitles: English plus about 30 more

Which means they should be able to upload versions either dubbed in english and/or the original Portuguese subbed in English

TX2Guns 2 points 18 days ago.

Yes they should, which means an enterprising linker could post some proper links. Any takers?

Just Noise
PonderThis 1 points 19 days ago.

As you know, I’ve always been fascinated about wars in the early part of the 20th century. I’m glad that we have a site as primewire because I wouldn’t be able to watch war movies from other countries. These movies you don’t see on television. It’s always interesting to see another countries perspective on wars that took place in Europe.

TX2Guns 2 points 19 days ago.

This is not exactly a “war’ movie per se but a movie about survival and fighting back. Malta as an island is a tragic story but an amazing one, starting from the earliest times of recorded history right on through WW2, this island and it’s people have had the stuffing beat out of them time and time again and yet they come back. Read about the Siege of Malta in WW2..Amazing Story!

Just Noise
TX2Guns 1 points 19 days ago.

Really well done historical film about the history and tragedy of Malta in the early 20th Century. Strange role for Harvey Keitel, did not fit him at all.

Dom (2021)
lylou6657 3 points 19 days ago.

It is a Brazilian serie, why is it in French ?

TX2Guns 2 points 19 days ago.

When they grabbed the links they grabbed the French dubbed Version versus the Original language of Portuguese.

Uncommon Valor (1983)
TX2Guns 1 points 19 days ago.

One of my favorite Hackman films.
It’s a real shame the late, great Chuck Taylor was not given screen credit for the screenplay even though he contributed large parts of his experiences in 1 Btn, 11th Infantry Recon Team Arizona (LRRP Team in Vietnam).

Edge of the World (2021)
TX2Guns 3 points 19 days ago.

Really well done in the style of The Lost City of Z with overtones of Heart of Darkness as well.

City of Industry (1997)
TX2Guns 1 points 20 days ago*.

In Harvey Keitel’s vast catalog, this one rates pretty far down on the list for me (Bad Lieutenant is one of my all time favorites of his), But Honestly this movie would not be worth watching without Keitel. The script is lazy, even for an L.A. neo-noir, but as always, My Marine brother Keitel does it justice in the end.

One False Move (1992)
TX2Guns 0 points 20 days ago.

In the canon of gritty, well done 90’s crime movies, One False Move stands out for two big reasons: One, it is one of the late, great Bill Paxton’s hidden gems (the runner up would have to be his role as Severen the redneck vampire in one of Kathyrn Bigelow’s early movies, Near Dark) Two, it is IMHO one of Billy Bob’s best screenplays next to Slingblade. A lot of people forget that Billy Bob cut his teeth in Hollyweird as a starving screenwriter before he made it big and started eating regularly and wearing blood amulets.

Thief (1981)
SJ Robert 1 points 1 year ago*.

I don’t know about masterpiece. It was very good. Started a bit slow but then got up to speed. Topkapi was the heist flick that started it all and was/is what I consider a classic and a must see for those into the genre; old now, but still a great watch. Another really good heist flick is The Italian Job. (Edit: the 2003 one. There’s also an earlier one with Michael Caine, that must be good (he’s great) but I haven’t seen that one yet.)

TX2Guns 1 points 20 days ago.

In the canon of Heist films up until this point, this one by Michael Mann stands alone and is a masterpiece not only as a crime story but also in firearms realism. Fast forward to 1995 and you get the the all time heavyweight champion of heist films, Heat, which is not only a masterpiece of crime fiction but also again, in firearms realism and urban combat. The Shootout at the bank job is pure perfection. Michael Mann as a Director stands alone in terms of firearm realism in film, no contest.

Box 21 (2020) S1 E6
TX2Guns 1 points 20 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Well to say this series has surprised me in a GOOD way would be an understatement. It looked like in Episode 2 that things had gone off the rails writing wise but it appears I was just being impatient. By the end of Episode 5 you will find yourself knee deep in a Criminal Conspiracy on a Global Scale complete with Police Corruption that will make your jaw drop. Running parallel to that storyline is a really well crafted character arc about redemption. What I really liked about this series is it’s unconventionality, the writer’s were not afraid to break the stereotypes surrounding the sexual abuse of women. Bravo! I am not surprised that often by a foreign crime series but I really liked this one. Definitely worth the 6 hour investment!

Heist (2001)
kermit5k50 2 points 20 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

my man is so cool, when he goes to sleep, sheep count HIM.

TX2Guns 3 points 20 days ago.

Ricky Jay is one cool customer…remember him in The Prestige? So Good.

Heist (2001)
TX2Guns 1 points 20 days ago.

Mamet wrote and directed this modern crime classic, and with Hackman, DeVito, Rockwell and Ricky Jay, you just can’t go wrong.

Danger UXB (1979)
TX2Guns 1 points 21 days ago.

Really well done Brit WW2 series from the late 70’s. Really captures the mood and struggles of Brit civilians and military going through the horrors of the Blitz.

Rasputin (1985)
TX2Guns 0 points 21 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Elen Klimov strange, twisted tale of the Romanov’s and the hermit monk who went over to the dark side. If you have not experienced Russian cinema before, after this go watch a Tarkovsky flick like Stalker or Solaris.

African Jungle Hunt (Short 1957)
Frac 0 points 21 days ago.

excellent 7 minute toon from the past. Delightful!

TX2Guns 2 points 21 days ago.

You have to hand it to the Brits, even with their cartoons, they maintain mastery over the English language! A Fantastic Idiom Adventure! 😅

Katyn (2007)
Dodi 2 points 5 months ago.

Horrible what Russians did, and blamed it on the Germans for years. The movie starts out with a bang, will never forget the scene on the bridge, and what happened in the woods, as depicted, I cannot ever unsee. My father was a freedom fighter next door, in Budapest, and had to escape because the secret police were honing in on him to cut him down.

TX2Guns 2 points 21 days ago.

When you talk about WW2 anti-communist partisans, Rafal Gan Ganowicz stands above them all!

Mr Inbetween (2018) S3 E3
TX2Guns 2 points 21 days ago.

One of the qualities of a GREAT script or any story for that matter is when the reader find themselves CARING about the character’s well being. This was a really touching episode in that regard. Well Done!

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