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Blood Red Sky (2021)
UGuess 2 points 3 days ago.

Loved Every moment 5/5

Falling Skies (2011) S3 E1
Alien 2 points 5 days ago*.

This makes me nostalgic for good quality sci-fi/alien movies and shows in general.
Don’t get them often enough anymore.

UGuess 1 points 5 days ago*.

The good ol’ days, when tv actually made sense-ahhhh. I’ll have to binge this gem one day

Love Island (2019) S3 E18
UGuess 2 points 5 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Cash is a glutton for punishment if she gives Cinco the time a day. She needs to focus all of her attention on Charlie

Making the Cut (2020) S2 E6
UGuess 1 points 5 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS EP! I was blown away at the last person’s project. I stumble on this show out of boredom but due to the contestants I will will watch from season

Jolt (2021)
UGuess 1 points 6 days ago.

This little gem I found was such a delight! Def a comedy w/ action for sure👏 Glad I watched it on my 55inch and not on my laptop. I even rewinded it several times because I tried to watched it while cleaning and missed some parts but it was too entertaining to miss. Loved, loved, loved. Right now it says 5.4/10 Idky why it’s an 8/10. TRY IT, YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED if you just simply take it for what it is, ENTERTAINMENT. My fav was the two females’ relationship. Oh and Part 2 can’t come fast enough

FBoy Island (2021) S1 E1
UGuess 1 points 6 days ago.


Animal Kingdom (2016)
lylou6657 3 points 9 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

without Smurf, the show does not make any sense !!

UGuess 1 points 9 days ago.

thought it was only me

Big Brother (2000) S23 E5
UGuess 2 points 17 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

That crying strategy…hilarious. Got me at first. Now it’s becoming a bit more interesting

A Classic Horror Story (2021)
Kateri81 2 points 17 days ago.

Pretty decent one time watch. ABCvideo link dubbed in english.

UGuess 2 points 17 days ago.

Thanks gotta check it out

Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) S1 E1
jeff7777 5 points 18 days ago.

Ep-1, just so-so…Hard to compete with the other 2

UGuess 2 points 18 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Gotta agree, hoping this is just the worst of the bunch because I didn’t care for it. It actually turned me off to the rest of the series, but I’ll wait until a couple of more eps come out then binge and see before I make my final decision to to if I will invest anymore time with this section

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (2013)
DEADTUB 4 points 19 days ago.

Come back I miss you

UGuess 1 points 18 days ago*.

🤣 I have to watch this now

Evil (2019) S2 E5
UGuess 1 points 18 days ago.

OKAY 1. So is the Leland playing the nun because if not they sure do favor? 2. Looks like next ep might confirm why I just don’t trust the mom 3. Why are all the eps appear to be left unresolved?

Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021)
UGuess 2 points 18 days ago.

Well looka here, didn’t even know this existed. Hope this is as good as 2nd one

Dr. Death (2021)
UGuess 1 points 18 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

You know all the statistics the end are so alarming especially since those are only the ones that are reported. So many others should have been prosecuted and others were enablers but they all will definitely answer to Yah at the judgement seat.

I still didn’t understand one thing though, what was the deal with his line of sight?

Dr. Death (2021) S1 E2
TX2Guns 2 points 19 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

This series is quickly descending into Lifetime movie territory.
Every member of The TX Medical Board that let this quack continue to operate needed a prison sentence along with him. MORONS with Degrees.

UGuess 2 points 19 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Should’ve gotten the same exact sentencing

Dr. Death (2021) S1 E1
TX2Guns 4 points 20 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Seems like a solid series. Good cast and writing. Would file it under ‘Medical Horror” versus “Medical Drama” Though. A close friends mother is a para-palegic today because of this a-hole. A Life sentence was way too good for him. He needed to be put down like the dog that he was. It always makes me laugh at what Hollyweird think Texan’s accents sounds like (Hint: It’s nothing like the old couple in his office!)

UGuess 1 points 19 days ago.

O wow so sorry to hear that and totally agree

Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) S2 E10
UGuess 1 points 20 days ago.

That was a sweet ending to season 2. There can definitely be an amazing season 3 if they like. Enjoyed the series

Taboo (2017)
Marlboro_Man 1 points 20 days ago.

0_o As recent as June of 2021 they claim that a season 2 of Taboo has been confirmed & is expected to be released this year, but as on yet I’ve been unable to locate the exact release date.

UGuess 3 points 20 days ago.

I’m gonna have to watch this, Idk if I’ve ever watched this before but it looks intriguing and the reviews match

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2016) S6 E9
UGuess 2 points 20 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

🤣🤣 This show is so unbelievably stupid, you can help but to get sucked in. Poor Mick (lol)

American Horror Stories (2021) S1 E1
UGuess 2 points 20 days ago.

NOPE, absolutely not!!! Only THE TRUE AHS for me

Impractical Jokers (2011) S9 E12
UGuess 1 points 20 days ago.

Disappointed, this is an old ep

Big Brother (2000) S23 E4
UGuess 0 points 21 days ago*.

Gotta admit I have missed Julie Chen in her beautiful attire with all her biblical quotes, she so positive

Good Trouble (2019) S3 E11
UGuess 1 points 21 days ago.

That was one of the funniest eps. I literally cried laughing when they cried. I’m beginning to love this show like when they first started.

Big Brother (2000) S23 E3
UGuess 2 points 21 days ago.

I guess the Aussie version has spoiled me, I have to get used to this pace. Trying to hang in there

Loki (2021) S1 E6
glenra 4 points 22 days ago.

In the comics, Kang was kind of a catch-all villain who bounces around in time and often goes by other names or impersonates other people. There’s a fabulous song by Ookla the Mok based on that premise called “Everybody’s Kang The Conqueror”. (let’s see if we can post links here):

UGuess 2 points 22 days ago.


Loki (2021) S1 E6
kermit5k50 4 points 22 days ago.

I don’t either. I read things in articles online but I’ve never read one comic in my life. I just really enjoy the movies and now the shows. I guess we will just have to stay tuned…

UGuess 4 points 22 days ago.

Well thankkkkk you, I thought I was on a planet all by myself. I really do just enjoy shows or movies for what they are

Loki (2021) S1 E6
Bilblo Bagman 3 points 22 days ago.

I hear ya, the only Kang I know is that alien from the Simpsons.

UGuess 3 points 22 days ago.

🤣 I just realized it was one there too..I must really start to pay attention and start watching the simpsons LOL

Loki (2021) S1 E6
Kid Kryptonite 7 points 22 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

And there we have Kang the Conquerer like we predicted. Wonderful job Jonathan Majors portrayed this variant like we’ll see in the next Ant-Man film. I just love how all these MCU stuff combines.

UGuess 3 points 22 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

I guess I really have to be into “something” to know who the heck Kang the Conqueror is in order to be perhaps amazed or worried or at least, to know how important this is at the end?!! IDK

Mr Inbetween (2018) S3 E9
UGuess 2 points 22 days ago.

I needed just one more episode. I more really is that asking too much🤦‍♀️

The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 (2021)
UGuess 2 points 24 days ago.

Finally got around to watching this and I liked this one better. I actually watched the first one again and while I watching it, I did not laugh once. I actual wondered if I liked the 1st at all. But with this one, I laughed several times. I give this one a 3.5/5-Glad I watched it. I’m surprised I liked this so much being that at least half of the comedians are not usual my cup of tea.

The Forever Purge (2021)
Crash85465 1 points 27 days ago.

Part 3 not all that, will wait for Part 4.

UGuess 0 points 25 days ago.

So it will def be a part 4?

Big Brother (2000) S23 E1
UGuess 3 points 28 days ago.

Back down the rabbit role I go..

War of the Worlds (2019)
Marlboro_Man 3 points 1 month ago.

0_0 Err?(Gulp!)

UGuess 2 points 29 days ago.


In the Mood for Love (2000)
goatboy1 2 points 1 month ago*.

You’re very welcome! I was kind of in a movie rut and the films from this director are definitely snapping me out of it. I hope that you enjoy them as well!

UGuess 0 points 1 month ago.

Word??!! Oh that’s so encouraging, I can’t wait. I really don’t do these types but you guys got me all excited. Most times they disappoint me, but I really think I’ll be better this time around👍

RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness (2021) S1 E1
Mannic 3 points 1 month ago.

Infinite Darkness takes place about 2 years after the events of Resident Evil 4. It also takes place about three years before the major events of Resident Evil 5, although some of the early sequences in that game did occur in 2006. Very convoluted yes but it follows stuff from the games not a sequel or anything like that to the cartoon movies etc.

UGuess 1 points 1 month ago.

Thank you kindly, I’ll try do some catching up though I have no idea how it ended up in my to watch list. I do love resident evil though, the movie that is. lol

RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness (2021) S1 E1
UGuess 1 points 1 month ago.

Hmmm is this a sequel or something?

The Tomorrow War (2021)
Death Row nl 5 points 1 month ago.

Why are some people crying about the reality of a science FICTION movie? Come on its not a real live show or a documentary, its movie, everything can in a movie thats why we love them. If you don’t like that then just don’t watch movies but programs on discovery or something like that. When I was a kid I liked cartoons but i never did think; oh thats fake. No, like normal people I liked it because it was fake and impossible thats is I say it again, the whole point of a movie.

UGuess 4 points 1 month ago.

My thoughts exaclty when I hear people whine about movies…THEY’RE FAKE PEOPLE DUHHH LOL

Evil (2019) S2 E3
Laura-GCHQ 4 points 1 month ago.

Lemme guess, Cleithrophobia? lmao…

UGuess 2 points 1 month ago.

The closest too it LOL

The Ice Road (2021)
UGuess 1 points 1 month ago.

This was good 4/5. Even made me cry. I kept passing it by because I thought it was something else, though I love Liam. But it was better and different than I anticipated.

War of the Worlds (2019)
Marlboro_Man 4 points 2 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

0_o I just wrapped up with season one, and finished watching the first two of three episodes we currently have available to us for season two. I’m really enjoying the plot twists, and can’t wait to learn more about these mysterious aliens, where they came from, are there more coming, what do they want from us, why are they killing us, what’s their history in connection to our own, where is this is all headed towards, and has this all happened before? Rating: 8/10

UGuess 2 points 1 month ago.

So if I’m disappointed I’m going hunting…that is after you of course😜 Besides that, thanks for encouragement to check it out

Evil (2019) S2 E3
UGuess 3 points 1 month ago*.

Besides next week being obviously HILARIOUS, it will certainly began a new phobia in me. Yet, I can’t wait to watch it. 🤦‍♀️

In the Mood for Love (2000)
goatboy1 2 points 1 month ago.

I have always heard of how highly regarded his works were, but I never got around to watching them until recently. I still haven’t seen much, only Chungking Express and these. And I haven’t watched 2046 properly, only bits and pieces. I really want to see Fallen Angels and Ashes in Time.

UGuess 1 points 1 month ago.


Too Hot to Handle (2020) S2 E10
UGuess 1 points 1 month ago.

WOW what 180’s (not 360’s) Very Happy with the results. I hope they do reunion or a ‘where are they now’

Tyler Perry's House of Payne (2007) S9 E6
UGuess 1 points 1 month ago.

This was a GREAT EPISODE. Had me feeling like the HOP. Missed Floyd though 5/5. Where is Janine?

Siesta Key (2017) S4 E7
UGuess 1 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Please press charges even if you wait to the bitter end to drop them (But only drop them if they are stipulations of something like anger management, etc..)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2010) S11 E7
UGuess 1 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

The psychotic was busted but my gut is telling me it’s a combo of medical and intentional. I just wish Sutton would act like she’s dead. She’s too hard on herself and cares too much about getting along with certain people.

The Watch (2021)
sticker 2 points 1 month ago.

Ugh…I gave this an honest try…watched 4 episodes and just can’t get into it. It’s dumb, acting is poor, storyline is junk. It just felt like someone couldn’t decide if this was supposed to be in the mystery, crime/criminal, SYFY, or supernatural genre, and granted all are great show making material, but seriously, they need to pick one genre because trying all of those in one show isn’t working and this show just sucks. It gets a 1. Id be surprised if this gets a second season, it’s really that bad.

UGuess 1 points 1 month ago.

LOL been there done that

Big Brother (2001) S13 E31
TheAbsintheFairey 3 points 1 month ago.

Yessss!!! Right result from who was left! Wasnt there a fan fave award tho? Have to admit I got fed up with all the chat and skipped to near the end lmfaooooo

UGuess 1 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

You did better than me-I immediately fast forwared to the end, then read the spoilers on line for the inbetween and then came back and watched like 20 mins before the ending (I was over it), LOL. I wanted to hear them announce fan fave and when I didn’t hear anything about fan fave I was and still am confused…What’s the deal?? Thought I missed something

Better not try to call another BB twist (aka cheap)

Big Brother (2001) S13 E31
UGuess 3 points 1 month ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

TBH The best BB player for this season truly was Danny and they all know it including Marley. He played from the beginnng to the end-HARD! He didn’t win the money but no one will ever be able to take away what he has established for himself by himself. He deserves a lot of props for that. One thing’s for sure I’m not ever doing BB, I’ll forever be a spectator. Of the final 3, the winner played the most-Congrats! WHAT A RIDE

The Flash (2014) S7 E15
UGuess 1 points 1 month ago.

Forgot they had a daughter

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