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The Loudest Voice (2019)
jaybird31523 0 points 9 months ago*.

A very liberal view politically of a very bad man. Would love to see a 7 hour exposé on Bill and Hillary Clinton, but of course that will never happen!

Deep Water (2019)
jaybird31523 1 points 9 months ago.

Oh what a tangled web we weave!And I thought my life was fucked!

Another Life (2019) S1 E4
jaybird31523 0 points 10 months ago.

Have yet to binge watch this new show! Going in(wonder what episode will reveal the token homosexual?)

Raising Wild (2019)
[deleted] -1 points 10 months ago.
jaybird31523 1 points 10 months ago.

I do like it lee,but then I like this genre show. Mountain men,ABP,etc

London Kills (2019) S1 E2
jaybird31523 0 points 10 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I wondered who and how long it would be till the token homosexual relationship was brought out. Season 1 episode 2.

Raising Wild (2019)
jaybird31523 -1 points 10 months ago.

Similar to ABP(Alaskan Bush People)

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