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The Masked Singer (2019)
rdmovieman 0 points 1 day ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Okay so robopine has definitely got to be Tyrese Gibson, I’ll bet anything on it. Also was in a movie where is fellow actor died and that right there shows that it’s Tyrese from fast and furious where Paul Walker died

Fear the Walking Dead (2015)
rdmovieman 0 points 2 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

If the feet is died inside of her stomach wouldn’t it have become a zombie seeing how everybody’s infected and anything that dies becomes a zombie. Also I can guarantee you I got what’s going on already. The people underground are in a nuclear asylum and they needed the key to set off nuclear explosions which would clean the Earth of all of the zombies and leave the people left behind underground to become the new nation of whatever… Pretty sure that’s how it’s going to turn out. And why the heck would you listen to a lady that just had a dream.. oh she must be right because she yelled.. how stupid was that one. Definitely right though it was somewhat of a tearjerker to watch.

Jupiter's Legacy (2021)
rdmovieman 2 points 4 days ago*.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this for some time now but I got to say, I’m in on episode 3 and I am not impressed at all. They definitely picked all the wrong actors for this series, a lot of them just didn’t fit into their character, and seemed really unbelievable.. should have gone a different route with some of the actors.. This show could have been so good and had so much potential but it just really seems to lack anything. I usually love movies and shows like this, but I got to say.. this one sucks. Sorry to all you haters out there that are just going to hate on me saying this but, I really don’t like this show so far… It’s just so boring…

rdmovieman 4 points 3 days ago*.

Okay so I just finished watching the entire series, and I will retract some of my earlier comments. The show after episode 3 did start to make a lot more sense with each episode explaining more and more of what was going on,(thank you greyfur) but because of that, it really seemed to make the entire series completely about explaining what it was getting up to. Hard to explain, but it’s not like I was watching a great show that I really enjoyed, but was watching something that was trying to teach me something to get to a point to where I understood it. Also love how people point out that you must be stupid to not understand certain things, actually it might be that I just have taste in movies and shows. 🤪 It’s okay for a one-time watch if you have nothing else to see, but it just really lacked that action…. drama…. just overall greatness, of a good hero series.

Jupiter's Legacy (2021)
rdmovieman 2 points 4 days ago*.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this for some time now but I got to say, I’m in on episode 3 and I am not impressed at all. They definitely picked all the wrong actors for this series, a lot of them just didn’t fit into their character, and seemed really unbelievable.. should have gone a different route with some of the actors.. This show could have been so good and had so much potential but it just really seems to lack anything. I usually love movies and shows like this, but I got to say.. this one sucks. Sorry to all you haters out there that are just going to hate on me saying this but, I really don’t like this show so far… It’s just so boring…

Storage Wars (2010) S13 E3
WLK-MaStRKiLL3r 0 points 13 days ago.

She needs to be in every show…

rdmovieman 1 points 12 days ago.

totally agree. ratings might go up.

Storage Wars (2010) S13 E3
rdmovieman 1 points 13 days ago*.

I love the show for what it is. But let’s be honest, the only reason a lot of us are still watching, is because of brandi…. Right? 😁 Kenny’s funny as hell though also. Great episode, hopefully Brandi wears more of those spray-on jeans. 😍 It’s funny, I was just thinking the same thing before he said it 😀

Mortal Kombat (2021)
rdmovieman 1 points 15 days ago.

Got to say I see some really cool masks coming out soon :-) it’s a good movie for one time watch, maybe two. The action scenes are really good and intense with some awesome special effects, but the entire movie really lacked a good storyline. Hopefully the next one will pick up. So far if I had to choose, I would choose the original for the story and the new one for the fighting scenes and action.

Mortal Kombat (2021)
rdmovieman 1 points 15 days ago.

I was really excited about the remake but have to say I wasn’t that impressed. The fight scenes were fantastic along with the special effects, but there really wasn’t much of a storyline compared to the original. I definitely think this movie is worth a watch but maybe just one or two.

H+ (2012)
rdmovieman 2 points 16 days ago.

okay movie, good for a one-time watch. Hard to follow if you don’t pay attention though because it keeps skipping between places, times, and people. Also you’re telling me they’ve invented a Nana bot that can be implanted into a person’s body that makes them see a computer inside of their head, but yet they haven’t been able to fix people’s visions and they’re all still walking around wearing glasses. :-) LOL

Infinity Train (2019)
rdmovieman 4 points 26 days ago.

This is another one of those animated series that you just can’t stop watching. Get ready for a great adventure with a different story line every season. A show for kids of all ages and those big kids at heart.

The Blended Bunch (2021)
rdmovieman 0 points 27 days ago.

Very heartwarming show. Don’t usually watch things like this but the family just has this likeability to them that makes you want to watch. One thing I noticed though which was slightly strange was the pentagram on the tombstone of the husband that had passed away… Wonder what that’s about. You could definitely tell that this family has been through some hard times and even during certain scenes makes you really think about how hard and fast life can fly by. Sit down and enjoy but don’t forget to bring your tissues… The little girls a brat though… You’ll see.

Elliott from Earth (2021)
rdmovieman 1 points 28 days ago.

Actually really good animated series. Wasn’t sure about this one, but everybody’s been coming out with some fantastic animated series lately. This one is for little kids and big kids at heart.

Them (2021)
rdmovieman 1 points 29 days ago.

What the heck did I just watch! I can’t believe I did it, but I sat and watched the entire series. I think that I got so far into it that it was too far to just stop so I just kept going. Most of the time the story hardly made any sense and skipped from one place to another. I’m getting so sick of all of these racial movies and shows and just life itself. My God can we just get over it already.

The Masked Singer (2019) S5 E5
rdmovieman 0 points 1 month ago.

I’m pretty sure that the Black swan is Peyton list, and the pig is Nick lachey

American Idol (2002)
rdmovieman 0 points 1 month ago.

Season 19, Willy’s going to take it all!

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
onetoughcrowd 3 points 1 month ago.

Hello there fearless sharer of helpful info. For those that have tried some add-on’s.!/‘s are still getting pop-up’s, until you find the ones that work best for you, if you press play and “X” out of the pop-up about 3-5 times, it will play. Timing is key, so if you wait to long.c you may have to click another link to play it. Best to click with the above scenarios as possible. As for not receiving even one pop-up, sounds like w dream. Would you please advise as it the names of them for a smart phone, Iif that’s where you’re using then on. Thanks.

rdmovieman 4 points 1 month ago.

im actually using a desktop hooked up to my 50’’. I tried what alien said and its been working great… ublock origins. I also use this on my android sometimes as well with no popups. One big thing Ive also noticed is that firefox works a lot better than all the other browsers. it has alot more codecs built into it than the others. If you really like another browser though just download some codecs. I would tell u which sites but then admin would erase my message. just google top torrent sites, i think its the first link.

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
Alien 12 points 1 month ago.

If you install uBlock Origin you probably won’t need seven.

rdmovieman 3 points 1 month ago.

thanks, I’ll check it out.

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
rdmovieman 6 points 1 month ago.

actually, If you sign up and login there are no more popups. Im sure that a lot of people are probably scared to sign up because they’re afraid of getting in trouble somehow legally, or they think that their id will be stolen or hacked somehow. I have been a member since the original primewire, and I have never had any problems…especially popups. once you sign up and log in, you wont have any more popups. also if anyone’s having trouble with popups just go to tools/add-ons and add a few popup blockers. I have 7 myself, and since then I haven’t had one popup. I recommend Adblock plus or Ad-blocker pro, those 2 I’ve had forever and they work great. good luck everyone….and enjoy the show :)

The Public (2019)
rdmovieman 3 points 1 month ago.

Not Emilio estevez’s best performance but it really was a good touching movie. Really makes you wonder what life is really like out there on the streets, and that that could happen to any one of us at any time. Next time you walk by or drive by that one person in the street maybe think to yourself that he is a person and should be treated like one… Say hello, pay attention, maybe help them out, one day that could be you.

Country Comfort (2021)
rdmovieman 1 points 1 month ago*.

I was very pleasantly surprised after watching a couple of episodes. I went into this thinking it was going to be another cheesy comedy family series, but ended up being a pretty good show. All of the young actors and actresses are really good for their age, and Katharine McPhee isn’t too bad an actress herself. I would say to definitely give it a chance, stick in there for at least a couple episodes.. it gets better.

Punky Brewster (2021)
dw99 0 points 2 months ago.

It’s 2021. For more than 50 years, women have been explaining that the constant comments about their looks are unwelcome — that these comments, plus associated behaviors, affect how women feel about themselves, and cut into the energy that they have available for living the rest of their lives as fully and freely as they should be able to (as fully and freely as men do). That these comments, and associated behaviors (such as a guy-boss not promoting or not hiring a woman whose looks he deems inadequate in some way), have measurably detrimental effects on women’s lives.

Women are not here on Earth to serve men — as sex holes, as eye candy, as objects of rage to assault verbally and physically — any more than men are here to serve women. We are all here to live our lives as fully as we can, and this kind of behavior significantly reduces a woman’s ability to do that.

I hope you’ll decide to start responding to women as you want to be responded to — and to stop engaging in behaviors that limit them in life. Thanks.

rdmovieman 0 points 1 month ago.

I would love to know why your comment is still up, but mine that I made the other day was taken down right away.

Kid 90 (2021)
rdmovieman 3 points 2 months ago.

Went into this thinking just another dumb documentary, but ended up actually liking it. Watching this really brought back memories of the 90s. really showed how screwed up things actually were back then, but also how much fun we had. I remember every girl and even some guys keeping journals and all of their letters and pieces similar to what Soleil kept. wonder how many more of these could actually be made. I didn’t even realize that Soleil Moon Frye was in so many movies and that she lived such a colorful life…. Plus it definitely helps that she is drop Dead gorgeous.

The Walking Dead (2010) S10 E18
rdmovieman 0 points 2 months ago.

really boring episode, but I get they’re trying to give daryl and carol a little depth and backstory for their upcoming spinoff series.

Coming 2 America (2021)
michaelmyers 3 points 2 months ago.

dont you know disney owns who ever they want including murphy ……….

rdmovieman 2 points 2 months ago.

sadly true

Coming 2 America (2021)
rdmovieman 6 points 2 months ago*.

Sorry to say but this movie disappointed me, Good for a one-time watch but that’s about it. I love ‘80s movies, and I love watching the remakes, but so far I really haven’t found one that can stand up to the original. Got ready for a classic comedy starring Eddie Murphy and arsenio Hall, but ended up watching a PG13 Disney movie. Just didn’t have that classic touch that you would expect from a raunchy comedian like Murphy. Was hoping for that comedy feeling but ended up with his new millennial Disney feeling. The acting was not up to par and the story was lacking and rushed, but the scenery an costumes were lovely.. I’m pretty sure that’s where all the money went, other than the cameos.

American Idol (2002)
rdmovieman 0 points 2 months ago.

I kind of miss the old days when Simon Cowell used to be on the American idol. He really didn’t give a crap what people thought of him and his choices, he just said what he wanted to say. Also it seems like there’s more talking and telling about the person before they sing then there was before. I used to love back in the day when they used to show more people singing and segments of where people were just horrible singers.. it was funny and fun to watch.

June & Kopi (2021)
rdmovieman 0 points 3 months ago*.

Just watched this on Netflix, and I have to say this was a great movie that I normally wouldn’t be into because of the subtitles, but for some reason I decided to with this one. I found that the subtitles were not hard to follow at all, and we’re actually very mild. This is a cute movie for the whole family that will definitely pull on your heart strings, and may even bring a tear to your eye. I say definitely give it a chance and you won’t regret it.

WandaVision (2021)
rdmovieman 2 points 3 months ago.

def give it a chance, by episode 4 you’ll really be into it. episode 4 puts everything into perspective and really lets you know whats going on. by episode 4, it will feel like a marvel movie

WandaVision (2021)
rdmovieman 2 points 3 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

For all those people that want to give up on this show after watching a couple of episodes, I say keep on watching… you’ll be presently surprised by episode 4. definitely well worth the wait, and a pleasant surprise from some other actors from the marvel universe movies. Guess you’ll have to watch to find out.

                       R.I.P Stan Lee   Excelsior!
WandaVision (2021)
rdmovieman 3 points 3 months ago*.

Im seeing a lot of hate and back talk on here that doesn’t need to be here. First of all, if it wasn’t for the comic book reading nerds in the basements, there would never be a marvel universe, and nothing for people to watch. Just remember those nerds that read comic books are people as well, and they all have regular jobs that probably make more money than a lot of people that are doing all the hating. must be that if u have an imagination you’re a nerd. If that’s the case, I’m the biggest nerd out there.

The Last Earth Girl (2019)
rdmovieman 4 points 4 months ago*.

1/5 good concept, but just a horrible film. I’m pretty sure the main actress must have been sleeping with the director or someone high up, because her acting was the worst of everybody’s. also…way too many close up shots.

Alice in Borderland (2020)
lolyh 0 points 4 months ago.

This is Japanese not Korean …

rdmovieman 0 points 4 months ago.

my bad, not a big deal. thanks

Alice in Borderland (2020)
rdmovieman 0 points 4 months ago*.

3,5/5 I am starting to love the shows that japan is putting out. If you’ve ever seen the animated series The hollow on Netflix, you’re going to love this one. although this one is not animated and may have a little more blood and violence. If you’re not into the violence and blood, I would say skip this one. But if it’s something you’re into, definitely give it a chance. I can’t wait for season 2 to drop. if you like this one, check out Alice in borderland… you wont be disappointed.

Sweet Home (2020)
rdmovieman -3 points 4 months ago.

2.5/5 Netflix has the English version if you’re looking. This show had so many holes, and so many things wrong with it, but you just can’t stop watching for some reason. Sometimes it’s a little hard to follow because of all of the missing bits and pieces that should be in it. I feel like they took a lot out of it because they had to make that certain time mark. I’m hoping for a US version soon. I’m pretty sure if they remade this in the US that it would be an awesome show and would be able to follow a lot better. Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely worth the one time watch.

Supernatural (2005) S1 E17
rdmovieman 1 points 5 months ago.

Looks like the camera crew screwed up a little bit and could be seen in the shot at 34:53. After the spirit was shot the film crew moved to the side and you can see the cameraman’s left shoulder and the camera sticking out into frame

Chrisley Knows Best (2014)
rdmovieman 1 points 5 months ago.

You can definitely tell that this show is completely scripted, but for some reason you just can’t stop watching it. Savannah is gorgeous that may be one reason why I keep watching 😁

The Flight Attendant (2020)
rdmovieman 9 points 5 months ago*.

Love that PrimeWire is constantly getting all of these leaks, and that there shows are being put up days in advance. Just finished watching episode 3 and I have to say that this show is definitely getting better. after I watched the first episode I wasn’t quite sure because it was a little chaotic and weird at times, and I wasn’t sure where the show was going. but now after watching the next two episodes I’m definitely in this for the long run. Don’t brush the show off after watching the first episode, definitely give it another shot and I guarantee this will most likely make it on your favorites list.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020)
rdmovieman 1 points 5 months ago.

Got to say I’m on episode 8 and I think the only reason I’m watching now is just because I’m still invested in The Walking Dead series that I can’t stop watching, other than that there is no way I would watch this show if it was the first time I ever saw a Walking Dead episode. This show is so boring oh, it is more drama and each episode is just so drawn out that it’s almost hard to watch. Sorry to all of those die-hard fans out there that aren’t going to agree with me, what in my opinion this is a total flop. The show needs to make a dramatic change in order to keep this going otherwise it’s only going to be one or two seasons Maybe.

60 Days In (2016)
rdmovieman 2 points 6 months ago*.

Great show, definitely worth the watch. I started watching it and I can’t stop. They should definitely do a few things different though. One thing is they should start bringing in cell mates that share a cell in together for the interrogations sometimes, that way it takes off suspicion. Definitely need to get a few people in their missing some teeth and that look more like they should be in there. They should also stop telling their entire story when first asked why they are in there. You can usually tell when a person is lying when they tried to give too much detail when asked a question. All you need to do is tell them why you went in and that’s it. If they ask you any other questions then you give them answers, but if they ask why you’re in there just say something like got picked up for DWI. Don’t need to tell them got picked up for a DWI in Connecticut but I live in New York, they put me here and now I’m waiting for a lawyer I don’t know what I’m going to be leaving.. And so on and so on. Just keep it short. And why doesn’t the prisons have a shut off valve for the toilets? Once they enter for a raid they announce themselves and every inmate then flushes all of their crap so they don’t get caught oh, they should definitely have something that shuts the water off really quick before going in.

60 Days In (2016)
rdmovieman 2 points 6 months ago.

It’s crazy how much Sherri from season 2 looks like actress mindy Cohn (The Facts of Life Tootie). I didn’t think I would enjoy this program, but once you start watching you can’t stop.

Hell's Kitchen (2005)
rdmovieman 1 points 6 months ago*.

Season 19 leak in the US is awesome, definitely a little different with the language. I’m watching the show though and every time I see the contestant marc all i can think about is the actor Nicholas Turturro from the movie The Longest Yard, he acts and even kind of looks like the character in that movie 😀

The Misery Index (2019)
Invalid ID 1 points 6 months ago*.

I wish these guys would stick to impractical jokers, imho a truly funny show. These side projects, or off-shoots, I suppose make sense business-wise, but they are just not that funny. I mean even their group tenderloins stand up isn’t all that funny. The impractical jokers paradigm is the winning formula. This is watchable….sorta, but it is full of dumb jokes and patronizing comments to contestants. Not to mention that half the time the “Jokers” seem to be playing the game for the contestant.

rdmovieman 2 points 6 months ago.

TOTALLY. I cant stand when they do the re caps or the stand up. why do I want to watch an episode Ive seen already, I can just go back and watch it if I want. What really sucks though is if you think about it, this is all were gonna get from these guys from now on because of covid. they cant exactly go up to people any more.that really sucks, I loved the show. Lets all hope that this clears up soon so we can get back to our normal lives…although I dont see that happening too soon. we’ll see after this winter, I have a feeling its only gonna get worse.

The Cabin with Bert Kreischer (2020) S1 E4
rdmovieman 0 points 7 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Here I was looking forward to an episode with Kaley Cuoco and Joel McHale but ended up watching an episode pretty much just about ms. Pat. The entire episode was ruined and even while you watched it you could feel how uncomfortable she was making everyone. She put down both Kaley, and Joel and ended up telling kaley that her number one show the Big Bang Theory was corny… How dare you! You could tell every moment of the conversation by looking at Kaley that she was ready to stand up and leave at any moment.

Hubie Halloween (2020)
rdmovieman 2 points 7 months ago*.

I I was so looking forward to this movie. I love Adam Sandler movies, he has got to be one of my favorite comedians. Unfortunately this movie fell way short which is too bad because it could have been a great Halloween movie. The acting was what you would think from an Adam Sandler movie along with some of the usual actors, and some new ones. but unfortunately they made a lot of situations really corny which made the movie feel like a comedy spoof. It almost felt like watching one of the comedy spoof scary movies. The movies is Well worth a one-time watch, but unfortunately I’m pretty sure that’s all it is… A one-time watch.

DuckTales (2017) S3 E10
rdmovieman 1 points 7 months ago.

Great episode, I love how they remaking all of the old stuff so I feel like a kid again. Some remix are fantastic, but some are real flops. I think that this remake is got to be one of the good ones. I have a feeling it’ll be on for a long time. Love how they’re doing Halloween episodes now and I’m guessing Christmas Is Yet To Come. I’m sure they’ll probably do a Mickey’s Christmas Carol kind of thing

The Legend of the Five (2020)
dinklefaust 1 points 7 months ago.

I can give recommendations of old movies, and yeah I gave that movie as a recommendation because you said this movie wasn’t that good and I was saying a movie I actually enjoyed.

rdmovieman 1 points 7 months ago.

I’m a huge movie buff, there probably isn’t anything that you can recommend that I haven’t seen yet. You’re more than welcome to give me some recommendations though, you never know there might be something out there I haven’t seen yet that im missing out on. 😊

Save Yourselves! (2020)
rdmovieman 5 points 7 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Movie was decent until the end… What the heck was with that ending, it completely sucked. Not a huge Blockbuster budget hit, but still a good watch on a rainy afternoon

The Legend of the Five (2020)
dinklefaust 2 points 7 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I recommend The ‘Devil All the Time’(2020) it is a really good movie I think.

rdmovieman 0 points 7 months ago.

Okay don’t get me wrong on this comment I’m leaving you now, I’m smiling while I write this. I will definitely check out the movie The Devil all the time, I was going to check that one out already but I’m really not really into horror suspense movies. I just find it funny that the movie The Legend of the Five was kind of like a kids family adventure movie on Nickelodeon and instead you offer me a Movie where the devil’s in the name and that’s nothing even close to the same kind of movie, LOL! That’s kind of like if you were watching the TV series stranger things and you didn’t like it….( not like that could even be true though) and I said you should definitely check out DuckTales it’s an awesome show lol :-) just thought it was funny, had to leave the comment. Really though thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out. I wish I had my list of old movies but when PrimeWire first went down when it was the original site I had a ton of playlists with some great movies and shows listed. Not to toot my own horn but I think I have really good taste when it comes to movies and shows. I don’t think I’ve ever been wrong when it comes to telling if it was going to make it big or not or have another season.

Raised by Wolves (2020) S1 E10
rdmovieman 2 points 7 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Awesome show, can’t wait for the next season, but what the heck just happened? So she ends up having a snake that somehow grew in size within 2 minutes, and burst out of a pod that somehow survived going through the core of the planet which is hot lava, and smashed into the ground with the velocity from going through the planet, but broke opened up because the snake wanted to get out….🙁😕 Lol😊

The Masked Singer (2019) S4 E1
rdmovieman 1 points 7 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

so far I think that the sun could be Lindsay Lohan, not sure about the giraffe could be too short to be vanilla ice but the peace sign up at the end kind of looks like something he would do. The draft really isn’t actually that tall he’s shorter than Nick Cannon. The dragon sounds just like Busta Rhymes. I think Jenny is right.

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