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*What is this profanity tolerance?

We believe in free speech, and we think one should be able to express themselves in whatever way they want (to a point), but then there are people who would prefer not seeing the most extreme cases of that expression. This is why we have profanity tolerance, which is essentially a profanity/troll filter which will hide posts that contain swearing, or that are made by people who were voted as trolls by other users. if you want to increase your tolerance level, you can do it on your settings page.*

Either this does not exist or it does not show up in my settings. Either way, it would be a good thing to have for members who want it.

Posted 1 year ago *
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to the mods here: I used to be in the PW community over 10 yrs thru several site name changes last was .ag when it went down in late 2017 I believe. When .li appeared I tried using my old .ag log info which didn’t work. Used to be deadheadmark. A few weeks ago I tried to create a new account, my head wasn’t right I guess, and I tried to make one, it didn’t work, tried to make another, it did’t work…and so on. tried to log in but got locked, tried to unlock that didn’t seem to work. went thru my google PW’s and noticed I had 2 i believe for pw. I deleted the bad one and was able to log into pw, thus I am contacting you to let you know it was accidental. I did not intend to have more than one account. please notify me if I can help correct any issues i may have created. Thank you in advance… and I’m happy to be home

Posted 1 year ago
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How do i get to see CHAT? You guys keep saying all this stuff about what I’am doing and not behaving up to the rules. It would be nice to see what I wrote and what is written back to me.

Posted 1 year ago
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Overnight there appears to be around 40 movies posted and none of them have links is this a new thing? are people just allowed to post masses of random movies and you have to troll through them all to find one that actual has a link to watch it?

Posted 1 year ago
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i got bullied in the chats and was playing around back and i pray i am forgiven i was not ever trying to be racist or anything like that and even told them i was joking directly after and they continued to bully me. ill never chat in the chatbox again but just continue to use the site to watch movies and the buy on blueray as ive done for the last 10 years. hope all is well thank you primewire for being available to me a movie and tv show person always

Posted 1 year ago
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You are using an invalid security token for this site! This security violation has been logged. why does this keep popping up?

Posted 1 year ago
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The entire bully issue is null and void with a special user. Jeez, I do not believe any one monitors this site, yet again.

Posted 1 year ago
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I think there should be a link for submitting a complaint on someone when a special user is not a moderator, but is given the power of one and is over stepping the use of the power given to them, or if a moderator misuses their power, making other users feel like they are being bullied.

Posted 1 year ago
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hello, incase you have an issue with a user, consider reporting it to a community MOD or the Super MOD..

Posted 11 months ago
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I have done all of that in regards to being called a racist purely because I made a pro cop comment…NONE of them responded. I was perma-muted until the domain change recently. If you question ANY of the alt-left movements claims or don’t worship at their alter you will be called a racist and muted. I wish they’d just put in the rules that only alt-left agenda is tolerated and anything other than that isn’t…I mean it’s their site so they can do what they want…I just can’t stand hypocrisy

Furthurmore the comments are for commenting on the content and quality of the video NOT voicing your political opinions but the mods DON’T ENFORCE THE RULES! They actively allow alt-left vitriol! If you disagree with the alt-left agenda you are muted…BUT THE COMMENTS AREN’T FOR POLITICAL OPINIONS! THEY ARE FOR COMMENTING ON THE CONTENT AND QUALITY OF THE FILM!!! ANYTHING…ALT-LEFT OR ALT-RIGHT SHOULDN’T BE TOLERATED!!! COMMENTS AREN’T FOR YOUR OPINIONS BUT FOR THE QUALITY OF THE SHOW!!!!! Good lord guys COME ON!

Ok now we’re a month later and I’ve been muted…yet no reason is given…OBVIOUSLY you guys can’t admit to your bias and you’re pure pieces of SHIT….JUST ADMIT IT IN THE RULES…god is that so hard? You only accept ALT-LEFT views…hey it’s YOUR site…good on ya…why are you being so hypocritical? Just admit your bias and freethinkers like myself won’t submit comments…you clearly want that bias so just accept it and folks like me…who acknowledge reality…won’t bother wasting our time on ignorant fucktards like you ;)

I’ve contacted all the mods, ykjackoff and devteamgangband…but you morons can’t explain yourselves…you’re a bunch of hypocrites and purely pathetic. Just admit in the site rules your bias…then I wouldn’t have an excuse. You have NOT YET EXPLAINED WHY YOU MUTED ME…you said “racism” yet never explained how being pro-cop was racist…I admit I’m pro-cop in my “COPS” commentary yet you never explained how that was being racist. So change the rules or un-mute me

UPDATE…so a week ago I was muted for 500 hours for “see notes”…today it has been updated to 1100 hours for “mod bashing”…yet none of these cowards will reply to me either here, in email, messaging, or anywhere. Bunch of little bitches

IF they could actually back their claims they would but the fact that they refuse to acknowledge my complaints is paramount to their pathetic nature, which is what led to me “mod bashing”…as I DID try the proper channels first (I have the emails and messages to PROVE my side)…I would be silent had they been able to back their OFFENSIVE remarks against me but THEY CAN’T AND THEY KNOW IT! otherwise they would. The hypocrisy of the site runners is beyond belief! They are not only liars, but pathetic little bitches! I’m PROUD to be muted by these fuckwads!

Well another update, another week later (8/11) and these assholes refuse to explain themselves one bit, and I’m still muted…oh I found their loophole didn’t I though XD They have yet to explain how my original mute was justified…it was literally ONLY a pro-cop comment they labeled as “racist” yet despite my NUMEROUS attempts they refuse to explain themselves. So I resort to this. NOW I’m still muted for “mod bashing”, and they SHOULD be bashed because they are idiots.

Make it known, if you aren’t worshiping at the erroneous ALT LEFT alter they bow to, if you are in ANY way pro-cop, if you are not an extreme alt leftist who thinks all whites are racist by genetics and that as a white you can ONLY be a racist no matter your personal beliefs, and if you questing the site runners hypocritical so called “rules” then you WILL BE MUTED as I have been for months.

Once more, IF the site runners were HONEST about the REAL rules I wouldn’t be making these claims but they LIE and act like they will be unbiased in the comments. The comments are for commenting on the content and quality of a film NOT for spreading political agenda…unless it’s alt left lies…which have been proven to be false time and time again. Even in the states with rioting the ACTUAL CITIZENS disagree with the agendas the idiots on this website are pushing. Bunch of pathetic liars and morons.

Posted 11 months ago *
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My comments keep getting marked “spoilers” even though I am extremely careful not to give away any plot points. Who makes these decisions? This has happened several times when my comment says something like “lots of action, great acting, Actor X and Actor Y are doing their best work in this show.” Can someone clarify what the site thinks is a spoiler and who is marking these comments after I post?

Posted 8 months ago
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How do I close/cancel my account??????

Posted 8 months ago
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Thank you all moderators, hosts, and others who make this site happen. It’s nice to see some familiar folks. Aloha

Posted 8 months ago
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Posted 8 months ago
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How do I prove my age? I’m 56 but am prevented from watching episodes of Blood Machines. It tells me to log in and show my age, but does not say how. I created an account, got the email, and verified my account. Under settings, I see nothing about age. Please advise. — Foxfire555

Posted 8 months ago
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@FoxFire555: You should read this
informational guide, Why Must I Confirm My Age?.
Hope this help you.

Posted 8 months ago *
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Bingo! Yup, helped a LOT!! Thx.

Posted 8 months ago
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I am echoing Tiger8me’s post from a year ago. How can we draw a mod’s attention to someone who is trying to start trouble and why are the mod reprimands geared toward petty offenses by otherwise rule-abiding members instead of members who are truly spreading hateful and offensive messages?

Posted 7 months ago
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It been a week as stated and I am still unable to submit a link kindly assist.

Posted 7 months ago
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What about speed? I have been banned twice because of submiting links fast. In the meanwhile, I didn’t break any rule (and everything is checked twice so no wrongs happen from myside). So it would be nice if we know about speed limits

Posted 7 months ago


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