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*What is this profanity tolerance?

We believe in free speech, and we think one should be able to express themselves in whatever way they want (to a point), but then there are people who would prefer not seeing the most extreme cases of that expression. This is why we have profanity tolerance, which is essentially a profanity/troll filter which will hide posts that contain swearing, or that are made by people who were voted as trolls by other users. if you want to increase your tolerance level, you can do it on your settings page.*

Either this does not exist or it does not show up in my settings. Either way, it would be a good thing to have for members who want it.

Posted 25 days ago *
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to the mods here: I used to be in the PW community over 10 yrs thru several site name changes last was .ag when it went down in late 2017 I believe. When .li appeared I tried using my old .ag log info which didn’t work. Used to be deadheadmark. A few weeks ago I tried to create a new account, my head wasn’t right I guess, and I tried to make one, it didn’t work, tried to make another, it did’t work…and so on. tried to log in but got locked, tried to unlock that didn’t seem to work. went thru my google PW’s and noticed I had 2 i believe for pw. I deleted the bad one and was able to log into pw, thus I am contacting you to let you know it was accidental. I did not intend to have more than one account. please notify me if I can help correct any issues i may have created. Thank you in advance… and I’m happy to be home

Posted 25 days ago
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How do i get to see CHAT? You guys keep saying all this stuff about what I’am doing and not behaving up to the rules. It would be nice to see what I wrote and what is written back to me.

Posted 20 days ago


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