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phil collier
Posts: 6

Hi, can you check the last message i recieved and see what you think. Cheers

Posted 6 months ago
Invalid ID
Posts: 3

How do i post a link to aa movie that isn’t on the site/no primewire ID

Posted 6 months ago
Posts: 10

Hello. I keep getting this/these links (see below) from this and other users. I’ve deleted sofar, but they’re now coming in at an almost daily rate. What can be done?
Thank you
Posted by hozeluha 2 hours ago.[ X ]
Hello. Wassup?
Here, on PrimeWire’s forum, guys advised a great Dating web site.
Be sure to check it out and register, you will not REGRET it:

Posted 6 months ago
Posts: 8

Yeah same one yesterday and one today

Posted 6 months ago
Posts: 2

Is there a list of the Mods and the positions they hold?

Posted 6 months ago
Posts: 4

When I get a notification for a post on my wall and I go to check I always find it empty (no posts)! Can you help?

Posted 6 months ago
Posts: 31

Chat is hacked

Posted 5 months ago
Posts: 38

!n7dn is a new member seeking only to post spam in the comment section and chat box. This person is annoying all the members that are here to enjoy this wonderful site. Just giving a heads up to anyone that has the ability to stop this. Thanks and have a great holiday

Posted 5 months ago
Posts: 38

thanks so much Mod’s for banning the spammer so quickly. One of the worst ones yet IMO

Posted 5 months ago
Posts: 1

ačiū už šią svetainę,galime d-iaugtis naujausiais filmais…

Posted 5 months ago
Posts: 60

Is there anyway to do a search of the requests? Any easy way to know if a request has been accessed or acted upon?

Posted 4 months ago
Posts: 18

I would like to add a movie title that is not currently on the site. There are multiple “TV Carnage” movies, but I can only post one of them on the TV Carnage page. How can I do that?

Posted 4 months ago
Posts: 3
thank you so much for this site. asdas
Posted 4 months ago *
Posts: 6

Would you please see if the links for this show/series is available ?
Thanks in advance !

Posted 1 month ago
Posts: 22

Hey y’all. Having a problem with my messages and notifications. Sites says I have them but I can’t find them on my page. Help

Posted 24 days ago
Posts: 8

Help please, I am changing email accounts and couldn’t find any info on how to do it here. So, I created a second account with new email not realizing that I broke a rule here. How can I delete the account I won’t be using so I won’t be banned on the other. H E L P!!!!

Posted 13 days ago *
Posts: 48

I posted a few long awaited season premiere dates earlier .
The info came from a couple of editors lists on IMDb

I must apolgise as I must’ve broken a rule because all were deleted

What might I have done in error?

Thanks to all of you behind the scenes people for your time and patience.

And,btw, I love the new INFO button 🙃🙂

Posted 8 days ago


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