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Horror movies are often considered cheap b rated movies and mostly hollywood movies of this genere are based on top billed cast as well as huge investments other wise they doesn’t run full milage but found footage horror moves are 90% low but it’s all based on the actors and the way they are flimed
So if any one wants to know about a good minimum time maximum horror movies feel free to ask for suggestions I have seen almost 250 of these movies bad verse and some forever green

Posted 2 months ago
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In my opinion, the Found Footage Genre is like Rap Music. There’s innovation and then there’s just something that tries to copycat it, but just doesn’t get it, and makes it worse for the reputation of the genre.

Offhand, I can recall two movies that really excelled by using this story-telling technique.

(1) Cloverfield (2008)

(2) Chronicle (2012)

Posted 2 months ago *
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These movies are usually low budget on local legends and most often made by fans of of a certain genere so the ones that did you have mentioned above are pretty high budge when it came down to found footage generr flimmed with top of the online good actors but some like the vhs 2012 as well as poughkeepsie tapes 2007 are pretty good horror ffm movies as well good as a documentary and fantasy style found footage horrormovies can be :)

Posted 2 months ago


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