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The title says it all. I haven’t seen all of these but when i get around to watching one i haven’t seen then I will update and remove the flick if it was a bad one.

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Posted: 6 months ago

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Movie: 89 Blocks ( 2017 )
The players for the East St. Louis High School Flyers football team face exceptional challenges and inspiring triumph during the 2016 season
Movie: Q Ball ( 2019 )
Documentary that explores the San Quentin Prison basketball squad - teammates and inmates at "the Q" - along their journey of rehabilitation and possible redemption.
Movie: Dinosaur 13 ( 2014 )
A documentary about the discovery of the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever found.
Movie: Freakonomics ( 2010 )
A collection of documentaries that explores the hidden side of human nature through the use of the science of economics.
Movie: Michael Jordan: Come Fly with Me ( 1989 )
Get an inside look at Michael at home, on the golf course and in the air. Features rare footage from his days at the University of North Carolina. Relive spectacular highlights from his NBA career and All-Star games. Enjoy slam dunks, gravity defying shots and more!
Movie: Michael Jordan: His Airness ( 1999 )
From his days as a child in North Carolina to his retirement from the Chicago Bulls in 1999, His Airness takes you on a journey through Michael Jordan's career.
Movie: They Fight ( 2018 )
Coach Walt Manigan mentors young boxers at his after-school program in Washington, D.C.'s Ward 8.
Movie: Golden Girl ( 2016 )
Golden Girl is a film about the forces at play around Frida Wallberg, WBC world champion. It's about putting it all on the line in a deadly sport. About rosy dreams that crash into a nothing less than brutal reality.
Movie: The Resurrection of Jake the Snake ( 2015 )
A fallen professional wrestling superstar battles his past demons in a struggle to reclaim his life and the family that has given up on him.
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