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This is just a personal nag list of films I’m curious about & am sharing the list. A conversation, recommendation, review, synopsis of a premise can lead anyone down a rabbit hole of curiosity. List is modified constantly.

Over 60 pages. It’s random. It’s odd. Many are grouped where possible, either by director, actor or genre such as sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, superhero, timey-wimey, psychotronic, heists, salacious, ridiculous, absurd, new wave, whatever. This list is very un-PC.

For a list of 500 addictively bingable tv shows, use the sort widgets to eliminate all films & trim the list to a mere 5 pages. When looking for a film, it's nifty to sort by Rank to see what others value- or don't; or by Release Date to view by era, for example.

Depending on what you’re digging for, you may want to start at the back, if you’d rather view the original order.

Adult fare is the oddness that knits the list together & is comprehensive at over 2800 provocative titles with all known unsimulated mainstream explicit works. Majority is filmed cinematic release. Straight to video is mostly avoided. When there’s cheese, exploitative grindhouse is favored over silicone softcore. Most are grouped by easter egg content, which are very atypical & controversial. Many are foreign & very taboo.

►The more fantastic type stuffeths of a timey-wimey sci-fi adventure flavor has a large section starting at pages 15-18 & 20 going all the way to page 28, listing over 1400 titles contiguously in just those genres, including myths- 24-25, 30, 32, 34, 40, 46, 54, 60, fairy tales- 23-24, 30-32, 37, 50-51, 54, 58-60, Marvel-DC- 7, 26-29, 34-37, 44, 46, 48-54, 58-60, literary works of adventure & everything that can be found regarding alternate history-time travel 18, 20-22, 46-60, etc.

►There are almost 1000 titles in time travel alone.

Page guide is scant, yet groupings flow from one another organically as possible. Ergo other genres like sword & sandals, comic book stuff, etc. or great one-off works like Lexx can be found this way.

►Other clusters of this type are found on 29-31, 34, 40-41, 44, 46-60, but are peppered throughout on most pages.

►This includes PK Dick 15-20, 30-31, 33, 43-44, 47. Wells 18, 20-22, 25, 30, 40, 45, 48-49. AC Clark 16, 36. Asimov 16, 36, 57. Verne 25, 34, 40, 42, 57. Gaiman 13, 23, 34, 40, 52. Homer, Euripides, Sophocles, Burroughs, Adams, Heinlein. Pratchett 22, 29, Crichton 16-17, 21, 25, 41, 52. Kipling 24, 38. Swift 30. Lindgren 26, 39, 57. Jordan 20. Cervantes 21, 53. Stevenson 55. Poe 22, 43. Huxley 15. Bradbury 42. Tolkien 24, 45. Shelley 21, 45, 48. Works attributed to Shakespeare, comic books, Bill Finger, Stan Lee, 26-27, 31, 58-60, etc.

►Some will be everywhere whether they wrote the story or not; such as Wells if it involves time; Asimov if it involves robots-16- Dick if it involves reality- & there’s lots of all that.

Chomsky, Nader 12, 48, 54-55. Zen 12-13. Crowley, Leary, Ram Dass, Albert Hofman, Abbie Hoffman 13, 28. RA Wilson 12. Hunter Thompson 22. Bukowski 8, 39. Jordorowsky 16. Gilliam 20-21. Tesla 1, 11, 37, 55. Dostoevsky 57. DH Lawrence 57. Atwood 40. Kerouac 4, 41. Emmanuelle Arsan 10, 44, 55. Anne Frank 40, 55. Pilger 54, 56. Irvine Welsh 11, 19, 42. Eva Ionesco 11.

Anthologies 18, 20, 50, 53, 58. Dr.Who 17, 34, 50. Planet of The Apes 31, 39. Star Trek 17-18, 20, 39-40, 43, 52-53, 58-59. Star Wars 17, 20, 31, 34, 39-40, 45, 47, 54-55. BSG 15, 40, 51. SG-1 17. Farscape 15, 31. Lexx, Matrix, Tron 15. Indiana Jones & Quatermain 25, 46. Pirates 24-25, 39, 54-55, 59. Robin Hood 24, Wonka, Poppins, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Oz, Alice, Pan, faeries 23-24, 30, 37, 59-60. Boudica 44. Alexander The Great 24. Cleopatra 24-25. Hypatia, titans, vikings, Spartacus 25. Hannibal 25, 54. Temujin- Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Marco Polo 51. Cheesy cornball space fantasy 47. Bonnie & Clyde 51, 59. Simon Bolivar 52. Sacco & Vanzetti 38, Jacques Mesrine 32. El Lure 39. Lucio Flavio 40. Che Guevara 54. Brass Age 25, 42. Dumas 24, 54, Full Metal Alchemist 39, 45. Mad Max reboot 50. Henry VIII, Tudors 35, 55, 59. Native Americans: Sitting Bull, Geronimo, AIM, Sacagawea, Pocahontas 19, 23, 25, 40, 55-57. Ramirez Sanchez 55. Lady Chatterley 3, 43, Madame Bovary 35, 56. Greece 24-25, 40-41, 43, 57, 60.

Rome 25, 38, 43-44, 53-54, 56-57.

Had this utterly unoriginal parasitic robber culture- *that stole everything from those it committed atrocities against*- died in its crib, the world would be a better place. Before Rome there was Light. After Rome darkness. That's why it's called The Dark Ages. It did much to destroy the sum total of knowledge & technology of the ancient world. Do as Lennon suggested & *Imagine* none of it happened. Seriously.

►If Psychedelics are your trip, go to 26, 28-29, 51, 58-60.

►Ridiculed Forbidden sciences & hardened subversive journalism 2-4, 10-13, 31, 33-34, 36, 40, 42, 44-60, which features such topics as:

JFK, 911, corporatism, imperialism, not so secret societies, secret space programs, secret science, elitism, brainwashing, oligarchy, anarchism, poisoning of the food supply, fluoridation of water, planned obsolescence, The Murrah Building, money as debt, money & politics as tools of slavery, the foreign corporation which isn't part of the U.S. or the government- known as The Fed, Break Away Civilizations, the U.N.'s Agenda 21, The FDA's Codex Alimentarius, war on the 2nd Amendment, Free Love, Sexual Freedom, alternative lifestyles, Nudism, Swinging, Genetic Sexual Attraction, Consanguinamory, censorship, revisionism, etc.

Effort is made to locate social-nature docs at the bottom or top of newer pages.

There’s also plenty of stuff about & by artists & photographers, 29, 40-41, 45, 46, 47, 51, 53, 58- Renoir 3, Giger 17, Lumière 39, Klimt, Shiele, Gauguin, Warhol 37, 55, Dali 50- Rembrandt 51- Estes, Gentileschi 58- as well as hard science & pop science such as Mythbusters- 29, Bill Nye- 30. Isaac Newton- 51.

Illusion 13-14, 22, 29-30, 38, 42, 51. Cats 11, 33, 40, 46, 57. Subgenius 19. Drive-Ins 40, 43, 53. Cinema 34, 56-59.

►A complete guide of actors & directors would be ridiculous, but if you're familiar with their works, then you'll recognize art & titles.

►Among them: Lynch 18-21, 35-36, 51, Cronenberg 5, 39, Ken Russell 9, 13, 16, 58-59, Godard 16, 49, Guy Maddin 18, 34, Kubrick 16, 19, 29, 44, Fellini 1, 43, 51, Pasolini 1, 9, 13, 15, Uwe Bole 22, Araki 7, 18, 20, Louis Malle 5, 9, 15, 43, Bertolucci 10, 11, Aronofsky 18-19, Lang 15, Anger 37, 53, Tarantino 4, 7-8, 14, 20, 55, Linklater 8, Nolan 18, D’Amato 10, 36, Argento 8-9, 19, 24, 53, Brass 1, 15, 29, 34, 39, Gainsbourg 9, 35, 41, Beson 15, 17, 23, 52, Bennett 10, Theroux, Eustache 44, Corman 14, Russ Meyer 14, 57, Von Trier 38, Sarno 14, Hamilton 10, Pallardy 10, Greenaway 6, 13, 19-20, 37, Mel Brooks 13, 61, Burton 61, Boorman, Dante, Hooper, Miller, Carpenter, DePalma, Larson, Polanski, Kinski, Smith, Donner, Stone, Landis, Levinson, Scorsese, Directors works are scattered since they tend to be grouped by content, genre & actor.

►Some are: Swinton 6, 8, 15, 17-21, 23, 28, 49, Collette 5-6, 26, 46, Winslet 6, 8-9, 21, 28, Binoche 3, 8, 43, 46, Delpy 8, 10, 13, 36, Beart 36, Bisset 36, 59, Tatou 36, Birkin 41, Mirren 3, 11, 24-26, 37, 46, 49, VanHouten 9, 19, J Collins 36, 47, R Wright 18-20, 23, 26, 52, Kingston 44, 51, 57, Deneauve 3, 39, 60, JJL 2, 4, 15, 55, EDWIGE FENECH 10, 35, 56, 61, Krige 2, 8, Robin Williams 6, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, Clooney 6-7, 9, 14, 17, 26, 31, Gainsbourg 5, 9, 35, Hayek 1, 3, 7, 14, 23, 29, Tomei 5, Ornella Muti 60, Dyer 6, 41, H Hunter 5, 19, Hudson 5, Goldie 14, 32, Baccarin 2, 27, 31, D Lane 6, 17, 51, Hope Davis 4, 5, 21, Kinski 7, 51, S Bennett 7, 10, Z Palmer 7, J Richardson 3, 15, 17, 24, 46, 48, 61, Pfeiffer 2, 13, 19, 23, 27-28, 36, 58, Carol Kane 3, 7, 9, 45, Rossellini 19, 31, 36, 53, 55-58, 60, ML Parker 26-27, J Lewis 5, 7, 21, 53, Statham 5-6, 14, 52, 54, Harrelson 3, 7, 14, P Arquette 8, 21, E Green 19, 26, 58, Weisz 4, 6, 9, 18, 23, 25, 34, 55, Barkin 4, J Moore 5, 19, 20, 24, 55, O Chaplin 37, Beckinsale 4, 8, 13, 21, 23, 57, 61, S Weaver 4, 8, 23, Kreuk 18-19, 23-24, Russo 4, 27, CA Moss 4, 15, 18, 20, I Fisher 5-6, 18, 23, Hathaway 23, 26-28, Hemingway 9, 34, Carroll Baker 34, Winnick 6, 20, Olivia Williams 8, 17, 40, 41, Shue 7, 14, 49, Whitaker 8, Grier 14, Greer 6, 24, Posey 14, Bellucci 9, 15, 23, 29, Vikander 16, 52, 54, J Ladd 2, 18, 20, Braga 33, Walken 4, 6-8, 16, 47, 53, Linney 4, 37, 41, 57, DeVito 3-4, 28, Blair 44, Burton 10, B Murray 1, 6, 8, 18, 21-22, 30, 36, 40, Garcia 7, 40, PS Hoffman 4-5, 12, 19, Watts 1, 6, 19, 23, 27-28, 53, Connery 16, 25, Heston 16, Hopper 4, 14-15, 20, 42, Willis 14, 17, 19-21, 26, 28, 48, 57, Thornton 14, S Neill 16-17 24, 25, 53-54, Pitt 6, 19-20, 24, Ricci 4, 7, 37, 61, M McDowell 1, 6. 16, 18, 23, 25-26, 54, Rockwell 11, 17, 26, 43, M Griffith 4, Sadie Frost 16, 53, Lucy Liu 7, 20, 53, 55, Keough 5, 52-53, 59, Ryder 6, 16, 20, 53, 61, DAngelo 1, 53, Seimetz 16, 18, 41, 49, 53, K Lenz 15, 27, 55, Jane March 14, Friel 6, 17, 23, 53, Morgan Saylor 15, Mol 15, 44, 53, Barrymore 5-6, 23, Baldwin 4, 6, 8, 26-27, G Anderson 4-5, 16, B Fonda 4, 7, 22-23, 36, Bale 4, 6, 8, 15, 22, 26, Severance 15, 53, Polley 6, 20, Sophie Lowe 5, Pacino 4-5, 16, Silverstone 5, 8, 28, Olesya Rulin 5, J King 5, Ryan 4, H Graham 5, 8, 15, 35, K Turner 5, 9, 23, 25, Chastain 6, 19, 23, 53, Kelly Hu 7, 31, 52, Hampshire 5, Milano 6, T Fitzgerald 55, Fairchild 6, 27, Wasikowska 19, 55-56, Mia Goth 19, Bello 6, Sobieski 7, 15, 19, Kidman 19, 22, Cornish 19-20, 26, Hopkins 5, 7, 16, 19, 25, 27, Brewster 6, Mimi Rogers 8, 22, 55, Woodley 19, 28, Tatiana Maslany 8, 15, Argento 8-9, 58, Liv Tyler 9, 16, 24, Amy Adams 8, 16, 55, Lopez 9, NG Wagner 8, J Connelly 9, 15, R Mara 16, 19, Sylvia Kristel 10, 38, 55-56, Sandler 8, 23, Laura Gemser 10, 60, Newman 4-5, Flockhart 7, 13, Kelly MacDonald 7, 11, 20, 23-24, 26, 42, 53, Maria Bonnevie 11, Judd 5, 10, 28, J Lawrence 8, 17, 19, 27-28, 32, 53, Teresa Palmer 12, 17, Emily Mortimer 6, 24, 55, Lolita Davidovich 7, Vivian Wu 6, 20, Vanity 32, Aya Cash 7, Bo Derek 38, 46, Moon Bloodgood 8, 25, 61, Paltrow 3, 27, 50, M George 19, 37, D Hannah 20, 55, Thurman 15, 20, 28, 55, Maya Thurman Hawke 6, 20, Alba 24, 27-28, 37, Bateman 2, 5, 20, 41, Halle Berry 14, 27-28, 41, 55, Madeleine Stowe 20, Daddario 19-20, 53, Kelly Reilly 53, Blanchett 8, 20, 24, 47, 57, 61, Blunt 8, 19-20, 23, DeNiro 5, 11, 20, Wuhrer 42, Bettie Page 43, J Stiles 10, 35, 42, 44, 57, Depp 1, 6, 16, 22-24, 26, 35, 50, 61, Constance Wu 8, 22, 55, Buscemi 7, 53, J Biel 6, 20, Edgely 40, Applegate 2, C Bell 55, Hawke, Morton 4, 16, 20, Downey 8, 27, BRUCE CAMPBELL 25, Saldana 1, 27, M Douglas 19, 22, 25, 27, Cage 3, 8, 15, 20, 22-23, 25, S Turner 26-27, 53, Giamatti 6, 9, Brosnan 8, 25, Julie Andrews 23, 46, Famke Janssen 27, 53, Reynolds 16, 27, Keaton 27-28, 55, Sienna Miller 19, 23, 46, Renner 23, 27, Arterton 19, 23, Dunst 24, 26-27, 55, Hudgeons 20, 25, S Stone 8, 17, 25, Lori Petty 23, 46, Lively 26-27, Moretz 17, 19, 26, 58, Kendrick 26, Zoe Kazan 6, 16 Portman 20, 27-28, C Hendrix 1, 19, Forlani 1, 19, 55, Gina Nolan 24, Clive Owen 9, 15, 28, Basinger 27-28, 61, Sean Young 16, 55, Claudia Black 15, 17, 31, 41, Appleby 2, 15, Cruz 3, ER Wood 1, 16, T Newton 16, 19, D Fanning 9, 17, 20, Hawkins 8, Jovovich 11, 17, 48, M Qualley 3, 20, Bai Ling 35, 56, DANA PLATO 36, Jamie Chung 20, 35, Chriqui 31, 56, Kunis 2, 17, Sydne Rome 39, Sasha Grey 15, 56-58, Claire Danes 23, 36, C Evans 15, 27, B Cooper 8, 17, M Caine 8, 26, Marling 17, Bean 25-26, 37, Nicholson 7, 28, Stephanie Leonidas 58, Bel Powley 13, 57, Elizabeth Cervantes 57, Valentina Cervi 58, Theresa Russell 47, 58-59, Embeth Davidtz 16, Laila Robins 36, Zoe Kravitz 57, Nora Arnezeder 58, Roxane Durane 58, Sydney Sweeney 58, Glenne Headly 8, Lake Bell 19, Wiig 16, Addison Timlin 16, Hera Hilmar 26, Tanya Roberts 24, Debbie Harry 20, Michelle Phillips 3, K Ritter 27, Hanna Marks 3, Inbar Lavi 3, Emily Meade 36, Brit Robertson 36, Ringwald 36, Sheryl Lee 36, Hannah Murray 20, Suki Waterhouse 20, Abigail Spencer 20, Browning 20, Lily Collins 4, Alexa Davalos 20, Jaime Murray 58, Martha Higareda 57-58, Charlotte Lebon 58, Brooke Shields 11, 29, Jodie Comer 16, 43, 60, Laura Antonelli 60, Sinise, Hardy, Nolte, Tierney, Cleese, Hackman, Redford, Dern, Dafoe, Stevenson, Kingsley, Karloff, Lugosi, Lee, Robbins, Macey, Madsen, Astin, J Hurt, D Sutherland, Fishburne, Oldman, Goodman, DelToro, Sarsgaard, etc.

Some actors works that aren’t listed here are instead listed here: Comedy

There are different ways to group things. Quite often seemingly unrelated things do have something in common. Most of the time it's either content, actor, genre, director, or era- so there are entire pages or clusters that are related in some way. But there are also obvious hard breaks in content since there has to be.

Some have become so undervalued & rare that they’re now obscure. Others have frustrated me by not having links, so it’s a mixed bag of peculiarity.

There’s certainly some z-grade cheese here, but also some pretty odd stuff too.

Various titles to look into.
A lot have been found. Some haven’t.
Go find them & add some links.

A note: Some films have no photo or maybe no synopsis but do indeed have links. Contributors cannot magickally have links for everything just because a page for it exists since contributors don’t make the pages. Software does that, not people, since it is mirroring IMDB & TVmaze.
►Only later are links placed WHEN POSSIBLE. Some things are very rare & hard to find. If you are unwilling to contribute the link yourself, go ONLY to the forum & properly request links there like a mature, civilized, literate adult.

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Movie: American Geisha ( 1986 )
On a trip to Japan, an American student watches the lives of the Geishas in a tea house.
Movie: Normal ( 2015 )
A young woman's birthright hides a dark secret.
Movie: Mansfield 66/67 ( 2017 )
MANSFIELD 66/67 is about the last two years of movie goddess Jayne Mansfield's life, and the rumours swirling around her untimely death.
Movie: The Man Without Gravity ( 2019 )
Oscar comes to light on a stormy night, in the hospital of a small town and immediately we understand that there is something extraordinary in him : Does not obey the law of gravity. It floats in the air, hovers in the lightest room of a balloon, in front of the incredulous look of the mother and grandmother. The two women run away with the baby and decide to keep it hidden from the eyes of the world for many, many years. Only little Agata knows her secret. Until the day that Oscar decides that the whole world must know who he really is "The Man without Gravity" .
Movie: Jubilee ( 1978 )
Queen Elisabeth I travels 400 years into the future to witness the appalling revelation of a dystopian London overrun by corruption and a vicious gang of punk guerrilla girls led by the new Monarch of Punk.
Movie: The Genius Club ( 2006 )
Seven geniuses, with IQs over 200, are plucked from their lives on Christmas Eve to try to solve the world's problems in one night.
Movie: Abnormal Attraction ( 2018 )
In a world where mythical creatures are real, monsters and humans are forced to coexist; and as prejudice and insecurity pulls everyone apart, three separate storylines manage to come together.
Movie: Ellie Parker ( 2006 )
A hilarious comic portrait of a young woman's struggle for integrity, happiness and a Hollywood acting career.
Movie: Desert Blue ( 1998 )
An academic obsessed with "roadside attractions" and his tv-star daughter finally discover the world's largest ice cream cone, the centerpiece for an old gold-rush town struggling to stay on the map. They end up staying longer than expected because of an accident that spilled an unknown cola ingredient all over the highway. They spend the next few days with the various residents of the town which include a teenage girl who loves to blow things up and a boy trying to keep alive his fathers dream of building a beachside resort in the middle of the desert.
Movie: Aria ( 1987 )
Ten short pieces directed by ten different directors, including Ken Russell, Jean-Luc Godard, Robert Altman, Bruce Beresford, and Nicolas Roeg. Each short uses an aria as soundtrack/sound (Vivaldi, Bach, Wagner), and is an interpretation of the particular aria.
Movie: A Bird of the Air ( 2011 )
A man in search of his past, and a woman who lives in the moment, are brought together when they pursue the origins of a stray parrot in this comedic and romantic drama.
Movie: Blue My Mind ( 2018 )
A seemingly normal teenage girl faces overwhelming body transformations that put her existence into question.
Movie: Digital Dreams ( 1983 )
Movie: I Kill Giants ( 2018 )
Barbara Thorson struggles through life by escaping into a fantasy life of magic and monsters.
Movie: Dr. Strange ( 1978 )
A psychiatrist becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth in order to battle an evil Sorceress from the past.
Movie: Fast Color ( 2019 )
A woman is forced to go on the run when her superhuman abilities are discovered. Years after having abandoned her family, the only place she has left to hide is home.
Movie: Interreflections ( 2020 )
In a quest for a new, more humane society, a counter-culture revolution takes the world by storm. In the first of the InterReflections Trilogy, we look back to the modern world and wonder how it was we managed to survive as long as we had.
Movie: 11 Minutes Ago ( 2007 )
Traveling in 11-minute increments, a time-tumbler from 48 years in the future spends two years of his life weaving through a two-hour wedding reception.
Movie: The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man ( 2018 )
This documentary explores various urban legends around Hollywood's most elusive star.
Movie: Stinking Heaven ( 2015 )
A black as tar comedy charting the dissolution of a commune for sober living in 90's suburban New Jersey.
Movie: The Current War ( 2019 )
The dramatic story of the cutthroat race between electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to determine whose electrical system would power the modern world.
Movie: Teslafy Me ( 2019 )
A vision for a world free of pollution and climate problems, with energy available in abundance - are we ready to take up legacy of ingenious inventor Nikola Tesla?
Movie: Marketing the Messiah ( 2020 )
How much do you *really* know about how Christianity got started? Whether you are a Christian, atheist, or member of another faith, it's impossible to ignore the impact that Christianity has had on Western civilization. But most people, including many Christians, don't have a solid grasp of the history of early Christianity - even though it's hinted at in the New Testament. Many people still think the gospels were written by the people whose names adorn the books. Many people still think those people were eyewitnesses of Jesus. Many people don't realize how much Paul of Tarsus reinvented early Christianity to suit his own vision, and how much tension he created with the original disciples. Over the last century, New Testament scholars have examined the text word by word to tease apart the true history from accepted tradition. In this light-heated but factual film, we tell the "true" story of early Christianity with the help of twelve biblical scholars, Renaissance masterpieces and humorous animation. It's neither a film about faith nor a film attacking or making fun of Christianity. It's an honest attempt to piece together a very complex and fascinating story that everyone will enjoy.
Movie: Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus ( 2012 )
Based on the best-selling religious studies book by Joseph Atwill, this documentary shows that Jesus is not a historical figure, the events of Jesus' life were based on a Roman military campaign, his supposed second coming refers to an event that already occurred, and the Gospels were written by a family of Caesars who left us documents to prove it. Besides Atwill, six other controversial Bible scholars weigh in, showing that the teachings of Christ came from the ancient pagan mystery schools, and that Christianity was used as a political tool to control the masses of the day and is still being used this way today.
Movie: Dogma ( 1999 )
An abortion clinic worker with a special heritage is called upon to save the existence of humanity from being negated by two renegade angels trying to exploit a loop-hole and reenter Heaven.
Movie: Idiocracy ( 2007 )
Private Joe Bauers, the definition of "average American", is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program. Forgotten, he awakes five centuries in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed down that he's easily the most intelligent person alive.
Movie: Yoga Hosers ( 2016 )
Two teenage yoga enthusiasts must do battle with an evil presence that is threatening to rise from its underground lair and endanger their major party plans.
Movie: Mallrats ( 1995 )
Both dumped by their girlfriends, two best friends seek refuge in the local mall.
Movie: Austin Powers Meets Monty Python Meets the Whole World ( 2022 )
When Austin Powers discovers his own way of cooking with Dane Powers and Kenny Powers, Austin Powers gives the strength to see the future and rigs up a batch of cock-a-nanny spoof eats that lures Monty Python from the grave to conquer the 1000 year old curse of Slink Slimer.
Movie: Career Bed ( 1969 )
A mother is determined that her daughter will be a movie star, and will do anything--and have her daughter do anything--to make it happen.
Movie: Fellini Satyricon ( 1969 )
A series of disjointed mythical tales set in first century Rome.
Movie: Intervista ( 1987 )
Federico Fellini accepts the request of a television crew to be interviewed about his career, narrating memories, dreams, realities and fantasies.
Movie: London Affair ( 1970 )
A 38 year old American novelist discovers the difficulties of being married to a British 16 year old schoolgirl.
Movie: Wonderwall ( 1969 )
The eccentric professor Oscar Collins lives completely secluded in his chaotic apartment. When a model (Penny Lane) and her photographer boyfriend move in next to him, he becomes fascinated with her. He drills holes in the walls and ceiling and peeps on her day and night. He loses himself in daydreams and delusions.
Movie: Bedways ( 2010 )
In a squalid apartment in Berlin, an unconventional director strives to capture unadulterated feelings, raw passion and undiluted sex for an experimental film project about love.
Movie: Clip ( 2012 )
Jasna is a teenage girl living in the poor suburbs in the south of Belgrade, Serbia. She likes to record everything around her using a mobile phone camera. She is making videos of herself, her school friends, family and Djole - the boy of her dreams. Her family is a mess: father is terminally ill and mother is barely coping. That's why she is spending more and more time hanging out with her school friends, partying and drinking. At one of the parties, she finally starts a conversation with Djole and later they develop an intense sexual relationship. When he realizes that she will do anything to be close to him, Djole starts using her as a sexual object. Jasna starts to experiment with drugs and to skip school. Her life is getting out of control and she needs Djole to accept and reciprocate her affections.
Movie: The Love Cult ( 1966 )
A magician/hypnotist gets the idea that he can make more money (and have a better time) by starting a sex cult than by continuing his magic act, so he becomes Brother Eros whose motto is "Love is all that counts."
Movie: The Wrecking Crew ( 1968 )
The count has stolen enough gold to cause a financial crisis in the world markets so I.C.E. sends in ace spy Matt Helm to stop him. As Matt works alone, the British send in Freya to aid Matt, but it seems that Freya causes more problems than she solves.
Movie: Toys in the Attic ( 1963 )
Newlyweds Julian and Lily Berniers have been in Chicago on business before returning to their hometown, New Orleans, where they'll meet with Julian's older spinster sisters Anna and Carrie, who still live in the longtime unpaid-for family home and have always kept their little brother Julian afloat during his wheelings and dealings. Julian has largely kept Lily in the dark about his activities, including the mysterious meetings he has had in New Orleans in the week prior to meeting up with Anna and Carrie. Despite losing the factory in Chicago, Julian comes bearing expensive gifts for his sisters, including paying off the house and sending them on a trip to Europe, something they've long wished to do. This money makes Lily think that her wealthy mother, Albertine Prine, might have paid Julian to marry her to get rid of her. Things change for the women in Julian's life when they learn that he's been meeting Charlotte Warkins, whom he dated 10 years ago. Lily suspects that Julian and married Charlotte are having an affair, but Carrie actually knows the truth, though through secondhand means. In her obsessive, more-than-a-sibling love for Julian, Carrie decides to take matters into her own hands to have Julian all to herself.
Movie: Flowers in the Attic ( 1987 )
Children are hidden away in the attic by their conspiring mother and grandmother.
Movie: The Five Senses ( 1999 )
Interconnected stories examine situations involving the five senses. Touch is represented by a massage therapist who is treating a woman, while her daughter accidentally loses the woman's pre-school daughter in the park. The older daughter meets a voyeur (vision), a professional house-cleaner has an acute sense of smell, a cake maker has lost her sense of taste, and an older man is losing his hearing.
Movie: Aquarius ( 2016 )
Clara, a 65 year old widow and retired music critic, was born into a wealthy and traditional family in Recife, Brazil. She is the last resident of the Aquarius, an original two-storey building, built in the 1940s, in the upper-class, seaside Boa Viagem Avenue, Recife. All the neighboring apartments have already been acquired by a company which has other plans for that plot. Clara has pledged to only leave her place upon her death, and will engage in a cold war of sorts with the company. This tension both disturbs Clara and gives her that edge on her daily routine. It also gets her thinking about her loved ones, her past and her future.
Movie: Art History ( 2011 )
Tension mounts between a director and his lead actress on the set of a sexually explicit low-budget film. As the actress and her co-star develop real feelings for each other, the director's jealousy erupts, sabotaging his own production.
Movie: Carnal Knowledge ( 1971 )
Chronicling the lifelong sexual development of two men who meet and befriend one another in college.
Movie: Sexual Chronicles of a French Family ( 2012 )
Three generations of a French family open up about their sexual experiences and desires after young Romain is caught masturbating in his biology class.
Movie: Ex Drummer ( 2007 )
Three handicapped losers who form a band ask famous writer Dries to be their drummer. He joins the band and starts manipulating them.
Movie: The Band ( 2009 )
When lead singer Jimmy Taranto dumps his girlfriend Candy then his rock band Gutter Filth, Candy decides to take his place in the band. Together with anal bass player GB, cross-dressing drummer Dee and Jennifer their loyal manager, they begin a journey to stardom. While their success eclipses Jimmy's, Candy still can't find the true love she is looking for. But sometimes the things you want are right in front of you.
Movie: Kärlekens språk 2000 ( 2004 )
Sabine is in love with Julia, but pulled simultaneously to the irresistible television program host Stella Moon.
Movie: Love ( 2015 )
Murphy is an American living in Paris who enters a highly sexually and emotionally charged relationship with the unstable Electra. Unaware of the effect it will have on their relationship, they invite their pretty neighbor into their bed.
Movie: Marfa Girl ( 2014 )
A story centered on a directionless 16-year-old living in Marfa, Texas and his relationships with his girlfriend, his neighbor, his teacher, a newly arrived local artist, and a local Border Patrol officer.
Movie: Marfa Girl 2 ( 2018 )
A young mother living in Marfa, Texas struggles to raise her child after suffering from a brutal sexual assault.
Movie: Ken Park ( 2003 )
Ken Park is about several Californian skateboarders' lives and relationships with and without their parents.
Movie: En la cama ( 2006 )
Can strangers connect? Can casual sex become something else? In Santiago, Daniela and Bruno, both about 30, meet at a party, go to another and end up in a hotel. We join them there as passion becomes talk: do they know each other's name, have they been to hotels with others? There's some playfulness, more sex, a bath, pillow fights, condom problems, stories from their past, conflict. Each gets a phone call, each intrudes on the other's privacy. As the night wanes, will there be anything else?
Movie: Breaking the Surface ( 2009 )
Photography student Nadja Groß (Henriette Heinze) has a lot on her plate, she goes to school, she has a job as a free lancer photographer for a magazine, while economically helping her mother. After a hard day's work she lies to go clubbing. It is in a discotheque she meets Darius (Golo Euler) who is younger than her and an enigmatic character for her. Attraction between the couple suddenly ensues. As they move forward with their very passionate sexual relationship. But strong challenges will be presented in their way. That will test their very foundations.
Movie: Erótica: Luz de Luna ( 2008 )
Movie: Is-slottet ( 1987 )
In a remote Norwegian mountain-area in the 1930s, two 12 year old girls Siss and Unn meet. They are friends, but for Unn it is more serious. She admits to having secret and indecent fantasies about her friend.
Movie: Secret Things ( 2002 )
Two young women find themselves struggling to survive in Paris, street-wise Nathalie, a stripper, and naïve Sandrine, a barmaid. Together, they discover that sex can be used to their advantage, and pleasure. Both find positions in the office of a large bank, where bored, under-stimulated, prey are easy pickings. After making their way though several layers of executives at the bank, with destructive, and lucrative, results, they approach Christophe, scion to the bank director. What they don't know is that he is a manipulative voyeur, whose last two lovers set themselves on fire when he rejected them. A connoisseur of high-class orgies, he is only interested in new talent to satisfy the appetites of all whom he controls. In him, the girls have found an opponent who knows all their wiles, and will challenge their simple under-class friendship with levels of jealousy and ecstasy that they have never experienced before. Will they survive?
Movie: Vernost ( 2019 )
By the age of 30, Lena was able to achieve good results in life. She worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist. Colleagues respected, and happy patients tried to thank her. Her personal life also developed quite safely. Husband Sergei worked as an actor in a drama theater, showed concern and did not interfere in affairs, but recently she began to notice serious changes in his behavior. Another fact is that they did not have sex. One day she reads one of her husband's text messages, she is convinced he is cheating on her. At one point, she does not stand up and in revenge cheats with a little-known man. For her, a new world unexpectedly opens up, filled with passion and incredible emotions, which she uses for her emotional state. But constant betrayal is becoming an integral part of double life.
Movie: The Daughters of Fire ( 2018 )
A group of women go on a erotic, polyamorous, trip to free themselves from the mindset of patriarchy, while one of them plans to make a porn movie.
Movie: Intimacy ( 2001 )
A failed London musician meets once a week with a woman for a series of intense sexual encounters to get away from the realities of life. But when he begins inquiring about her, it puts their relationship at risk.
Movie: American Kamasutra ( 2018 )
A young woman finds herself involved in a dangerous love triangle when she gets involved with the writer of a popular steamy novel.
Movie: Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love ( 1997 )
Two female friends become sexual rivals at maturity.
Movie: L'ennui ( 1998 )
Martin is a middle-aged philosophy teacher in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Lacking direction or purpose in his life, he initiates an affair with Cécilia, a young artist's model who might have killed her former lover with the intensity of her sexual appetite. They share a purely erotic relationship as an intellectual abyss separates them. Before long, he needs to possess her and cannot resist a sharp descent into violent jealousy.
Movie: Chasing the Muse ( 2015 )
Porn Director steps in his own production as he finds his 'muse' and becomes obsessed by her.
Movie: Maladolescenza ( 1977 )
A teen boy grows from playing and fighting with his German-shepherd dog, to playing kids and adult games with two equally young girls, in a dream-like forest which eventually turns eerie, and somber.
Movie: Fleshpot on 42nd Street ( 1973 )
A street whore desperately seeks love and acceptance against the backdrop of the criminal element of early 1970s Times Square.
Movie: Arabian Nights ( 1974 )
Ancient Arabia. A youth is chosen by a beautiful slave girl to be her new master; she is kidnapped and they must search for each other. Stories are told within stories; love, travel and the whims of destiny.
Movie: The Canterbury Tales ( 1972 )
Pasolini's artistic, sometimes violent, always vividly cinematic retelling of some of Chaucer's most erotic tales.
Movie: We ( 2018 )
During a scorching summer in a Belgian-Dutch border village, eight teenagers play games of discovery to break the listless monotony. They challenge each other and themselves and pretty soon, their sexual curiosity starts to blur the lines between right and wrong. As innocence is crushed in depraved games and sexual exploitation, the teenagers soon turn into ruthless predators.
Movie: The Piano Teacher ( 2001 )
A young man romantically pursues his masochistic piano teacher.
Movie: Black Emanuelle ( 1975 )
While on assignment in Nairobi, a photojournalist questions her racial and sexual identity when she engages in affairs with her wealthy hosts.
Movie: The Erotic Circus ( 1969 )
Decadent swinging speed dealer Louie and his two lady friends Mary and Debbie decide to pay a visit to Louie's sister, who lives in a remote woodland area with her meek son Jamie and weird caretaker Yenos. However, things soon turn nasty when a killer decides to start bumping off the unwanted guests.
Movie: The Great Ephemeral Skin ( 2012 )
Inside the claustrophobic scenery of a fancy apartment in the city of Frankfurt three men and a woman lock themselves in for ten days. Oskar and Julia are a couple. They have sex and let themselves be filmed. Benjamin and Bastian are behind the camera, trying to get pictures of absolute intimacy.
Movie: Pandora and the Magic Box ( 1965 )
King Minos is married to the vulgar and voracious Queen Scylla. Minos discovers that his long-lost niece is the rightful ruler of Greece and devises a plan to keep her from being found.
Movie: A Menina do Lado ( 1990 )
Middle-aged married journalist goes to the beach resort of Búzios, in Brazil, to write a book. Gradually, he falls in love with his neighbor's daughter, a beautiful teenager much younger than he, ignoring the social implications.
Movie: Capriccio ( 1987 )
After the renewed flings with their former lovers prove to be disastrously unlike the romantic memories, an unfaithful couple returns to each other.
Movie: Monamour ( 2006 )
An attractive, yet neglected housewife will have a scandalous affair behind her husband's back at Mantua's renowned literary festival.
Movie: Private ( 2003 )
Tinto Brass - The maestro of Italian erotica is back! Lies, subterfuge, betrayal and mischief - FALLO! is a collection of six stories based on the joys of sexuality and the eroticism of a new generation of women.
Movie: Miranda ( 1985 )
In this erotic comedy, Miranda is the landlady of a small country tavern who is looking for a husband, and tries out a variety of men for size.
Movie: All Ladies Do It ( 1992 )
A happily married 24-year-old woman who experiences an inexplicable, rather restless craving to finally live her life intensely, retells her extra-marital escapades to her husband intending to spice up their marriage.
Movie: P.O. Box Tinto Brass ( 1995 )
This film is a series of letters, photos and video cassettes which women often send in to certain newspapers. By visualizing their story-telling (the name given by the psychologists to their fantasies) the film portrays the confessions, the secret longings, the adventures, recollections, dreams, desires and fantasies of these women. It is an open secret that most women dream of forbidden affairs, secret lovers and hasty encounters but when it comes down to it they lack the courage to pursue their dreams.
Movie: The Voyeur ( 1994 )
A troubled college professor becomes obsessed with the idea that his emotionally distant wife is having an affair with his invalid father.
Movie: Paprika ( 1991 )
A young country girl comes to town and works in a brothel in order to help her fiance get the money to start his own business. "Paprika" is the name given to her by the madam.
Movie: Kick the Cock ( 2008 )
Kick the Cock is an old Dutch saying, meaning Peek in the Kitchen.
Movie: Fruits of Passion ( 1981 )
A girl loves an older man. He demands that she goes in a brothel, as evidence that she loves him.
Movie: Antares ( 2004 )
A deadly car crash sets off three parallel stories of women at crisis points, faltering behind the doors of the same, plain Vienna apartment block. A bored nurse with a stable, comfortable family life has a wild but almost-wordless extramarital affair with a fashion-conscious traveling salesman, who's obsessed with sex photos. An unstable young Austrian grocery checker lies to hold on to her philandering Yugoslavian boyfriend, claiming she's pregnant. Finally, a recent divorcée whose violent, ex-husband is a King of Denial intent on getting her back. Will the residents' fibs and moral failures save or destroy them ? Can the women safely express their fears ?
Movie: De tierra ( 2012 )
An incestuous relationship between to siblings after their mother's death, leads one of the characters to feel haunted by guilt. They try to forget their blood ties but they only become more evident and hard to manage.
Movie: Queen of Hearts ( 2019 )
A woman jeopardizes both her career and her family when she seduces her teenage stepson and is forced to make an irreversible decision with fatal consequences.
Movie: Lorna the Exorcist ( 1974 )
A man is tormented by an ex-lover, Lorna, who posseses a strange power over a women, including the man's daughter.
Movie: Love Toy ( 1973 )
A compulsive gambler gambles away his own nubile teen daughter. She becomes his opponent's sex slave.
Movie: Black Panther ( 2014 )
A film about two siblings, Emilie and Jakob, about their deep love for each other, as well as their own happiness. Two things that do not always coincide.
Movie: Ferrugem ( 2018 )
Tati and Renet were already trading pics, videos and music by their cell phones, and on the last school trip they started making eye contact. However, what could be the beginning of a love story, turns to an end.
Movie: Time of Wickedness ( 1985 )
Filled with guilt over his forbidden desires, young man leaves home and his studies. He finds a new smaller place to stay, a low-paying but satisfying job and a girlfriend. Then his mother, unable to fight her forbidden desires, shows up.
Movie: Vixen! ( 1968 )
Vixen lives in a Canadian mountain resort with her naive pilot husband. While he's away flying in tourists, she gets it on with practically everybody including a husband and his wife, and even her biker brother. She is openly racist, and she makes it clear that she won't do the wild thing with her brother's biker friend, who is black.
Movie: La casa de las mujeres perdidas ( 1983 )
Desdemona lives on an isolated island with her strange family: her father Mario, her stepmother Dulcinea and her mentally challenged sister Paulova. As the only inhabitants on the island loneliness and desolation engulf all members of her family. Desdemona tries to ward off her boredom by taking long walks along the beach or engaging in acts of self-gratification. She often tries to seduce her own father Mario to engage in acts of a sexual nature. Their daily routine is interrupted by the arrival (by boat) of a robust male stranger who brings friction into Desdemona's family.
Movie: Cosmic Sex ( 2015 )
One night, Kripa is on the run from sex and violence when he meets Sadhavi, a woman who strangely resembles his dead mother. She gives him shelter and teaches him to travel inwards through sex.
Movie: Pola X ( 1999 )
A young writer becomes intrigued with a mysterious dark-haired woman who claims to be his long-lost sister and he begin an unusual relationship with her prompting a downward spiral involving his domineering mother and lovely fiancée
Movie: DAU. Natasha ( 2020 )
Natasha works in the canteen of a secret Soviet research institute. She drinks a lot, likes to talk about love and embarks on an affair. State security intervenes. A tale of violence that is as radical as it is provocative.
Movie: DAU. Katya Tanya ( 2020 )
Katya, a young librarian, believes in love. But her ideals are crushed by reality. After a string of disappointing affairs Katya finally finds tenderness and understanding in the arms of her colleague, a journalist called Tanya.
Movie: Love Meetings ( 1982 )
Microphone in hand, Pier Paolo Pasolini asks Italians to talk about sex: he asks children where babies come from, young and old women if they are men's equals, men and women if a woman's ...
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