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Early Silent Movies 1911
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Movie: Dante's Inferno ( 1911 )
The poet Dante is lost in a dark and gloomy wood. At the summit of a mountain he sees the light of salvation. He endeavors to ascend to it, but his way is barred by three wild beasts, symbolizing Avarice, Pride and Lust. Beatrice sees his predicament and descends from Paradise into Limbo, where she asks the poet Virgil to rescue and guide Dante. Virgil knows another way to go, but this leads straight through the entire Inferno, before it continues towards Paradise. Virgil leads Dante to the portals of Inferno. Charon ferries them over the river Acheron, and then they start their journey downwards through the different circles of Inferno. Dante meets all kind of sinners and sees the never-ending punishments they have to undergo. The various punishments are adjusted to the different transgressions. Among the sinners Dante recognizes many persons he has met in Florence, when they were still alive. They tell him their sad stories and why they have ended here. At last Dante and Virgil meets the arch traitor Lucifer, who holds the bodies of Brutus and Cassius in his mouth. The two poets climb down the shaggy sides of Lucifer, to reach the subterranean way which leads out of Inferno.
Movie: The Lonedale Operator ( 1911 )
When her father becomes ill, a young woman takes over the telegraph at a lonely western railroad station. She soon gets word that the next train will deliver the payroll for a mining company. The train brings not only the money, but a pair of ruffians bent on stealing it. All alone, she wires for help, and then holds off the bad guys until it arrives.
Movie: In Old Madrid ( 1911 )
A young Spanish couple want to be together, but are hindered by the girl's parents. They try a ruse to get a chance to be alone, but it is discovered. The young man then decides to resort ...
Movie: Cinderella ( 1911 )
A meek, mild Baron, with one motherless daughter, married again, and his second choice was an unlucky one. For not only did the woman browbeat her husband and make his life unhappy, but she beat and ill-treated poor little Cinderella, and made her a servant. The cruel stepmother had two daughters of her own, who were given every luxury, and they aided their mother to make the life of their stepsister very sad indeed. The King's son gave a grand ball, and the Baron and his family were among the invited guests. But when Cinderella wanted to go, she was cuffed and jeered at, and told that she must stay in the kitchen, her proper place, so the stepmother said. Little Cinderella helped the others to get ready for their night of enjoyment, and then sat in the kitchen alone in her rags. Really no one could blame her if she cried. Fortunately for the poor child she had a Fairy Godmother, but up to this time she had never been in evidence. But the Fairy Godmother, who had been keeping an eye on the Baron's household, decided that it was about time for her to make her influence felt. So she dropped into the kitchen via the fireplace (Fairy Godmothers seldom use doors: it is hard to say why, but they don't) and told Cinderella that not only was she going to the ball, but she was going in style. Her magic wand enabled her to provide a coach, coachman, footman and horses out of a pumpkin, a lizard, some mice and a rat. Then another turn of the wand changed Cinderella's rags into a fine ball gown, and she started for the castle in high spirits. But she was told that she must be home by midnight and like a dutiful little girl she promised. Also, the Fairy Godmother told her that at midnight all her finery would revert to its former state. Cinderella created a sensation at the ball, and the Prince devoted all his attention to her. The wicked stepmother and her daughters did not recognize in the gorgeous guest the forlorn child that they had treated like a slave. In fact, Cinderella had such a good time that it was midnight before she knew it. She ran away as fast as she could, but half way down the steps her gay garb turned into rags, and the coach and attendants became mice, pumpkins and lizards. As she fled she dropped one of her slippers, and the Prince found it. Then he caused proclamation to be made that he would marry the lady who could wear the slipper it she could produce the mate to it. The stepsisters tried it on, with other dames, but failed to prove that it could fit. Then Cinderella asked for a test. She proved that the slipper was hers, and as she did so her rags turned back to a ball gown again, and the Prince married her, and they lived happily together forever afterward. What became of the wicked sisters no one knows or cares. But probably the father of Cinderella had a happier life, for the chances were that his wicked wife was afraid to annoy him, fearing that the Fairy Godmother might get busy again.
Movie: As a Boy Dreams ( 1911 )
Jack Howard, a typical American boy, is addicted to reading literature of the yellow-backed variety, despite the admonitions of his father. One day he dozes off to sleep, after devouring a thrilling story of the sea. The story of his dream is told in detail. While walking on the dock he is seized upon by some sailors and shanghaied in the most approved manner, being taken aboard a ship bound on a long cruise. He is secreted and overhears a plot of the sailors to mutiny, seize the ship and sail to a desert island in search of a treasure. One of the sailors produces a chart of the island and the tars leave the forecastle. Jack comes on, takes possession of the paper and is joined by the winsome daughter of the captain. It is a case of love at first sight. He shows her the chart and she takes him to her father, where he discloses the plot of the mutineers. The desperate men attack the captain and the loyal members of the crew and there is a fierce fight. Jack saves the captain's daughter, who escapes with him in the garb of a boy. They take possession of a small boat and put to sea, where they are captured by pirates. The sex of the girl is discovered, but Jack secures immunity for himself and fair companion by showing the pirates the chart of the treasure island. The pirates go to the island, taking Jack and the girl with them, unearth the treasure and are jubilant, but their joy is short-lived, as they are in turn set upon by another gang of pirates and the struggle is a bloody one. Jack and the girl are subsequently rescued from the pirates by the father of the girl and his gallant crew and taken aboard his ship together with the treasure, which is Jack's by right of having the chart. Jack asks the captain for the hand of the daughter and the mariner is only too pleased at the prospect of the union. They are wed and Jack awakens to find it all a dream and he is in despair. His reflections are rudely broken into by his father, who hauls him out of the garret and sets him at the irksome task of sawing wood.
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