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The latest and the recent (2020-2019) critically acclaimed, eclectic, arthouse, and award winning movies and documentaries from rogerebert

HyzMyzFyt Favorite Movies ( 911 items )
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This collection of movies include my favorite movies, the Genre varies from Action, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Dooms Day, Drama, History, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller, War, and Western. Everything Except DC Comics and Marvel Studios, tha…

Hidden Gems 2019 ( 100 items )
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Wondering what to watch next? Maybe there’s a few on this list that flew under your radar from last year.
How many have you seen?

The Best Movies of 2019 ( 188 items )
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No description
Movies & Series I've Watched ( 901 items )
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This is Mainly for Me. An All Inclusive Playlist for everything I’ve ever watched.

Mainly for me so I can know what I actually haven’t seen & see the crazy number I have. But, thought I’d share.
List is on going. It’s going to be..probably a few th…

OSCAR RACE - 2020 ( 28 items )
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Oscars: Upcoming Films That Could Enter the Awards RacE


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Movies EXPECTED release DATES from July - Dec 2019.
NEW release dates plus TRAILERS, when available, under “Comments” on the PW movie page.
Just “Click and Go” if interested. Don’t forget to put them on your…

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