The outlaw camp of Deadwood marches slowly towards civilization, facing its first elections. But the power struggles continue over everything in Deadwood—influence, money, and whores—as the founding camp members form strategic alliances to face down the threat of a powerful newcomer, seeking to remake Deadwood in his image.

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Ratings: TVMaze: 9.2/10
Released: March 21, 2004
Runtime: 60 min
Genres: Drama Crime Western
Countries: United States
Companies: HBO
Cast: Gerald McRaney W. Earl Brown Bree Seanna Wall Ian McShane Sean Bridgers Leon Rippy Dayton Callie Titus Welliver Timothy Olyphant Brad Dourif Anna Gunn Jim Beaver Paula Malcomson William Sanderson Kim Dickens Keith Carradine Jeffrey Jones Powers Boothe John Hawkes Robin Weigert Molly Parker
Crew: Steve Turner Kathryn Lekan David Milch

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Jorjia 4 points 10 months ago

I absolutely adore this T.V. show and that is saying a lot i am not really into westerns.(Swingian cock sucker is all i got to say any one that has seen this show will grin every time they hear woo say it.)This show is in my watched list i have seen it many times i would put it under my favorites but how i things listed on here is T.V shows i have not watched under favorites never viewed movies under watch and things i have seen and loved i have them under watched so i can come back to them any time i like.

Nabivenson 2 points 8 months ago

this is a special one for me it came out when i started college and i was hooked from scene 1 but after rewatching it many times i figured out why it holds a special place in my heart in essence this is a story about building a community and its apperent from ep 1 with saving the little girl, it takes a willage as they say to raise a child. no matter what happend in the show sad or happy Wuu screaming cocksucker in the end its all about these missfits murderers and drunks trying to build something for each other

McShagan 1 points 7 months ago

I will put on any episode of the first season at any time this show is just that good. David Milch is a freaking genius and in my opinion took a perfect cast and created the best show ever on television.

Gaius 3 points 29 days ago

And he finally finished the movie! Show should have run at least 7 seasons. Good to see ya Mc.

JadeEnigma -2 points 7 months ago

I began rewatching this from the beginning yesterday in preparation for the movie. I actually stopped watching Deadwood with about four episodes to go in season 3 when I discovered it had been cancelled without tying things up, so even before the film there will be fresh stuff for me!

McShagan 1 points 7 months ago

I can’t wait until they finish this show up. I was heart broken when it was canceled.

Betamax78 -3 points 4 months ago *

Deadwood is high on the list of Carlie Brookers (writer of black mirror and journalist TV critic for the guardian UK paper and a TV review show on BBC… who did a whole hour episode on how “the wire” was genius and the greatest thing ever written ) favorite shows…(and he normally finds American TV moronic)… Anyone with such impeccable taste I think i should take their advice and better give deadwood a shot

NoxllockZ -2 points 1 year ago

time to rewatch this most Hard western drama soon..