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BTamBourin 5 points 9 days ago

I think this show is great. I really like the alternative universe thing.

mjbourquin 3 points 9 days ago

agreed, the trailer didn’t leave me with a good impression (AT ALL) but I’m glad I still ended up watching

greyfur 2 points 8 days ago

I’m up to episode 4 at this point, keep watching, rather like it, it gets rather interesting the farther you get. for a ‘what if’ it’s actually pretty good.

mjbourquin 2 points 1 day ago

really loving this show and how things could have been if the space race didn’t end. It really shows how far we could have come otherwise. The trailer was horrible. Do not let it affect your view of this great show.

mjbourquin 1 points 10 days ago

first episode was pretty good, so far no unnecessary “wokenes”. Continuing on.

metalrob72 -3 points 11 days ago

More woke women good, men bad, propaganda garbage from Hollyweird. No thanks.

ibgabe 5 points 9 days ago

More ignorant comments from someone who clearly didn’t watch a single episode. No thanks.

gypsy soul -2 points 4 months ago


Killion -9 points 14 days ago

We were ALL created equal. None of us are better than the other. This crap needs to stop! But that is exaclty what this junk is about. Not worth the watch.

red2323 -5 points 9 days ago

wow appletv really failed..bunch of garbage nonsensical shows so far