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Title: Episode 3
Air Date: July 13, 2019
Runtime: 80 min
Genres: Thriller Drama

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prfob -4 points 3 months ago



RoboPhone 3 points 3 months ago *

This episode has not aired yet.

Please know that The Content Team does NOT monitor these Comments for Link Requests.

If you kindly use the Requests located on the right sidebar under “”Information”, you can make an official request of Links!

Thank You for Your Support!

Gothic -4 points 3 months ago

KK, then if there are no links then why post it at all????

RoboPhone 3 points 3 months ago *

As you undoubtedly know from the Main Page Banner :

“We’re working on rebuilding the database, so have patience.”

Further, Primewire uses TVMaze to give us ALL of the TV Show information. From that, a Template is created. That is what you see for this program.

Once the Show has aired and the episode(s) have been uploaded by someone, Links are provided for our Content Team to fill in the appropriate slots.

However, this Show was scheduled to air Episode 1 on July 6th. The person here was asking for Episode 3 Links.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone to make an Official Request, so The Content Team can look into the matter.

Rest assured, once Links are available, our Team will waste no time in posting them for the benefit of all our Viewers on this Free Site.

Thank You for your patience and support!

Marksmanbbs 4 points 3 months ago

Those who feel they have the right to gripe and make demands as though they have some sort of power over another but yet realistically complain and rate to belittle the people that work their ass off to Give for FREE to others sometimes forget they are comparing a site that has to rebuild from the ground up to the others that haven’t been through a rebuild experience and against a FREE site versus a Pay site,But yet they are here with their complaints,Why is that?lol,good thing I don’t have any pull on how to weed out the parasites,,we missed your site when it was down like loosen a right arm and to those who have the audacity to compare and complain after enjoying numerous movies free to a site that works for others to enjoy for FREE should take a step back and show appreciation,,THANK YOU Robophone and Crew,I am one among thousands/millions that appreciate what you do for us,

jamieoglindsey0 -2 points 3 months ago

Just as a point…. They do NOT do all this for free… Affiliate linking/ads etc. And not one person has complained on this tread at all :/

Tiger8me 1 points 3 months ago *

However, there are some exceptions to shows that were posted and then no one was able to get any links well past the date the episodes aired…case and point…these episodes aired October of 2018 and still there are no links, but this does seem to be a rare exception. I get it, some are more difficult then others. I only mention this because sometimes one simply has to be grateful for what they are able to get up and let go of the one(s) they can’t…that’s what I do. Or like Robo always says..Be patient. I am so grateful for this site and all the hard work so many put into making all these movies, shows, concerts, etc available for free.

YKJack 2 points 3 months ago *

This is not the place to ask for requests no matter how you phrase it… look over there—> and up above the chatbox for “”Requests””
they will get filled as the episodes become available, first come first serve in that forum thread :)
Not Here…