The spectacular epic that began in the Emmy Award-winning Frank Herbert's Dune mini-series continues in this dazzling new journey into sweeping interstellar intrigue and visionary sci-fi adventure! On the desert planet of Dune, the ancient prophecy has been fulfilled: the rule of the legendary Muad'dib has triggered a miraculous transformation of the arid wastelands. But as always, the Great Houses of the Empire are alive with rumors of conspiracy, plotting and betrayal. And when Muad'dib no longer wields absolute power as the Emperor, his young son Leto Atreides and daughter Ghanima face the prospect of a disastrous civil war on Arrakis - and chaos on a galactic scale. Now, with the future of the vital Spice trade in the balance, the destiny of humanity itself will depend on the courage, strength and otherworldly wisdom of The Children of Dune!

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Ratings: TVMaze: 8.2/10
Released: March 16, 2003
Runtime: 88 min
Genres: Drama Science-Fiction
Countries: United States
Companies: Syfy
Crew: Frank Herbert

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McShagan 1 points 3 months ago

As a lover of the David Lynch movie the remake made me ill. The Dune that proceeded this on the scifi network while being a little more true to the book I actually hated. The acting left a lot to be desired and it just really hit me the wrong way. The second part however is a different story. I am not sure if it is because there is nothing to compare it to. Or it may be better directed, but I liked this combination of Dune Missiah and Children of Dune Mashup. The Musical score for this is also very good I enjoy it all by itself.