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r 2 points 1 month ago *

I’ve seen similar feelings from others and thought about it and damn, thinking back EVERY episode in the original seemed about “The Girl” lol (usually of a differing culture/species/race which could be seen pretty radical back then) and a good fight thrown in for good measure lol…..As well, I remember DATA and Tasha Yar getting pretty hot and heavy for a time so I’m not sure “tinman” is doing anything new, myself…this show’s just more campy so likely feels different….but these too are just my dumb-assed opinion, so I’ll leave it at that.

RoboPhone 1 points 1 month ago *

Thank you for sharing. Although no one is really talking about it, I feel the major issue with this show and ST Discovery stems form CBS. They own the rights for content and marketing of the Star Trek. Despite the fact that their recently defunct CEO was against Sci-Fi and Star Trek specifically. They entered into a contract with the old Viacom years ago and when Viacom changed ownership, a new Viacom emerged. Meanwhile Paramount had certain distribution rights for TOS and the Movies. CBS became so greedy, they went to court to ban any fan-based endeavor over 15 minutes in length. About the same time, The New Star trek movies were not allowed to use “canon” TOS, due to copyrighted concepts, so Abrams had to reinvent Gene Roddenberry’s universe with what they call the Kelvin Timeline. Fan-Based Star Trek Continues was already in post production, so was able to complete. But the ST alumni “Renegades” also had to remove any of the “Trek” from their Requiem Part 2. So much so, that it ruined the story and corrupted the franchise.

Meanwhile, CBS wanted to compete in the streaming platform market, as Netflix was so successful. That same now-defunct anti-Star Trek CEO, was the designated showrunner for CBS All Access. They boasted they could sell a new Star Trek and millions would gobble it up. Netflix was wooed and promised a huge return in their investment. Netflix reportedly financed the entire first season of Discovery.Then trouble behind the scenes began with writers being fired secretly and new ones being hired. The original concept was scraped, partially due to those copyright issues, while the rest was being changed constantly as the season went along. Mostly due to the viewers’ negative reactions. Secondly, due to the tremendous financial loss of Netflix capital, when CBS All-Access subscribers dropped like flies, cancelling their subscriptions. Millions of potential revenue losses, culminated in the firing of the CEO and new writing staff brought in.

So, that’s a little insight into why discovery was not received well. It’s simply not the Star Trek we all grew up with.

Meanwhile Seth McFarlane, a real Trecker, had the notion to create an alternate reality form of Star Trek. No copyright, merchandising, or distribution conflicts to deal with. So, he deftly melded the best of Star Trek TOS,TNG and others. Then sprinkled it with some of his wacky humor. And It worked! (imo)

What I think some folks want is that heavy-action melodrama like when The Borg attacked the Enterprise, Voyager, and even Picard himself. I enjoy those thrill rides. But that can burn you out if it’s the only course on the menu day after day. SO, I find it refreshing to watch Orville for some lighter Sci-Fi. I do enjoy Discovery for the potential apocalyptic consequences it offers as well.

I believe I am successful of doing so without conflict as I am also a Whovian. For those who aren’t, I refer to Doctor WHO, a British Sci-Fi show since the 50’s. It’s about a charismatic time traveler called the Doctor. He does not die. Instead, every so often, he must regenerate. When that happens, a new persona is revealed. In the real world, it’s a new actor. So, essentially, they reinvent the series each time, where it’s just a tad different than the previous. But it’s still the Doctor. That’s why it’s persevered so many years.

But that’s how I view the different incarnations of Star Trek. As long as they follow Gene Roddenberry’s philosophy, I can live with that.

Thanks for reading. I hope it was informative and helpful.

Live Long sad Prosper!

r 2 points 1 month ago

Thx for that. Especially the bit on Discovery. Its evolution is pretty interesting.

RoboPhone 1 points 1 month ago

Thanks too! And, interesting with a side of frightening for good measure. If you follow for season one until now, you can see how they’re trying to incorporating what they can, but the lions and tiger oh my in the cage with them, keep snarling and snapping at them every step of the way. Since I love Sci-fi as much as you, I’m along for the ride and just waiting for what come next. Take good care, and here’s an up vote for you!

scifirocks 2 points 2 months ago

If you are a fan of Star Trek or space adventure this is an absolute must watch. It really delved into current issues like TNG. 😍

r 1 points 27 days ago

2-8…Damn, that was goooood. Now we can see the importance of the relationship, I think.

Nabivenson 0 points 1 month ago

disapointing season 2 they had so much potential going out of season 1 and they didnt improve at all it isnt as funny or well writen as season 1 and way less creative especialy the planets we visited in s1 were some of the most creative parts now its a sop opera in space that takes place mostly on the ship

WeirdMonkey 1 points 1 month ago *

There’s hardly any actual “sci-fi” at all in this season, and that sucks, because I LOVED the first season, and had very high hopes for this one! I feel really let down with season 2 so far. They’re almost completely focusing on the interpersonal relationships of the crew and their extended families and such. I’ve been lately referring to it as, “The Love Boat in Space”. I’ve shut the last two episodes off early in, because I’m getting sick of the writers doing that. It’s such a cop out. It’s like they didn’t have any good sci-fi ideas coming into this season, so they fell back on common, drama-romance type writing with simply a sci-fi setting. I thought the idea of the doctor falling for the Tin Man was pretty damned ridiculous, if you ask me. Not to mention derivative of the Star Trek TNG episode where Data tries to be in a relationship with a female crew member (which is one of the most awkward TNG episodes ever). I was disappointed to find out in the next episode, they’re actually going to keep their relationship going on the show. Which to me is almost dumb enough to make want to stop watching all together already. If I wanted to watch a show about relationships, I’d be watching garbage like “This Is Us”, you know what I mean!?

Nabivenson 1 points 1 month ago

they said that the series was recived very well last year so i dot think its a money isue as in the network cuting the budget so they needed to cut content like new planets and other stuff. I dont get why they would change the pace and restrict the writing so much every episode this seaon had like a leson in it and not well writen in more like cramoed in remids me as u said of bad star trek episodes that u would skip in a marathon and the whole drama with the actras that played the super strong security officer i forget her name so they had a whole goodbye episode about her fucking of, that whole episode was just like like murder she wrote so boring compared to 1 season

sceptresony 0 points 1 month ago

You’re both entitled to your entirely incorrect opinions.

This is Star Trek, the original series. This is contemporary issues dealt with in a very thinly veiled science fiction setting. Go back and watch some of the original series episodes like “Let This Be Your Last Battlefield” if you doubt me. It’s updated to a somewhat more contemporary style and the issues of course are different, but the technique and execution are the same.

And, sorry, ALL shows, ALL stories are about relationships. If you don’t understand that you don’t really have any business commenting on programs.

RoboPhone 2 points 1 month ago

You are all well entitled to your own opinion, but this forum is not about name calling and devaluing another’s right of expression.

All, Please keep it friendly and respective of that. Primewire created this free site for people to watch programs and enjoy one another’s company. If you disagree with someone’s opinion you can politely do so or take it to a Private Message (PM).

Thank You all!

starshineontop -1 points 1 month ago


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