When heroes alone are not enough... the world needs legends. Having seen the future, one he will desperately try to prevent from happening, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter is tasked with assembling a disparate group of both heroes and villains to confront an unstoppable threat - one in which not only is the planet at stake, but all of time itself. Can this ragtag team defeat an immortal threat unlike anything they have ever known?

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Ratings: TVMaze: 7.1/10
Released: January 21, 2016
Runtime: 60 min
Genres: Drama Action Sci-Fi
AKA: Legends of Tomorrow
Countries: United States
Companies: The CW
Cast: Brandon Routh Caity Lotz Dominic Purcell Amy Pemberton Franz Drameh Victor Garber Maisie Richardson-Sellers Nick Zano Arthur Darvill Wentworth Miller Tala Ashe Ciara Renee Matt Letscher Courtney Ford Keiynan Lonsdale Falk Hentschel Jes Macallan Ramona Young Olivia Swann LaMonica Garrett
Crew: Andrew Kreisberg Greg Berlanti Marc Guggenheim Jennifer Lence Carl Ogawa Ben Sokolowski Glen Winter Keto Shimizu Sarah Schechter Chris Fedak Sarah Nicole Jones Phil Klemmer Ray Utarnachitt Vladimir Stefoff Kevin Mock Grainne Godfree Brian Moraga Geoff Garrett Bart Johnson James Eagan Mick MacKay Blake Neely Angela Claverie Season Kent Lyndsey Baldasare Nathaniel Blume David Geddes Kent Hodder Nancy Bordson Steve Mulholland Tim Herbstrith Karl Petersen Bryan Wagner Pete Keffer Dave Keffer Tim Dahlen David Schwartz Ivan Kowalenko Joy Phillips Nico Sachse Florian Halbedl Mahlon Todd Williams Dexter N. Adriano Ian D. Thomas Matthew Versteeg Trinita Waller Rick Willoughby Kristian Bailey Joel D. Catalan Mark Hensley Sean Cossey Michele E. Dutka JJ Ogilvy Andrew Kasch Catou Kearney Tessa Mol Harry Jierjian Rickhard Buckmaster Bryant Marshall Sheila Haley Carol Stutz David H. Rapaport Tom Runquist Daniel James Chan Trina Renee Michael Pohorly Michelle Fitzpatrick Gordie Macdonald Chris Garbasauskas Sherri Chung Rhett Finch Amy Wilson Yannick Leray Andrew Otter Niiranon Tila Datta Patricia D. Walden Johanne Michel Emma Ward Ubah Mohamed Matthew Maala Morgan Faust Tyron B. Carter Talia Lidia David Crabtree Michelle Bond

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drbadass -1 points 17 days ago

Ok at 1st I liked this but for me it as gone of and as someone or more people have said these crossovers from the Flash and this, supergirl and Arrow (oh and now batgirl) calling it Arrowverse does my head in as if you do not watch one you miss some of the story no need for them at all and I think it is just to get people to tune in to these other shows. Went downhill for me season 1 Ok but from there not for me just imo.

RoboPhone 0 points 4 months ago *

COMING IN 2020! Season 5 now kicks off on Tuesday, January, 14th in a spectacular way {see below}

Make sure to Add this to your Watch List so you won’t miss it.

The CW has also revealed Air Dates for the largest DC Crossover Event is recent history: “Crisis on Infinite Earths”

_|SUPERGIRL – Sunday, December 8, 2019

_|BATWOMAN – Monday, December 9, 2019

_|THE FLASH – Tuesday, December 10, 2019

_|ARROW – Tuesday, January 14, 2020

_|DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW – Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Don’t Miss it!

Update: You can Now access the Primewire Episode Links for ALL of the CW Arrowverse Crossover Events HERE!

ILELECTRIC 0 points 1 year ago

please post more links for season 1 so i can have more to watch for I am on disability?? :(

ILELECTRIC 0 points 1 year ago

and season 2, and 3

ILELECTRIC 0 points 1 year ago

btw…. I can only download… so openload links would be greatly appreciated. :)

YKJack 2 points 1 year ago

i dont know if you have seen the request thread in the forums… Do you want to watch something but has no links? Request Links here—-> https://www.primewire.li/forum/thread/5

deadwalker -1 points 1 year ago

discuss your personal chit in chat not on comment section please

YKJack 2 points 1 year ago

please discuss your personal chit in pm… not in comments or chatbox…. thank you…

thelionknight -1 points 1 year ago *

used to be a good show

berzzerker77 -1 points 1 year ago

your closed mindedness is very sad look at you standing on your soap box . God made everything right ? well he made the gays too .

RowdyRepublican 0 points 1 year ago * (Contains Spoilers)

How am I closed minded? All I was doing was exploring a thought. I didn’t attack anyone but I am being attacked for stating a passing thought to gather other insight lol. Look at you on your soap box. Honestly I don’t feel strongly either way after giving it a little thought. I’ve had best friends both gay males and females.
Only thing I’m guilty of is entertaining a loose conspiracy theory…and starting an internet riot haha.

Ahh sorry I see you were talking to theliontroll

thelionknight -1 points 1 year ago *

I love apples

VJack -1 points 1 year ago *


thelionknight 0 points 1 year ago *

I am an idiot in many ways.

VJack -1 points 1 year ago *


[deleted] -1 points 1 year ago *
berzzerker77 0 points 1 year ago

Satan agrees

thelionknight -2 points 1 year ago *

I removed my judging comment ….forgive me and thank you for being the better man. Lesson learned.

RowdyRepublican 0 points 1 year ago * (Contains Spoilers)

it’s so prevalent which is very misleading. It’s maybe 1% irl and 50% on this show… Kind of like wtf???

Krl246 0 points 1 year ago

It’s more like 1 in 20(not 1 in 100) people are gay or lesbian, and if you add trans it goes up very slightly. That said, if you know one you prob know two if they are in a relationship, and, if you are in a gay bar 4 out of 5 are prob gay. If you look at the totality of TV it does feel like gays don’t exist though or are like some rare leprechaun. Two people in a gay relationship and one new guy who would prob sleep with a mermaid that had the fish part on top doesn’t seem that far of a stretch. All in all, i think Hollywood does take sexuality too far and doesn’t quite capture the essence of a real life relationship (gay or straight). Moreover I think the goal on the show is to help those who do identify as non-binary not feel like they are broken, and help those that do, understand it really doesn’t matter. Quick end note, if i knew a lesbian couple as hot as Sharp & Lance(doesn’t exist in reality), i would be ‘friends’ with them so fast.

Tiger8me 0 points 1 year ago *

Actually RR, it shows up in approximately 10% of each species, according to every documentary I’ve seen…including the human mammal.

RowdyRepublican 0 points 1 year ago

I stand corrected. Site your sources :P jk

Tiger8me 0 points 1 year ago *

Believe it or not the Discovery channel is the first one that popped into my mind…lol. Their documentary was the first one I saw. The bonobo monkeys…lmao.

berzzerker77 0 points 1 year ago

if anyone can cause you to change your sexuality then maybe your not fully sure of it

RowdyRepublican 0 points 1 year ago

But I could also say the same thing about how in movies there’s always smoking hot girls with unrealistically hard to achieve bodies that make other girls feel bad. Or is that wrong of me to make that observation too?

VJack 0 points 1 year ago

You speak the truth. Let me tell you I know far more people who are in the middle with their sexuality in some manner or another. Shit my wife is bisexual lmao.

RowdyRepublican -1 points 1 year ago *

Did I say I was speaking of myself? No, but talking point here is younger, malleable people because this is a popular show for teens who very likely are not 100% sure what sexuality is. Their idea of sexuality is in fact influenced by what the see, correct?

This portrayal of “how the world is” in Hollywood (that misrepresents) will obviously mold into more of a reality. So to say it won’t or can’t have an impact is ignorant and to attack someone that is making a harmless and true observation is opposing what I’m assuming your trying to represent here.

No problem with any of it. I just think it’s over the top and misleading for young people.

SgtPancake 0 points 1 year ago *

What do you mean by “Their idea of sexuality is in fact influenced by what the see”? It’s a genuine question. While I agree with your point that writers are shoveling too much of their own politics down our throats for no good reason, I sure hope you’re not one of those people that believes sexuality is a choice.

finigan1 -2 points 1 year ago *

Good show,my favorite really for all the CW,DC shows,titans is better of course but not the CW.I love the way they mix all the pop culture, myth and magic, legends and truths and just have fun with it.I really have a hard time with all the bashing though when it comes to gay and lesbian content.It is something that has always been and always will be. Everyone has the right to be represented and I for one think it is about time that ignorance and hate should be bombarded with it, so maybe their children will be saturated enough to not give a shit anymore like any other moral person.And while you are bitching about that, you have no problem with a girl having a crush on a very primitive, hairy, unibrow, knuckle dragging animal?
That does describe many men though, especially the ones who would say that being gay is immoral.Like a very wise man once said, and I quote: “I ams what I ams,and thats all that I ams!” :POPEYE

Blumsy420 -2 points 1 month ago

Saw the first episode on the CW of crisis on infinite Earth! Was great where can I watch all episodes?

finigan1 -2 points 10 months ago

Are they trying to phase this series out? all the rest are running this week but this one doesn’t start again till april fools,which really makes me wonder. Weird and maybe informative as well.Lets hope its not the dreaded thing we all fear when such things happen.

RowdyRepublican 0 points 10 months ago *

I was reading that this show and arrow may have 1 more season left after this but it’s still up in the air. But all the CW DC shows have been renewed as of a couple of months ago.
Will probably be done with the whole arrowverse if both of these are canceled.

finigan1 -2 points 10 months ago

Agreed, I like legends more then all the other shows, and they not taking part in the annual team up gave me a poke also.I hope I am wrong. The only thing I have a problem with in arrow is Felicity, she is annoying, otherwise I don’t see why the show can’t go on for years more.
I just heard that DC is gonna get as far away from team ups as possible in the movies and possibly shows.Big mistake in my opinion.

RowdyRepublican -1 points 10 months ago

I mean if I’m being honest justice league wasn’t fantastic. But i swear I heard something about the CW characters and I movie but I cant say that with positivity. Legends of tomorrow could go on forever because it has the ability to completely change everything including characters, storyline etc. (As does the rest of the shows bc of things like flashpoint and such)
Felicity is pretty aggravating there’s always an emotional issue with her olivers always in the dog house it kind of pisses me off. I won’t be disappointed if they cancel Supergirl. Totally lost my interest the past season or 2.

finigan1 -3 points 1 year ago

I am a 45 year old straight man who has never questioned his sexuality, it’s just who I am.I have worked with and know gay and lesbian people, hell my father came out as bisexual at about the same age that I am now.I have absolutely no problem with it whats so ever, but I know who I am! And from my experiences with knowing people that had a hard time accepting who they are,they pretty much lashed out against it. Most of the people I know all said the same thing.That they didn’t want to hear or see anything that had to do with it and called it a sin or worse. Not because they thought it was wrong or immoral, but because they couldn’t accept how they really felt about. Most bashers especially the devout religious, are so hateful because they see and feel something in their selves that they were taught is wrong. I really do feel sorry for the haters, because for the most part they are hating themselves.Make no mistake, those who put such things down in awful ways are the ones who are trying to hide from themselves and the rest of the world.And for the record, I know several lesbian couples that would make Sara and Eva look obsolete. They do much more than just exist.

RowdyRepublican 1 points 1 year ago * (Contains Spoilers)

Tbh guys it was more of a passing thought I was exploring lol didn’t expect to get such a rise from it.

SgtPancake -1 points 1 year ago

And I have have never anyone who could be anymore wrong than you. As someone who is both bisexual and lived with a devout, hellfire and brimstone type of Christian grandmother (still love her regardless) that was homophobic I can tell you that your theory is complete bs. Yes, there are people like that but most homophobic religious people truly believe in what they preach. You see, the problem with someone like that is that they are incapable of understanding why the LGBT live and love the way we do. To them, being sexually aroused by the same sex is incomprehensible. The same way it is for me when I think about the foot fetish (except I don’t discriminate). And as we all know, people tend to hate, discriminate and reject against concepts of life they are incapable of understanding. My grandmother truly believed that such relationships were unnatural as they didn’t produce offspring and that there was a reason God created both man and woman. She constantly said that being gay was a trend that happened after homosexuality started becoming more mainstream (as she put it). I could go on and on, but it wasn’t just what she said but most importantly, it was the way she said it. If you could stand being in the same room with her during one of her rants, you would notice this. And in my conversations with various people over the years, I have learned to pay attention to people whilst they talk about this subject. Religious people, 90% of the time are malicious not for malice’s sake, but out of sheer ignorance on the subject and their unwillingness to learn. This is a problem with religion in general. Those types of believers stick to their holy scriptures and will spend their days never learning anything beyond what is written in them. Ignorance is the melting pot for all sorts of societal problems. From flat earthers and creationists, through sexism and racism all the way down homophobia. Not fear and self doubt. That is only a small portion of individuals. Most of which don’t cite religion as their cause.

Tiger8me -3 points 1 year ago

RR…I don’t think Hollywood is trying to get people to be gay, I believe the objective is to normalize it since religion has done so much to make it something it isn’t. Research shows homosexuality shows up in the animal, bird and insect kingdom. What most don’t talk about is how many white christian men sexually molest children causing them to become gay. If you were sodomized over 2,000 times,starting at 2.5 years old then gang raped too many times to count by 14 and called a whore because those kinds of men taught you at an early age if you give in you only get raped, but if you fight back you get beaten and raped, so you give in…would you still want to be with men? And would you consider being gay as a result of those experiences a choice?

Tiger8me -3 points 1 year ago

Homosexuality showing up in the animal, bird and insect kingdom kind of leads one to believe it is natural…I’d like anyone to show me where in any of those kingdoms pedophilia shows up. ALL of the men who abused us were born again Christians from the Baptist, Pentecostal, United and Catholic churches. The thing I haven’t been able to figure out is why men who are molested by men become sexually drawn to other men while women molested by men usually turn to other women.

finigan1 -3 points 1 year ago *

Zari and Amaya/Charlie, for the win, now that would be so….inappropriate, please make it happen. I really like Zari, she is a wonderful, but that would be a problem to probably seeing that she is islamic.

finigan1 -3 points 1 year ago

Crossovers? We don’t need no stinking crossovers! And so they made their own in a sense.Poking a lot of fun at themselves, and still keeping a seriousness about what is going on. Good story telling and good acting,I love my cheese and unpredictability, you never really know what will happen next for the most part with this show which is a great thing,pretty much anything you can think of in a even more messed up way than the original. Unicorns, Fairy Godmothers and Nate’s Dad ,oh my!

drbadass -1 points 17 days ago

I agree about the crossovers stupid.

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