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RoboPhone 1 points 4 months ago *

5 WEEKS AND COUNTING…. Watchmen TV Series to begin on Thursday, October 20th!

There is still time to prepare, by immersing yourself in this DC Comic’s Universe:

(1) Watch the 2009 Watchmen Movie Adaptation HERE

(2) Then, check out the comic-within-a-comic Tales of The Black Freighter animated short film HERE

(3) and finally, enjoy Watchmen The Motion Comic, the 12-episode prequel, HERE.

And definitely, do not forget to Add this to your Watch List.

RoboPhone -1 points 8 months ago

Coming Soon HBO’s updated version of DC Comic’s Watchmen (2009) debuting fall 2019.

See the Official Teaser HERE

[deleted] -2 points 8 months ago *
fingal33 0 points 2 months ago

i have re-watched the veidt scenes over and over again. i think this may be one of Jeremy irons greatest rolls.

Streamer -5 points 3 months ago

THE WAIT IS OVER !! I wish I was still waiting , didnt live upto the hype . Its actually kinda boring but mostly just stupid and pointless … imo

ofmn -2 points 2 months ago

Episode 3? Links please.

Magenta -8 points 3 months ago

wouldn’t watch this propaganda if you paid me too.

piero -1 points 1 month ago

the shit are you talking abotu

NoxllockZ -4 points 4 months ago

if any gunner beat what i thought DoomPatrol was supose to be . its gunner be this.

kingarco66 -4 points 3 months ago

i liked doom patrol .. the comic is pretty silly you know

NoxllockZ -2 points 3 months ago

its just that it seems like they all have some seriours dramatic message for us all..and i dont need a lesson i just want to be gd entertaind,with something i havent seen before. hope you`ll enjoy thou )

joeinwb -5 points 2 months ago

After watching only one episode all can say is not interested so far. May get better, but very violent and not very interesting.

SgtPancake -3 points 5 days ago

Lmao, this shit got cancelled.

Euringer -2 points 2 days ago

Nah, it didn’t. It ended after one extremely successful season, as planned. Why ya lyin’?

SgtPancake -1 points 2 days ago *

Lol, no. The original showrunner left so HBO decided not to pursue a second season without him. Which basically means it got cancelled as HBO could have gone without Lindelof, but didn’t.

And successful? Lmao, if you call a show that didn’t even have 1 million concurrent viewers for any episode successful then yeah, I suppose it was. /s

Euringer -1 points 2 days ago

It was both critically and commercially successful for an HBO show, ahead of Girls, Eastbound and Down, etc for viewership. Wasn’t cancelled, the showrunner stated from the very beginning he was only doing one season, and HBO respected that. Stop misrepresenting things to support your political agenda.

IkeTurnerEddieKane -3 points 3 months ago

The wait is over!!!!

BTETW -4 points 26 days ago


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