Deep Water focuses on the lives of three women, living in and around the beautiful surroundings of Windermere. It's a modern look at family and the pressures we put ourselves under as we juggle busy lives. In striving to do their best for their families the women are capable of making some controversial choices in an attempt to hold everything together and keep their heads above deep water.

  • Currently 60.0/5
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Ratings: TVMaze: 6.7/10
Released: August 14, 2019
Runtime: 60 min
Genres: Drama Thriller
Countries: United Kingdom
Companies: ITV Hub
Cast: Sinead Keenan Anna Friel Rosalind Eleazar
Crew: Rebecca Hodgson Anna Symon Paula Daly

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jaybird31523 0 points 5 months ago

Oh what a tangled web we weave!And I thought my life was fucked!

Betamax78 -4 points 5 months ago *

is ITV like the British equivalent of the USs FOX??….. kinda trashy sensationalist tv written for the lowest common denominator and the less educated that care little for quality writing ….plot holes …or story lines that aren’t even remotely believable ??

Betamax78 -4 points 5 months ago *

what a ridiculous plot.any parent that believes their child …. actually teen too retarded to not contact anyone when their lift bailed deserves to be abducted and would of died from its own stupidity at some point anyways….and that bitch friend who knows shes just ran away and lets a whole police investigation go on while everyone’s freaking out is such a little cunt shes the one that deserves to be abducted and murdered out of karma …..this is american soap opera level stupid

Betamax78 -4 points 5 months ago *

the hardest part of being an actor is regurgitating ridiculous lines in absurd stories nobody with a modicum of intelligence wouldn’t cringe and feel shame pretending to be a despicable human being like every single character in this show for a pay check…… prostitutes have the self respect to only sell their bodies….actors though??????

Betamax78 -4 points 4 months ago

is ITV the British equivalent of fox or the other commercial american networks that panders and makes inane trashy twaddle for the lowest common denominator ? I

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