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One day I will be reading Buddhist materials then turn towards Hinduism teachings the next, and this particular inhabited form also reads the Qur’an and meditate upon thoughts of Allah and those teachings, and I also have time for Taoism, sounds conflicting but it is not for me as I understand The creation source intent in all teachings and the commonality is seen, you want to return to your creation maker go ahead you will(we all will), want to reincarnate wait for your whistle in faith you will, want to escape cyclic existence, the whole point for some or most Buddhists, practise like all things and you might, humans are made from the same creation source that is already with all that can be so we naturally have capacity for everything good :) just understand though that being a bad person may influence the outcome of your life to passing, so better to put out goodness and nothing more.

Some things I say may make your head explode in thoughts but then they vanish away from here, just how I am but further thoughts and ideas will be on my wall instead and not deleted, keeping this like it reads…about me, attempting anyway.

I do not have any friends or other things but I have also gotten to a point where I am becoming less and less bothered about it and jokes, sadness it is the same reaction on the surface, calm and still, that is not to mean I do not feel, just that those emotions are completely controlled from being seen, perhaps a bit too much on my side but that is my path, laughter is just the same as crying in my eyes so neither is shown but that is not how the soul feels things, just be mindful going down that route, I like my emotions stable and in my control not the control of a sadistic leader or director or something, main point though I need not the social structure and all it’s details, may make me very annoying to get replies and starting conversations first, but I am. In better context, the majority of that is media based, smiling costs nothing while remaining neutral but can be good to see even to a stranger, and people I have encountered online from many platforms, some are good and like friends so do not take my no friends as in you online folk, just real life, while always remaining nice to all I encounter, my social situation is where it seems to like for the time being, still a human becoming but that could take multiple existences :)

Before sleep I will either listen to om meditation or om for myself 108 times(recent video find has helped with the practise to om without extra sounds and the like of such manner of things), I prefer the latter when I have enough time, although some days I will drift to sleep in thoughts about afterlife, reincarnation and God, all positive things as I have no time to fall asleep to horror and other such evils, not good for the ease of sleep.

that will do for now.


https://www.braceletbook.com/users/175170_Pax_Padma/ not active online all that much there yet but doing basic easy weaving.


Reading, I got rid of my usual “story” books and started to get only religious and spiritual books, oh and a few art and such books for creativity.

Music, creates not listens to mostly.
Yoga, mind and body(more mind though :D)
Painting, watercolour
OBE (Astral projection, The Phase)
Lucid dreaming , dope does not help the most here and above, slowing down consumption in stages:( eventually :)
Second lifer ( rarely seen/online second life player)
Jewellery making
Kumihimo braiding(no supplies/disk yet/pending)


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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