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About Me:

I had a weird thing I could do as a child and that was to be able to zone out and focus on just one particular object, suddenly after some time, I would then be as close to the object as possible but still seated where I was, somehow back then I had managed to zoom in or move my consciousness to another place, that I could do on a number of occasions, but only these days do I remember it being a very strange skill, I lost that side of things with TV and more useless distractions in life.

I will reclaim my pureness of awareness if it is still possible as those kinds of odd things I wish to venture into, like feeling like I can lift a bit into space, something wanted to pull me towards the darkness of space.

Thing is, as we are so conditioned by the system at very young ages from many paths, even from conditioned parents who were not all lucky to be awakened placing their flat system upon us, can we re-code ourselves to higher places once again.


Not really hobbies some of these as some more just a way of life but:
Reading (The Holy Qur’an,The Bhagavad Gita, etc)
Wall gazing, space/cosmos included
Kundalini mantra
Meditation of all areas of teachings..why stick to one.
Astral projection (beginner still as last time on my old profile)
Lucid dreaming
Drawing/art(beginner) current profile picture, watercolour landscape (second try)
Accepting all life, I do not eat meat and also I free flies and such things instead to kill them just for being indoors which is not needed, what of their right to life.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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