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Just a guy trying to do right in life and trying to do right by my family. I have an almost 11 yr old daughter who is my “Prrrrecioussss” (yeah, big LoTR fan here lol) and like her Mother and I, has beautiful Red Hair/ Blue eyes…well, her Mom has the Red hair/Green Eyes combo so she inherited the Red hair/Blue eyes combo from me which, from what i hear, is actually the rarest combo of hair color to eye color in the world so that is kinda cool lol. I am 43 yrs old and i recently returned to work after being a stay at home Dad for awhile…I love my daughter and i Love my beautiful lady who i have been with just over 12 yrs now though haven’t been able to Marry yet (i HAVE put several nice rings on her fingers though over the years, so the heart wants to but the wallet can’t manage lol (she gets it though..don’t need a piece of paper to show someone you love them, or diamond rings either ;) ). I consider myself a pretty nice guy but with very little patience for B.S. and even less for ignorant, rude people and i am not afraid to call BullSh*t when i see it or call out ignorant/rude people either…it is just one of those things that REALLY gets under my skin, you know? I mean, how hard is it to say please and thank-you nowadays, and is it REALLY so difficult to look behind you when opening a door to see if anyone is behind you and holding the door for that person?..that is called common courtesy, something that is NOT so “common” today. Anyways, other than those couple pet-peeves i think of myself as fairly laid back, easy to talk to and always willing to have a meaningful discussion with someone. I am always there to offer advice if i can as i consider myself one of those who has “been there, done that” so like to think i know how to see issues from all angles and can offer decent advice..and if i can’t i won’t shy away from telling you either lol. Rather give no advice than bad advice..something i wish more people would think on.


Movies, RPG video games, Drawing, Writing short stories, Motorcycles, Driving, Camping, BBQ’ing (pretty much most outdoorsy things)


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