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The story of raconteur is a tale of telling and counting. English speakers borrowed the word from French, where it traces back to the Old French verb raconter, meaning “to tell.” Raconter in turn was formed from another Old French verb, aconter or acompter, meaning “to tell” or “to count,” which is ultimately from Latin computare, meaning “to count.” Computare is also the source of our words count and account. Raconteur has been part of the English vocabulary since at least 1828.

Raccoon is the common name for any of the New World mammals comprising the genus Procyon of the Carnivora family Procyonidae, and particularly is associated with the common raccoon, P. lotor.

The word “raccoon” was adopted into English from a native Powhatan term, as used in the Virginia Colony.

Raccoons have a reputation as being clever and mischievous and their dexterous, slender, human-like hands enable them to open many closed containers.

The male of the species possesses a well-developed, bilobed baculum. wink wink


Telling tales out of school, nonconformity and sowing disdain of the status quo while consuming copious quantities of flowering Cannabis.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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