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About Me:

It’s a fascinating story behind the name The Freaky Robber lmao!!!

Love being myself, very comfortable in my own skin!!!

Horror movie and horror documentaries watcher.

All original Netflix movies are a one time watch!

Hate when people dislike your opinions of movies or TV shows that they like lol. So I’m supposed to like a movie or TV show because you like it?? Insert the JOKER’s laugh.

Very outspoken if it’s something I am avid about.

Omg I hate people who celebrate Xmas before Thanksgiving and I hate bad Xmas movies on Hallmark/Lifetime. Okay a few are OK lol!!!




Various alcoholic beverages and weed products.

Sleeping lol.

Grocery Shopping, love just buying shit I never could as a kid. Now I can buy whatever claps

Watching Movies.

Binge watching TV Shows.

Listening to Late 80’s/90’s/2000’s R&B music mixed in with some Hip Hop and Rap.

Being The Freaky Robber lol!!!


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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