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Hellooooo. How are ya?

Not as active as I used to be, still catching up to the remade site. I had large playlists that i’m trying to rebuild, predominately period dramas/historical fiction. so if that’s your jam check that out (work in progress tho, don’t judge me!)

Currently Watching:
Anne with an E
The Alienist
Walking Dead


painting, drawing, printmaking. Skiing is the only sport I can do. I am a movie enthusiast, obviously. I also love music (doesn’t everyone?) but I really mean that. I listen to a vast amount of genres and look for new songs playing in shows, commercials, grocery store speakers. I jot down lyrics on napkins. it’s a soul thing. got a little off topic there…other than that my family and my dog. :)


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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