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Hey, I’m Matt!
If you were to ask me what people consider me I would say special. I’ve done a couple television commercials as a kid but never could persue it. My mother was too poor at the time to find me an agent. Ive always been that guy trying to find myself and what i wanted to do in life still am lol. Although I awlways end up finding a decent job here and there it never works out for me even when I do everything right!, sometimes I feel cursed or something!😝 I always felt like I was meant to be some kind of actor or entertainer or something , I am also super athletic and I’ve always been good in all sports. Fitness is currently a passion of mine and I beleive myself to be one in a million.. not too ne cocky lol


Snowboarding, Travelling, Skateboarding, Tennis, Golf, fishing just to name few.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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