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If you are able, you may wish to make the following available to others.

I have written what follows for you and the PRIMEWIRE membership in the hope of improving the fairness of this website. In human endeavours there is no room for unbridled authoritarianism.
The PRIMEWIRE moderation system* is more than broken and it is past time for the membership entire to collaborate and to reform it.

What were they thinking when they created this system of oppression?

Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.

There is a contingent of members who surveil the rest of us and secretly report to the Super Moderator* with their private complaints or allegations against the rest of us. These informants are the trusted collaborators of the Super Moderator. Their allegations are not made public. The identity of these informants is unknown to the rest of us as are their personal motivations.

An indictment against a member is presented without evidence. The accusers are unnamed. There is no option to mount a defence, challenge accusations, or provide counter-evidence. The accused may not call witnesses for the defence. There is no option for appeal of the conviction. Indictment, conviction, and punishment are delivered simultaneously and in secret. The membership is kept from knowledge of the proceedings.

Among all of PRIMEWIRE’s members there are a number over the years whose comments broke PRIMEWIRE’s published rules, who certainly deserved reprimand, and for whom the moderators decisions were fair and just. You are likely aware that hundreds of comments are regularly removed. You may not be aware that many people whose comments are removed are subsequently punished by muting. Many who are muted made comments which did not in the least breach PRIMEWIRE’s published rules. They were punished without due cause.

In addition, and more seriously, the system of moderation has repeatedly made false accusations against innocent people. For instance, a member might be falsly accused of having multiple accounts or referring to an outside website which is, in fact, known and safe. Accusations are often immediately followed with massive punishments.

The moderation system as presently administered appears to eliminate people through wiping out their comments and muting them. At present it is plausible for the membership to assume that this may also be the the policy of PRIMEWIRE’s owner.

Have you witnessed comments you found to be interesting, and otherwise innocent, suddenly removed?

Have your own comments been inexplicably removed?

Have you been unjustly punished by muting?

If you lived in a country that had a judicial system like PRIMEWIRE’S what system of government would you call it?

To restore trust in the moderation system, the membership must be provided with reasonable assurance
that accusations by moderators are true and that punishments are just and appropriate.


Indictments and punishments of members must be part of the public record, no secrest courts.

Accusers must be named and their accusations made public if the accusations are to be permitted as evidence.

If there are unpublished rules which the moderators use against us, these rules must be made public or thrown out.

RULE #8. is deliberately vague and has repeatedly been subject to abuse by moderators. It must be reviewed by the membership and re-written or jettisoned.

An open forum of all members which purpose is community oversight of the moderation system should be formed.

Moderators* must be subject to rules of behaviour which disallow the telling of untruths and providing of false accusations against members.

Moderators must be subject to punishmentsdue to their offences which exceed those of regular members as their position of power and influence over others make necessary.

Moderator positions shall be temporary and provisional.

A Super Moderator is to be chosen by the full membership in an open vote who shall be: one who is fairminded, emotionally stable, and adept at balancing the interests of PRIMEWIRE, whilst applying the rules, AS WRITTEN. A person with the self control to refrain from deploying; personal foibles, biases, hatreds, and fears in their judgements. and is not dependent upon a cadre of unknown informants to provide secret surveillance of members. One who fairly serves the general membership.

A Super Moderator may be recalled by the full membership.

  • for our purposes the words; moderator, moderation system, and Super Moderator, refer solely to those moderators who adjudicate by removing comments and punishing members. The generous persons who provide the other necessary services to PRIMEWIRE, and who forego police actions, are to be commended and are immune to this complaint.

I alone have made these suggestions without collaboration. You may wish to propose others. I hope you agree they are civil and constructive. Nonetheless, they may be seen by the PRIMEWIRE management as a threat. If you repeat them to others, and are discovered by management, you may be subject to punishment by muting. This would mean you would be prevented for a time from making comments or adding to your wall. If that punishment would be onerous to you, I undestand. Do what you will to protect yourself. If past is prologue, this note to you may also serve as my farewell.

Kind regards,

g saint


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