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Community Rules

  1. Don’t Spam. Gratuitous self promotion or mass posting is not allowed.
  2. Don’t post anything illegal.
  3. No inappropriate content. This is a family friendly site.
  4. Don’t threaten, harass or bully other users
  5. No spoilers outside of designated areas.

Link submission rules:

  1. Links must be playable on submission.
  2. Links must be for the correct movie/episode.
  3. 1 link per host per movie/episode per user per quality,
  4. All links must have English audio if available. Otherwise, it must have English subtitle.
  5. Audio must be in sync with the video.
  6. No watermarks in the video.
  7. All links must have a title that accurately describes the video.

Other Rules:

  1. One account per person. Having multiple accounts may lead to all of your accounts being banned.
  2. Respect the ruling of a moderator and don’t ignore a moderator when they ask you a question.

Breaking the rules can result in a warning, muting, temporary bans, or permanent bans at the discretion of the mod team.

The rules are constantly evolving, so check back here once in a while.

Posted 8 months ago *
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How long do you have to wait until you can link? Is it still the same 3 day wait as before?

Posted 8 months ago
Posts: 42

For now since the site is still young, you can start adding links right away. If we see that this is being abused, we will add the restriction.

Posted 8 months ago
Posts: 131

Thank you kindly for responding :)

Posted 8 months ago
Posts: 2

thank you, guys.

Posted 8 months ago
Posts: 2

Hi! Thought I’d try to posts some links & am having a devil of a time… every link I try to put up comes out “this host is not approved” where as I’ve seen said host on other film pages. Can we still post links(?), is there a waiting period(?), is there a secret switch(?) and is there a list of approved host one can consult? Just like to help w/some of the older(30s/40s) orphaned films with no links. Appreciate so very much that so many are spending so much time to make all this possible!

Posted 8 months ago
Posts: 6

Please do not mix quality on featured movies. If there is an upgrade available please make sure it is in english or has english subtitles.

Contact a Moderator before adding any new quality to featured movies please.. Do not mix them.

Thank you.

Posted 7 months ago
Posts: 3

hey what site are you guys using to get the movie id from when adding movies?

Posted 7 months ago
Posts: 137

The title of the series or movie must be on the link title.

Posted 4 months ago
K1 Fighter8
Posts: 1

i cant link on any Movies i Wonder why,

Posted 4 months ago
Posts: 1

I can’t submit , Please can you help me moderator , i get this message always, The number of links for this host and quality is over the hard limit for this host

Waiting for your reply.


Posted 3 months ago
Posts: 2097

@micjomoz: They set aside a set amount of “slots” for each program. Within these slots they calculate how many of each Host are allowed. The amount is determined by Admin and usually based on popularity and reliability of them.

There are 2 options I might suggest.

(1) you can submit a request in Forums Front Desk to add more of a particular Host (under What are some good hosts that we should add?)


(2) Select another Host. You can see all allowable Hosts here:

To be honest, Primewire is more liberal in how many Versiosn/Slots are available. Some sites only have 1 per Host.

I hope this is helpful.

Posted 3 months ago *
Posts: 1

Thank you, Guys.

Posted 2 months ago
Posts: 137

Do not submit any links with commercials.

Posted 1 month ago
Posts: 137

Links should be properly labelled with the correct quality (HDTV, WEBRip, WEB-DL) and at least the release group.

Posted 1 month ago
Posts: 180

site rules:

One account per person. Okay. I have an account….my Mom wants her own account however we share the same ISP and such. So then what? Does it not look like a dual account or something due to our ISP and using it at our home base?

Posted 1 month ago *
Posts: 131

I think you just have to let a mod know about it and they’ll make a note of that to clear you. I had to do that on the old site when a I had a friend that used to use PW and we both used our internet whenever we visited each other.

Posted 1 month ago
Posts: 35

And how long do people get away with #4 before they lose their posting/comment/chat privileges? Empty promises mean nothing if you don’t follow through. Why can’t PW create a block option for dealing with ignorant, rude bullies. The same people are constantly causing grief for other users and you never shut them down, why? Why do you allow this bad behavior to continue?

Posted 17 days ago *
Posts: 3

Can you please check the url for the acceptable links link…I’ve tried to access it by following the link posted in this thread, but I’m getting a “page not found” message when I click on it…thanks !!

Hey,disregard this message please…found a list of acceptable links on one of the forum categories…but you still may want to check out that url..

Posted 9 days ago *


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