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Movie: Back to God's Country ( 1919 )
After her father is killed by an outlaw, Dolores marries Peter. While they're at sea in the Arctic, Dolores meets the ship's captain, who is the man who killed her father. The captain causes an 'accident' to happen to Peter, so Dolores is all alone and defenseless as they drop anchor in a remote harbor.
Movie: Male and Female ( 1919 )
Lady Mary Lasenby is a spoiled maiden who always gets her way until shipwrecked with her butler, then learns which qualities are really admirable in a person.
Movie: Scarlet Days ( 1919 )
A romantic bandit named Alvarez, wanted for raids on the mining camps of the California gold rush in 1849, is reformed by the love of a good woman.
Movie: Rider of the Law ( 1919 )
Movie: When Bearcat Went Dry ( 1919 )
Bearcat Turner Stacy loves Blossom Fulkerson and promise her to give up drinking.Turner s after is arrested and he find Blossom in the arms of Jerry Henderson.Kindard Powers attack Handerson thinking hes a Officer.He can rescue himself and hid in Blossoms cabin.Later he is attacked again but this time rescued by Turner.He forces him into marry Blossom from hes deathbed and when he die,Turner goes after Powrs and kill him.Blossom leaves the community,but comes back and agrees to marry Turner.
Movie: Wagon Tracks ( 1919 )
Buckskin Hamilton guides a wagon train across the wasteland, caring well for the pioneers he escorts, but hoping to solve the murder of his brother by one of the travellers.
Movie: Where the West Begins ( 1919 )
Movie: The Other Half ( 1919 )
Movie: The Right to Happiness ( 1919 )
The story of twin sisters, one raised in Russia, the other in America, and how their lives diverge and re-entangle.
Movie: Towards the Light ( 1919 )
Spoiled Ysabel marries a man of respectability but he later turns out to a criminal. Consequently, her mother breaks down, and on her deathbed, Ysabel wows to become an evangelist.
Movie: His Grace's Last Testament ( 1919 )
The Baron of Rogershus will celebrate his 65th birthday. He decides to write his will and publish it on the birthday.
Movie: The Oyster Princess ( 1919 )
Oyster-king Quaker cannot be impressed anymore. He is so rich that he even has a special butler holding his cigar while he is smoking. The only thing Quaker would be impressed by is if his daughter Ossi were to marry a real prince. He makes an offer to the poor prince Nucki, who sends his friend Josef to get a clear idea of the woman.
Movie: Sunnyside ( 1919 )
Charlie works on a farm from 4am to late at night. He gets his food on the run (milking a cow into his coffee, holding an chicken over the frying pan to get fried eggs). He loves the neighbor's daughter Edna but is disliked by her father. He rides a cow into a stream and is kicked off. Unconscious, he dreams of a nymph dance. Back in reality a city slicker is hurt in a car crash and is being cared for by Edna. When Charlie is rejected after attempting to imitate the slicker, the result is ambiguous--either tragic or a happy ending. Critics have long argued as to whether the final scene is real or a dream.
Movie: Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch ( 1919 )
Mrs. Wiggs, a loving mother whose husband has abandoned her, supports her many children and lives in hope of her husband's return.
Movie: A Romance of Happy Valley ( 1919 )
John Logan leaves his parents and sweetheart in bucolic Happy Valley to make his fortune in the city. Those he left behind become miserable and beleaguered in his absence, but after several years he returns, a wealthy man. But his embittered father, not recognizing him for who he is, plans to murder the newly- arrived "stranger" for his money.
Movie: The ABC of Love ( 1919 )
Playwright Harry Bryant while driving in a rural area, happens upon orphaned Kate astride a white horse, he is so charmed that he arranges for her to work at a nearby inn. Unable to ...
Movie: Blind Husbands ( 1919 )
An Austrian officer sets out to seduce a neglected young wife.
Movie: Victory ( 1919 )
Axel Heyst, an uncommitted wanderer, has settled on an island in the South Seas. He takes pity on a troubled young woman, Lena, and gives her refuge on her island. But the piratical Mr. Jones, who believes Heyst has treasure buried on his island, leads his cohorts in an invasion of Heyst's haven.
Movie: The Glorious Lady ( 1919 )
During the annual English celebration in which peasants and aristocrats mingle, the Duke of Loame, a contestant in the "point-to-point" horse race, is thrown from his horse and saved by Ivis Benson, a tenant farmer's daughter, who was leading the race. Both are injured and they fall in love during the duke's visits while Ivis recovers, to the dismay of his mother and Lady Eileen, his mother's choice for his bride. After the duke and Ivis marry, the Dowager Duchess and Lady Eileen have Lady Eileen's brother, Dr. Neuman, tell the duke that because of Ivis' injuries she will not be able to perform the most important duty of a duchess - bearing an heir. Ivis, overhearing, attempts to get a divorce by feigning drunkenness in public to disgrace the duke. When this fails, she leaves, but a maid tells the duke of the scheme, and he brings Ivis home where she does bear a son.
Movie: The Flame of Life ( 1919 )
Olof Koskela is the son of a rich farmer. He seduces young girls at random, until an inconsistent gesture rushes him away from home and his carefree lifestyle. Based on the 1905 novel by Finnish author Johannes Linnankoski.
Movie: Heart o' the Hills ( 1919 )
In the Kentucky hills, Jason Honeycutt lives with his harsh stepfather Steve, not far from where his friend Mavis Hawn lives with her widowed mother. Mavis spends much of her time preparing for the day when she can discover who murdered her father, and can exact revenge. Steve Honeycutt is romancing the widow Hawn, hoping to marry her and take control of her land, because he knows that visiting businessman Morton Sanders is planning to exploit the area for its coal. When Sanders's plan becomes known, a group of vigilantes confronts him by night, and soon shots are fired. Sanders is killed, and circumstantial evidence leads to Mavis being charged with the crime.
Movie: Eyes of Youth ( 1919 )
A young woman at a crossroads is shown what her future would be like for each choice.
Movie: Broken Blossoms ( 1919 )
Cheng Huan is a missionary whose goal is to bring the teachings of peace by Buddha to the civilized Anglo-Saxons. Upon landing in England, he is quickly disillusioned by the intolerance and apathy of the country. He becomes a storekeeper of a small shop. Out his window, he sees the young Lucy Burrows. She is regularly beaten by her prizefighter father, underfed and wears ragged clothes. Even in this deplorable condition, Cheng can see that she is a priceless beauty and he falls in love with her from afar. On the day that she passes out in front of his store, he takes her in and cares for her. With nothing but love in his heart, he dresses her in silks and provides food for her. Still weak, she stays in his shop that night and all that Cheng does is watch over her. The peace and happiness that he sees last only until Battling Burrows finds out that his daughter is with a foreigner.
Movie: Eerie Tales ( 1919 )
A demon, a reaper, and a supernatural prostitute read gothic short stories and act them out.
Movie: Madame DuBarry ( 1919 )
The story of Madame DuBarry, the mistress of Louis XV of France, and her loves in the time of the French revolution.
Movie: The Girl Who Stayed at Home ( 1919 )
When Ralph Grey visits France with his father, a shipbuilder, he falls in love with Blossom, the granddaughter of his father's friend, a Civil war veteran not reconciled with the Union. Blossom is already engaged to a French nobleman known as Monsieur Le France. When the war breaks out, Ralph enlists, while his brother Jim, a heart-breaker known as Oily, is drafted. After trying to get out of serving, Jim gets a promise of faithfulness from his sweetheart, cabaret dancer Cutie Beautiful, and goes to a training camp where he matures. Ralph and Jim, in the same regiment, serve admirably, with Ralph receiving honors for his heroism in the Lost Battalion. When Blossom's chateau is attacked, her fiance dies, and after she saves a German officer, he kills another German about to attack her and then dies himself. Blossom's grandfather welcomes the Americans by flying the stars and stripes, and since Cutie remained faithful despite many temptations, the two couples marry.
Movie: The Heart of Humanity ( 1919 )
An American woman is terrorized by the ravages of war and a lecherous Prussian lieutenant when she becomes a Red Cross nurse overseas during the Great War.
Movie: Behind the Door ( 1919 )
A German-American naval officer takes revenge against the German submarine commander who brutalized his wife.
Movie: For Better, for Worse ( 1919 )
Dr. Edward Meade and friend Richard Burton both love Sylvia Norcross. Both enlist in the military, but Meade stays back to care for deformed children. Sylvia thinks him a coward and marries Burton. After Burton is presumed dead, Meade and Sylvia are to wed, but Burton returns maimed and scarred.
Movie: The Lost Battalion ( 1919 )
A battalion of the U.S. Army's 77th Division penetrates deep into the Argonne Forest of France during the First World War. The battalion becomes surrounded and holds out for six long days, ...
Movie: The Red Lantern ( 1919 )
Mahlee and Blanche Sackville are half-sisters, Blanche the daughter of an Englishman and his wife, Mahlee of the Englishman and his Chinese mistress. Mahlee rejects her people and attempts to find a life for herself among the Europeans. But she finds the color line impossible to pass and returns to lead her Chinese people in rebellion.
Movie: The False Faces ( 1919 )
During World War I, a professional thief known as The Lone Wolf is assigned to steal a cylinder with important information from behind the German lines and bring it to Allied intelligence headquarters. However, German agents set out to stop him, headed by the man who was responsible for the death of the thief's sister.
Movie: The Tong Man ( 1919 )
In San Francisco's Chinatown, the Bo Sing Tong are a secret society, shaking down merchants, running opium, committing murder. Ming Tai is their boss and a dirty old man; Luk Chan is their enforcer, in love with Sen Chee, the daughter of Louis Toy, a merchant whose bazaar is a front for the opium trade. The Bo Sing want money from Toy; he refuses to pay. They send Luk to kill him. Meanwhile, Ming has designs on Sen Chee and tries to make a deal with Toy: Toy's life in exchange for Sen Chee's hand. Watching Luk's back is Lucero, a sweet but murderous sailor. Are Luk's dreams of saving money, marrying Sen Chee, and returning to China pipe dreams? Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown.
Movie: The Wicked Darling ( 1919 )
A slum girl is forced to steal for a living. After she swipes a rich society's matron's necklace, she hides out at the home of a man who turns out to be the socialite's former fiance.
Movie: The Grim Game ( 1919 )
Jailed unjustly for a murder he did not commit, a young man uses his amazing powers of escape to free himself and pursue the actual killers, who hold his fiancée captive.
Movie: Nerves ( 1919 )
Doubt and uncertainty ensue when the figurehead of a rebellion goes to court for an alleged rape.
Movie: The Greatest Question ( 1919 )
An orphan girl is given shelter by a farm family, but soon finds herself in the clutches of a murderous farmer and his wife.
Movie: When the Clouds Roll by ( 1919 )
The comfortable and amiable Daniel Boone Brown, a resident of New York's water front, becomes the victim of a mad scientist's psychological experiments. For days, Dr. Ulrich Metz messes up Daniel's life, bringing on failing health, restless sleep, a nervous and irritable disposition, tardiness for work, and superstitions that cause worry and fear. Several months into the ordeal, one of Metz's minions, hired as Daniel's livery, feeds him a midnight snack of spring onions, lobster, Welsh rarebit and mince pie. We see the contents of his stomach causing pain and distress; then he has vivid and surreal nightmares. Will Metz succeed in driving Daniel to suicide?
Movie: Daddy-Long-Legs ( 1919 )
An orphan discovers that she has an anonymous benefactor who is willing to pay her college tuition, unaware he's the same man who has been romantically pursuing her.
Movie: Getting Mary Married ( 1919 )
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Movie: The Master Mystery ( 1919 )
Justice Department agent Quentin Locke must investigate a powerful cartel protected by a robot (here referred to as "The Automaton") and using a gas weapon "The Madagascar Madness".
Movie: The Busher ( 1919 )
A young baseball pitcher in the bush leagues is discovered by a big-league manager and given his chance in the major leagues. But will he be up to the challenge?
Movie: Pay Your Dues ( 1919 )
While blindfolded and playing pin the tail on the donkey with some lady friends, our hero is mistaken for an escaped initiate of a kooky fraternal order. He is abducted and initiated into the order, the process involving various hilarious indignities.
Movie: The Roaring Road ( 1919 )
A young man pursues a young lady with the same energy he applies to his other obsession in life, auto racing.
Movie: Captain Kidd's Kids ( 1919 )
After a wild bachelor party, our hero finds himself aboard a sailing vessel where he encounters numerous adventures. In a dream sequence, he fantasizes that the ship is seized by a band of female pirates.
Movie: Spring Fever ( 1919 )
Harold is a bookkeeper who works in an office but can't keep his mind on his job -- the spring weather is too nice to stay indoors. After escaping from his office he romps in the park instead.
Movie: Just Neighbors ( 1919 )
Suburban neighbors (Lloyd and Pollard) join together to build a garden shed, but through carelessness, wind up ruining the garden, as well as the laundry, which is drying in the yard. Further mayhem ensues when chickens are set loose.
Movie: Billy Blazes, Esq. ( 1919 )
The mining town of Peaceful Vale is a rough place, and sheriff 'Gun Shy' Gallagher can do little about it, since the town is ruled by Crooked Charley, the gambler. Charley runs Pierre the tavern keeper out of town, and takes Pierre's daughter Nell as his prisoner. But when Billy Blazes sees Charley's henchmen harassing Pierre, he rescues Pierre and then proceeds to confront Charley back at the tavern.
Movie: Ring Up the Curtain ( 1919 )
As a group of traveling players are about to arrive at the opera house where they have their next engagement, the manager of the house is in the process of venting his frustrations with his crew. Harold, one of the stage hands, takes a liking to one of the dancers, and he willingly helps her with her baggage - until he realizes that one of her props is a live snake, which causes turmoil when he allows it to get loose. Then, when the show begins, Harold ends up causing further disruptions.
Movie: Don't Shove ( 1919 )
A popular young woman is celebrating her birthday by having a large party. An eager young man arrives with a large box for her, but jealous rivals switch the gift inside, and get the young man thrown out. Soon afterwards, he is in a roller skating rink when he again encounters the party guests, who have come to do some skating after the party.
Movie: Young Mr. Jazz ( 1919 )
While running away from his girl's father, their car breaks down in front of a dance hall run by crooks. Harold has to not only stay one step ahead of the girl's father, but also those trying to rob them of everything they have.
Movie: From Hand to Mouth ( 1919 )
A penniless young man tries to save an heiress from kidnappers and help her secure her inheritance.
Movie: Count Your Change ( 1919 )
Movie: Bumping Into Broadway ( 1919 )
Young playwright spends his last cent to pay the rent of struggling actress in a theatrical boarding house. Pursuing her, he winds up at a gambling club, where he wins big, just before a police raid.
Movie: Look Out Below ( 1919 )
Movie: Going! Going! Gone! ( 1919 )
Movie: Ask Father ( 1919 )
The young couple have decided to marry and it is time to ask the father for the hand of his daughter. Problem is, the father does not want to give the daughter away. So every time he goes to the office to ask the father, he is tossed out. He is ejected over and over, by different methods, while the girl waits and waits.
Movie: On the Fire ( 1919 )
Movie: I'm on My Way ( 1919 )
Movie: Back to the Woods ( 1919 )
Movie: True Heart Susie ( 1919 )
Susie, a plain young country girl, secretly loves a neighbor boy, William. She believes in him and sacrifices much of her own happiness to promote his own ambitions, all without his knowledge. Eventually he rises to a position of success and sophistication, and Susie realizes that she has through her own efforts raised him to a level where he is inaccessible to her.
Movie: The Hoodlum ( 1919 )
A spoiled young rich girl is forced by misfortune to fight for survival in the slums and alleys, where she becomes involved with all manner of unpleasantness.
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