The Man in the High Castle is a startling depiction of an alternate history as imagined by author Philip K. Dick in his best-selling novel; a world in which Nazi Germany and Japan were victorious in World War II. The year is 1962 and the Axis Powers occupy the United States, where fascism rules and the few surviving Jews hide under assumed names.

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Ratings: TVMaze: 8.2/10
Released: January 15, 2015
Runtime: 60 min
Genres: Drama Thriller Sci-Fi
AKA: Man in the High Castle
Companies: Amazon Prime
Cast: Alexa Davalos Rufus Sewell Luke Kleintank Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Joel de la Fuente Rupert Evans DJ Qualls Brennan Brown Callum Keith Rennie Bella Heathcote Jason O'Mara Chelah Horsdal Michael Gaston Frances Turner
Crew: Rick Cleveland David Semel Michael Cedar Lisa Schomas Richard Heus Erik Oleson David W. Zucker Ridley Scott Ian Quinn Jace Richdale Shawn Petersen Michael Hilow Daniel Percival Frank Spotnitz Erin Smith Stewart Mackinnon Mark L. Mitchell John Grillo Mary Courtney Beau Ferris Larry Lerner Matt Paull Denise Chamian Liz Ludwitzke James Hawkinson Drew Broughton Kathryn Himoff Audrey E. Fisher Henry Jackman Dominic Lewis Linda King Christopher Mumaw Faye Brenner Roberto DeAngelis Leslie Sungail Rob Williams Isa Dick Hackett Christopher Tricarico Christian Baute Kalen Egan Jordan Sheehan Gary Calamar Philip K. Dick Marta Evry Gonzalo Amat Daniel Waldman Sharon Remmer Candice Elzinga Pete Elia Kevin Roache Wesley Strick Judith Zaylor Thomas Younkman Elizabeth Benjamin Chris Collins Eric Overmyer William N. Fordes Dre Ryan Eric Simonson

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Frankie Frinkie 3 points 7 days ago

Everyone should watch this stunning production! On my TOP 3 Favorite Shows Ever!

irishmark 1 points 2 months ago

Are none of the subtitles in English?

Tiger8me 1 points 1 year ago

This is a really well acted, often intense, always moving show that if you just stick with it becomes a favorite you look forward to watching. Makes me so happy to live in the world where the Allied Forces won.

Doto 1 points 1 year ago

Well, just finished the first season and, man, do these guys do the doom and gloom well! lol
Not one smile in 10 eps til the very last second lol.
And though it feels a bit slow at times I find it pretty good and kept me interested.
On to S2

LuxxyLuxx 1 points 2 months ago

Im really going to miss this show :(

Doto 1 points 1 year ago

Well, I’m half way through s2 and now a little depressed. Though I’m not sure where it will take us I thought it would (and was eventually) drive towards a happy ending that all could enjoy, but being about ‘the grasshopper lies heavy’ it doesn’t seem very possible….but, to be cont’d, so I’ll see I guess.

Doto 1 points 1 year ago *

All caught up and now I gotta wait a fricken year! I hate these release all at once series….Especially one as good as this turned out to be.

mjbourquin 0 points 2 months ago

Yes! Thank you primewire gods. Only bad thing is all the subtitles are in German for the newest 4th season.

[deleted] -1 points 2 months ago
greyfur -2 points 2 months ago

Sorta just discovered this, and also noticed they just ended it. See a lot of people liked it, but was wondering if they ended it in a good place or a cliff hanger? Considering a good binge watch, if it ended in a decent way, but not of it’s not ended badly or on a cliff hanger….

galsek21 -2 points 2 months ago *

So eine gute season , shade das die Serie zum Ende ist .Die hätte mehr potential, ich hatte 1-2 finalen in meine Kopf, bissen besser als wir gesehen habe.Gut genug , schade das da nichts mehr zuschauen ist. Danke am alle die das gemacht habe und fur diese Serie gearbeitet habe .Danke Amazon .

Doto 0 points 1 year ago

really liked the finish to s2. finally moving along a bit. And who doesn’t love ole crazy Jimmy James (News radio- Stephen Root)? BTW, I find the acting in this so excellent for a series.

torrac 0 points 2 days ago

Love Philip K. Dick this show had somehow passed me buy until I saw a comment (ty @Frankie Frinkie) got gripped from the start binged in 4 days superb the acting was top notch morose for large parts but there was some touching moments and dark humour I also enjoyed the quotes and refrences from books films etc. will binge again sometime 10/10

Jhigh03 -2 points 2 days ago(Contains Spoilers)

Since you love P.K.Dick i thought I’d recommend this if you havn’t already heard of it.
It was on Amazon same as MITHC and is an antholgy similar to The Twilight Zone .

fishingmad -2 points 5 days ago

very good , even the “woke” final season didnt spoil it

armeek -2 points 2 days ago *

The strongest thing that The Man In The High Castle has going for it from the the get go is the way the show looks. It’s a stunning looking programme, absolutely beautiful in fact. The San Francisco scenes in the Japanese occupied territories are vibrant, thriving, like Chinatown spread out over the whole of an entire city. It looks absolutely foreign, but at the same time, it still looks like San Francisco. Love that beautiful city.The show takes its time, moving patiently, and it takes a while for characters to develop beyond their initial impressions.High Castle is set in an America split into territories belonging to the Germans and Japanese, where its citizens have relatively stable lives with low unemployment and crime. However It’s not the sort of show that can be watched while doing other things, a lot happening and requires the viewer to pay attention. The story line the visuals the performances, flawless. One of the best television dramas to be produced..Not a big Dick fan,(play on words..Ha Ha moment) The author Philip K. Dick, Sci-Fi novels not a fan of that genre, but this one is outstanding….In my opinion this series is a must watch.

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