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Wow! It’s exciting to be back home. I was here from the beginning in 2009.

When not on duty, working behind the scenes as Primewire’s unofficial mascot (the Lemurs went back to Madagascar), I usually hang out in the Off-Topic Forum, playing word games and enjoying the camaraderie with my Robo-Pals.


I’m just your Friendly Neighborhood Chrome-Plated Droid-Type Hero, defending the innocent from the Lurking Evil of the Dreaded Site Troll.

I enjoy problem-solving and assisting others. I have a keen wit, sardonic sense of humor and am blessed with a talent for vocal mimicry.


“I developed these traits at an early age. You see, my parents were very poor. So much so, that they could not afford even the simple things for their beloved boy. Not even a set of Alphabet Blocks. All they could provide was a second-hand ‘I’ and broken-down ‘Q’. It wasn’t much, but how I treasured my ‘IQ’.”

“One fateful day, I was involved in a tragic accident and only my brain survived. Being a former telephone design technician for a certain recently defunct utility corporation, my impoverished father rebuilt me with leftover spare phone parts – inspired by his favorite hero, my Uncle Robo-Cop.”

(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)


Career-wise, I am a professional Communicator and Customer Service Consultant, providing excellence in customer satisfaction.

My professional motto is :

“Spreading Aloha One Call at a Time!”


I regard friendships as meaningful. As such, I typically will only accept requests once I’ve gotten to know that person. Hope you stop by the Forum Off Topic Games, so we can get acquainted!



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With the current pandemic affecting productions of Movie and TV Shows, read these articles:
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Coronavirus Interrupts TV: Which Shows Will Be Affected?.

~Visit Off Topic Forum to Play Word Games with me and my Robo-Pals!


-I enjoy mind-bending and visual stimulating Sci-Fi, Superheros, Action, Horror & Thrillers.

-I also dabble in DvD authoring and graphic artistry (Photoshopping).



”Someone once complained the Primewire is going to the dogs.”

”Something for my fellow Primates.”

”Lemurs Rule!”

”Cheers to our blokes Down Under!”


July 4th


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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