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Just a wanderer who’s happy to find that this great site is up and running once more for our viewing pleasure. My tastes are eclectic, taking me all over the place to Spartacus, to Marvel superhero stuff, to Viking guys, to hilarious Lifetime movies, to Sharknados, to British and Scandinavian dramas, to big-ass Jaeger β€˜bots and Kaiju, to European history documentaries (especially with Lucy Worsley, Michael Wood, or Neil Oliver), to Fast-and-Furious-Transporters-and-Death-Races-with-Aliens-and-Predators, and lots more.πŸ˜‰ I mine for, and am able to find, gold in unexpected places.
My name is Gabrielle, but you can call me Gabi.

I’m just a St. Louis woman…


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