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Resident Alien (2021)
DeafTard 2 points 16 hours ago.

I was VERY skeptical of this show due to the fact that it is a SyFy show and we all know what happens when SyFy has their hands on a new series. However, after watching one episode, I was absolutely hooked. Plus, it has Alan Tudyk in it who stars as Harry (the alien) and he absolutely nails the role! This show is absolutely hilarious and the writing is actually good! I really hope this series is watched by enough viewers to greenlit a second season! Anyways, give the first episode a chance and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good this show is. The CGI effects is pretty good for a low budget show like this.

Married at First Sight (2014) S12 E1
DeafTard 1 points 1 month ago.

I hope there are some links that pop up here after season premiere airs since there is still zero links for the two specials episodes that aired these past two weeks

Breakdown (1997)
DeafTard 1 points 1 year ago.

Underrated movie!

Shameless (2011) S10 E12
SYLCollective 0 points 1 year ago.

One of the best episodes I’ve ever seen of this show, and that’s saying a lot!

DeafTard 1 points 1 year ago.

Its definitely the best episode of this season for sure

Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000) S10 E6
DeafTard 0 points 1 year ago.

Each episode is just getting better and better than the previous one

Shameless (2011) S10 E12
DeafTard 1 points 1 year ago*.

Best episode of this dumpster fire season. Turns out this season finale was written by the original shameless creator during the earlier shameless seasons when it was the best.

Married at First Sight (2014) S9 E2
DeafTard -2 points 1 year ago.

Yay! For the first time in a year, the uploaders are finally recording the FULL episode rather than recording half of it and then uploading. Good job! Let’s keep up with this winning streak!

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? (2016) S4 E8
DeafTard 0 points 1 year ago.

Some of the links have the full 2 hour episode (minus commercials) but ALOT of these links have only the first hour of the episode.

Married at First Sight (2014) S9 E1
DeafTard -1 points 1 year ago*.

Finally the links are fixed

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