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Teach Us All (2017)
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The essence of spiritual love is liberation from deciding who is or isn’t worthy of light, since those in most need of the light often cry out for it in the most horrific and self-destructive ways.
No matter how furious or incensed the actions of others make you, the blessing of spiritual love suggests : “I send you this light because I respect the evolution of your soul too much to help you avoid your history of pain by condemning or criticizing your actions. May you be blessed with light, so to break the cycles of abuse, so no other person, including yourself, may be hurt moving forward.”
Matt Kahn

Teach Us All (2017)
Dethanos -1 points 3 days ago

NLP is pseudoscience. Research has shown that subliminal programming doesn’t work. I’m talking about bandwagoning, testimonial, transfer, repetition, and emotional words; the tried and true propaganda techniques utilized by religions, governments, and advertisers every day.

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Ok, I get that, but NLP is repetition…saying the same thing over and over again…like the U.S. government using Terrorist, terrorism, etc. since 9/11.

The Outsider (2020) S1 E1
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I’m hooked…talk about a mind (insert four letter f word here). Just wow. I look forward to seeing how this plays out. It seems more like a thriller than a horror show.

Agent Jade Black (2020)
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Don’t waste your time, unless you like bad acting…lol.

Black and Blue (2019)
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This was a great movie…deserves better than the rating it has. I love it when the hero is a strong woman standing up for what’s right!

Last Christmas (2019)
Ditzygypsy 4 points 1 month ago

If you’re avoiding this because you think it’s just a sappy rom-com, without spoiling it, I can tell you that it isn’t really a romantic movie. I rarely get choked up over romance, and that’s why this caught me off guard and I did have to swallow a few tears. The music is fantastic, and Emma Thompson steals the show. It’s also kind of a lovely tribute to George Michael, his song, and the fact that he passed on Christmas Day. I met him in 1987, and I feel lucky to have that experience in my memory. Thank you, uploaders.

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George Michael’s sister just passed, on Christmas day, this past year 2019, exactly three years later…how sad.

A Serbian Film (2012)
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Blind people can obtain a programme to read everything to them on the computer such as Jaws. Also available to them is something called Braille Note which sends the words to tiny buttons that move under the fingertips and can be read there

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Thank you. I did not know that. I did go to that persons bio and it does NOT say anything about them being blind, as they posted they put on their bio, so it made me wonder if they lied. I personally have no desire to watch the film, I grew up in the horror of abusive, psychopathic pedophiles.

A Serbian Film (2012)
JadeEnigma 5 points 14 days ago

Hang on…I’m curious about something. If you are blind, and yet you watch movies on mute…nevermind, I’m going back to bed.

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Thank you JadeEnigma. If derekishere is blind, how is it possible for them to read the posts?

The Walking Dead: Red Machete (2017) S1 E1
RoboPhone 1 points 15 days ago

I added the individual (YouTube) Webisodes in their corresponding Slots.

Tiger8me -1 points 14 days ago

Thank you.

Godless (2017)
JadeEnigma 1 points 16 days ago

Wasn’t this just brilliant television?

Tiger8me -1 points 15 days ago *

You’d probably like this one then…

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)
[deleted] -4 points 2 months ago
Tiger8me -2 points 19 days ago

I hear ya…I’ll wait for a better version…not a fan of that bet8 logo crap…asshats can’t even put it in scenes so as not to ruin the movie. Worst advertising ever…just makes it so I will NEVER go to their site.

Knives Out (2019)
Tiger8me -2 points 20 days ago

Have you seen “Cowboys and Aliens”? Daniel Craig looks really good in chaps ;-)

Knives Out (2019)
Ditzygypsy 4 points 1 month ago

I had no idea what this was about. I hadn’t seen any trailers for it. It was great! I have to say that Daniel Craig blew me away. I’ve seen him in a few things. I’m a James Bond fan, but I haven’t been able to get through the first one of his Bond films (tried 3 times with the first one and fell asleep each time), nor have I tried any of the rest of them after that, but I have seen him in quite a few other movies playing different kinds of characters. This was so different from all of those. Kind of like Kenneth Branagh in Wild, Wild West, but not quite as quirky/silly. There’s a bit of a scene where he’s singing away in a car by himself, and I thought his comedic timing was pretty good. And not-so-nice Chris Evans was different. But I still think he’s a sweetheart. The jokes about the kid who’s “basically a Nazi” had me laughing out loud, and Don Johnson always does a pretty solid performance. Great story and nice twists. Thank you, uploaders!

Tiger8me -2 points 20 days ago

Have you seen “Cowboys and Aliens”? Daniel Craig looks really good in chaps ;-)

Charmed (2018) S2 E8
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Again…wrong show…this is from the 90’s. Seems odd since it hasn’t been a problem before.

Tiger8me -2 points 1 month ago

Thank you to the up loader that got it right!!! Woohoo.

Charmed (2018) S2 E8
Tiger8me -3 points 1 month ago *

Again…wrong show…this is from the 90’s. Seems odd since it hasn’t been a problem before.

Charmed (2018) S2 E8
Pad Solo -2 points 1 month ago

This wont be on till later on/tomorrow. its on in the u.s later tonight (friday) then normally an hour after it airs on tv.

Tiger8me -2 points 1 month ago

It had the Aired ribbon on it so I thought it had just been posted early…sometimes they are.

Restored (2017) S3 E6
Tiger8me -2 points 1 month ago

Thank you uploaders. Love this show, this guy is so talented.

Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (2003)
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I was talking about the feeling I got as a kid seeing Bruce Lee fight for the first time. I’d never seen anything like it. I got that same feeling the first time I saw Tony Jaa fight. You’re probably right, Tony Jaa movies make most N. American martial arts movies look like they’re fighting in slow motion. Same with the movie The Raid: Redemption (2012)… now that’s fighting.

The Man in the High Castle (2015) S4 E1
Tiger8me -2 points 1 month ago

Why are there no English subtitles? They’re all German.

Gentleman Jack (2019)
max.black 2 points 4 months ago *

Just binged the first season…A great period drama set at the beginning of the industrial revolution…totally and thoroughly enjoyed it ! Anxiously awaiting season two !

Tiger8me 0 points 4 months ago

Right?! Me too…such a great show. Love the way they get her to look into the screen like she’s sharing something with the viewer…. you know, like letting you in on the joke.

Paul (2011)
Jhigh03 -2 points 5 months ago

Well said and my entire point wrapped up very nicely.

Tiger8me -4 points 4 months ago *

The problem is that when dealing with (adult) children empty threats change nothing. If however the admins, or whomever is in charge, actually removed the privilege of commenting and/or rating after one warning I bet that crap would stop. 1st offence lose privilege for 3 months, 2nd offence one year, if after that you keep going…cut off for life. That’s fair.

Paul (2011)
greyfur -3 points 5 months ago *

Brother, would not normally (entirely) disagree with you, but prior to what you’re describing, the down votin’ got to commencin’, which is what got the aforementioned conversation started to begin with. The down voting included all of your posts as well….just sayin’…

Tiger8me 2 points 5 months ago *

I only downvote when people are getting into some nasty name calling. I usually upvote the downvotes…lol. Sad how trolls ruin everything. I used to comment too until that crap started. Don’t bother with the chat anymore for the same reason…nothing’s done about the asshats…lol.

Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon (2011)
yellow_rose1 -1 points 5 months ago

which was never proven I never believe everything the media says

Tiger8me -3 points 5 months ago

I’m with you on this one yellow_rose. Being a survivor of real pedophiles the one thing they all had in common was a complete disconnect from their hearts. Michael Jackson’s love for animals and children show just how connected to his heart he was.

Wu Assassins (2019) S1 E1
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Gr8 cast and pilot. Totally action packed and a must watch for any “The Raid” series fans. 5/5

A Dog's Journey (2019)
RoboPhone 2 points 5 months ago *

eff 08/05 : New HD Versions. Clean Video & Audio.

This the continuation of the many lives of Bailey, with whom we first met in the 2017 film A Dog’s Purpose.

These are Great heartwarming family films.

Watch the Official Trailer for A Dog’s Journey HERE first.

Then grab the family, popcorn (and some tissues) and watch them BOTH!.

Tiger8me 0 points 5 months ago

Thanks for posting the link to the first one. I just watched both, and you were right, they are great heartwarming movies. More like grab a box of tissues for both anyway…lol.

Killjoys (2015) S5 E1
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You know it’s a great show when there are this many links.

Watcher (2019) S1 E3
RoboPhone 3 points 6 months ago *

As you undoubtedly know from the Main Page Banner :

“We’re working on rebuilding the database, so have patience.”

Further, Primewire uses TVMaze to give us ALL of the TV Show information. From that, a Template is created. That is what you see for this program.

Once the Show has aired and the episode(s) have been uploaded by someone, Links are provided for our Content Team to fill in the appropriate slots.

However, this Show was scheduled to air Episode 1 on July 6th. The person here was asking for Episode 3 Links.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone to make an Official Request, so The Content Team can look into the matter.

Rest assured, once Links are available, our Team will waste no time in posting them for the benefit of all our Viewers on this Free Site.

Thank You for your patience and support!

Tiger8me 1 points 6 months ago *

However, there are some exceptions to shows that were posted and then no one was able to get any links well past the date the episodes aired…case and point…these episodes aired October of 2018 and still there are no links, but this does seem to be a rare exception. I get it, some are more difficult then others. I only mention this because sometimes one simply has to be grateful for what they are able to get up and let go of the one(s) they can’t…that’s what I do. Or like Robo always says..Be patient. I am so grateful for this site and all the hard work so many put into making all these movies, shows, concerts, etc available for free.

Marvel's Jessica Jones (2015) S3 E13
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Another one bites the dust…

Forsaken (2016)
gypsy soul 2 points 7 months ago *

Looking for a Western for a Saturday watch with my S.O. Your comment stopped me here. Thank you. Good entertainment 7.5/10.

Tiger8me 1 points 7 months ago

Glad you enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen the new Magnificent 7 with Denzel it was awesome. Have you seen this one? https://www.primewire.li/movie/244364-watch-jane-got-a-gun The new Deadwood movie was good too. I love watching westerns on Saturday morning…like when I was a kid and they had those western matinees. And as cheesy as it sounds “Cowboys and Aliens” was a good watch with lots of lol moments.

Romulus & Remus: The First King (2019)
Tiger8me 1 points 8 months ago

Way too violent for me. Got to be in the right kind of mood for that much violence.

Portals to Hell (2019) S1 E2
Tiger8me 0 points 8 months ago(Contains Spoilers)

Am I the only one making the “Charlie” and “Portal” connection to both episodes?

Shazam! (2019)
Tiger8me 1 points 8 months ago

That was one of the funnest rides I’ve ever had watching a superhero movie. Incredibly entertaining and really touches on the inner child for this adult. Wonderfully acted and unexpectedly very comical.

Brimstone (2017)
gypsy soul 1 points 8 months ago *

What can I say? Wonderful, believable performances. The story is dark, then darker, then darkest and the light at the end of the tunnel was not bright enough for me. I feel used and abused by the reality. View at your own risk. 8/10

Tiger8me 2 points 8 months ago *

Thank you for the warning. I felt the same about Eden Lake and Sucker Punch. I barely made it 10 minutes in and had to shut it off.

Into the Badlands (2015) S3 E16
Tiger8me -1 points 8 months ago

Another good show bites the dust. Thanks for the uploads…was a nice run while it lasted.

In the Dark (2019) S1 E4
Tiger8me 0 points 8 months ago

Didn’t really get into this series until the third episode. As much as I wanted to not like her she kind of grows on ya. Really good lead character development and honest real life humor. We’re all a little messy at times and you can tell she really has fun with peoples discomfort or judgement.

Cobra Kai (2018)
freeaswind 1 points 8 months ago *

Another awesome season, just not enough episodes.

Tiger8me 1 points 8 months ago


Cold Pursuit (2019)
Tudie27 -3 points 8 months ago

How come there’s no openload they are the easiest to download?

Tiger8me 1 points 8 months ago

They stopped paying people.

Into the Badlands (2015) S3 E13
Tiger8me 1 points 9 months ago

Got goose bumps from that version of an old classic song. Love the originality of this series and unexpected way the story line is unfolding.

Hollywood Medium (2016) S4 E8
Tiger8me 1 points 9 months ago(Contains Spoilers)

Wow. So cool they caught the orb on film. I’ve seen the ghost show where they caught an orb morph into wisps of smoke and then become the ghost of a young teen boy in a park where a group of teen football players were killed in an automobile accident with their bus. How do atheists explain that? Just curious. I have personally seen ghosts. Grew up with them.

The Twilight Zone (2019) S1 E3
Tiger8me 1 points 9 months ago

Very well done!!!

The Twilight Zone (2019) S1 E1
Tiger8me -1 points 9 months ago

I loved this original series as a kid. Not really a fan of too many remakes but this is a great beginning. Love the way they ended the final scene. Be sure to pay attention at the very end.

Cobra Kai (2018) S1 E9
Tiger8me 1 points 9 months ago

I am totally enjoying this show. Love how they show the way we often misinterpret others based on what we see without knowing the full story.

Cobra Kai (2018) S1 E1
Tiger8me 0 points 9 months ago

Wow…35 years later they continue the story with the same actors. Don’t think that’s happened too many times. It’s an intriguing pilot.

Warrior (2019) S1 E1
Tiger8me 1 points 9 months ago *

Now that’s how you introduce a new series. Written by Bruce Lee, how cool is that? The acting was really well done with a few unexpected surprises thrown in. This is going in my favorites for sure.

The Highwaymen (2019)
Tiger8me 2 points 9 months ago

That was unexpectedly a lot better then I thought it was going to be. Probably the most realistic version I’ve seen of this story yet.5/5

Maine Cabin Masters (2016) S3 E15
Tiger8me 0 points 9 months ago

Ha ha ha… that was one of the funniest episodes yet. Yay girl power…lol. I wish more employers were like these people.

Blood Is Blood (2016)
BellaMia1 0 points 10 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion. I shall give it a viewing. :)

Tiger8me 0 points 10 months ago

That movie really messed me up…let me know what you thought of it. Gives me a better idea if what to suggest…if you’re open to that.

Survivor (2000) S38 E5
Tiger8me 1 points 10 months ago

This is by far one of the most original and interesting Survivor shows. Loving the new twists.

Captain Marvel (2019)
Doto 1 points 10 months ago

Thank you so much Marsh-mellow I really appreciate that.(btw, that was may daughters hamsters name lol) I just got back from the vet minutes ago from picking up his ashes…now the tears start all over again lol. cheers

Tiger8me 1 points 10 months ago

I hope this day passes quickly for you and at the end of it you get some peace. I gave you the dedication from the ritual performed on me this morning. For healing trauma. I will keep you in my prayers. Gods and Goddesses bless you honey .

Charmed (2018) S1 E15
Tiger8me 1 points 10 months ago

Holy crap…did not see that coming. Just when you think things are slowing down…Bam. I like this roller coaster of a ride show.