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Harold Clayton Lloyd Sr. (April 20, 1893 – March 8, 1971) was an American actor, comedian, and stunt performer who appeared in many silent comedy films. Lloyd is considered alongside Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton as one of the most influential film comedians of the silent film era.
Years active‎: ‎1913–1963

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Movie: Luke's Movie Muddle ( 1916 )
Lonesome Luke has a movie theater and also works the box office and as an usher. He has to put up with, among other things, an incompetent projectionist who falls asleep all the time. Complications ensue.
Movie: A Little Hero ( 1913 )
Mabel has a canary bird, a tiny pet dog and a cat. She goes out, and the cat goes after the canary. Doggie hears the racket and takes in the situation. Knowing he is no match for Tabbie he runs as fast as his little legs will carry him to a kennel where he tells his troubles to three big collies, who run back with him. They secure entrance to the house through a basement window, and arrive in time to save the bird's life. Tabby runs away, and an exciting chase follows. When Mabel comes home and sees the overturned bird cage and the canary's tall feathers palled out she thinks her little doggie has chased the cat away, and hugs her hero.
Movie: Twixt Love and Fire ( 1914 )
Movie: Willie Runs the Park ( 1915 )
Movie: Just Nuts ( 1915 )
Movie: Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers ( 1915 )
When a rich 'mothball magnate' checks into a hotel with his family, the mashers come out of the woodwork to woo his daughter (Arbuckle.) The scene shifts to the beach where the buxom heiress becomes stranded on a rock, where she is sunbathing, when the tide comes in. An hilarious rescue effort ensues.
Movie: The Hungry Actors ( 1915 )
Movie: Spit-Ball Sadie ( 1915 )
A young man promises his girl that he will get Spitball Sadie, a renowned female pitcher, for her all-girl baseball team. When he is unable to get Sadie to come, he dresses up as her and takes her place on the team.
Movie: Terribly Stuck Up ( 1915 )
Movie: A Mixup for Mazie ( 1915 )
Movie: Some Baby ( 1915 )
Movie: Fresh from the Farm ( 1915 )
Farm youth goes to college, pursues the pretty co-eds and joins a fraternity.
Movie: The Greater Courage ( 1915 )
Movie: Giving Them Fits ( 1915 )
Luke, working in a shoe store, has diffuculty keeping his mind on business whenever a pretty girl is on the scene.
Movie: Bughouse Bellhops ( 1915 )
Movie: Tinkering with Trouble ( 1915 )
Movie: Great While It Lasted ( 1915 )
Luke lives the life of a millionaire until it is discovered that a mistake has been made and his inheritance belongs to someone else.
Movie: Ragtime Snap Shots ( 1915 )
Movie: A Foozle at the Tee Party ( 1915 )
Luke lifts a wallet from a golfer and thereby gains entry to a golf course. Mayhem ensues.
Movie: Peculiar Patients' Pranks ( 1915 )
In pursuit of a pretty miss,Luke gets admitted to a hospital.
Movie: Lonesome Luke, Social Gangster ( 1915 )
Luke, a street tramp, is taken to a dance contest by a pretty millionairess, but when he is ejected, he returns with a gun and wreaks havoc.
Movie: Luke, the Gladiator ( 1916 )
Movie: Luke, Patient Provider ( 1916 )
When a doctor is forced, because of a lack of patients, to dismiss his pretty nurse, Luke comes to the rescue and uses his flivver to supply a ready supply of accident cases.
Movie: Luke's Newsie Knockout ( 1916 )
Movie: Luke, Rank Impersonator ( 1916 )
Luke crashes a society affair, thereby livening things up.
Movie: Luke's Fireworks Fizzle ( 1916 )
Luke, working in a fireworks factory.
Movie: Luke Locates the Loot ( 1916 )
As a detective, Luke is after a gang of crooks who are robbing party guests of their jewels.
Movie: Luke's Shattered Sleep ( 1916 )
Audiences may think Luke with his St. Vitus movement never sleeps, but they are dead wrong. Like Bill Shakespeare Luke "blesses the man who first invented sleep." After a screamingly comical search for slumber he finally hits the hay and sleeps without moving to Brooklyn.
Movie: Luke's Lost Liberty ( 1917 )
Luke and his pal find existence in prison so amusing that they depart with regrets.
Movie: Luke's Busy Day ( 1917 )
Movie: Luke's Trolley Troubles ( 1917 )
Luke and his sidekick steal a trolley car and create havoc for passengers.
Movie: Lonesome Luke, Lawyer ( 1917 )
Movie: Lonesome Luke's Lively Life ( 1917 )
Luke runs the coat-check concession at the White Light Cafe.
Movie: Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley ( 1917 )
Luke is a pickpocket, hiding out from the cops in a dive in the slum part of town. He later winds up in a boxing match which again brings the law on his tail.
Movie: Lonesome Luke, Plumber ( 1917 )
Movie: Stop! Luke! Listen! ( 1917 )
Movie: Lonesome Luke, Messenger ( 1917 )
While on the job, delivering a message, Luke finds himself in a girl's seminary.
Movie: Over the Fence ( 1917 )
Snitch steals Ginger's baseball tickets and takes Ginger's girl to the game. Finding himself without tickets, Ginger dresses as a baseball player and wins the game.
Movie: Lonesome Luke Loses Patients ( 1917 )
Luke operates a sanatarium, which he has naturally staffed with a bevy of attractive nurses.
Movie: It's a Wild Life ( 1918 )
Movie: Hey There ( 1918 )
A man tries to sneak into a motion picture studio to give back the letter of the beautiful woman who dropped it at a sidewalk.
Movie: Kicked Out ( 1918 )
Harold has trouble with his father and is ordered out of the house. He then becomes a waiter and pulls off some highly amusing stunts at a swell dinner party. He performs a "Julian Eltinge," and appears as a buxom, blithe and debonair young woman. The comedy woven about the new role is sidesplitting, especially when the "he-hussy" is being wooed by the father of his sweetheart.
Movie: The Non-Stop Kid ( 1918 )
The popular young Miss Wiggle has many upper-class suitors, but she prefers Harold to any of them. Her father, though, chases Harold away, because he is arranging for his daughter to marry Professor Noodle. When Harold learns this, he intercepts the Professor on his way to tea at the Wiggles' house, and he then impersonates the Professor.
Movie: Two-Gun Gussie ( 1918 )
A mild-mannered young man has left home, and is now playing the piano in a bar in the west. The dangerous criminal Dagger-Tooth Dan enters the bar where the young man is playing. Soon afterwards, the local sheriff also arrives, with some letters that he has received. Dan notices the letters, and he switches the information in them to make the sheriff think that the piano player is the dangerous one.
Movie: Fireman Save My Child ( 1918 )
Movie: The City Slicker ( 1918 )
When a country hotel advertises for someone to help them modernize, Harold arrives from the city to take the job. He soon has the hotel re-organized and re-decorated, and he installs numerous mechanical gadgets in the rooms. Things are going smoothly until a society belle arrives, followed by a desperate suitor whom she has discarded.
Movie: Sic 'Em, Towser ( 1918 )
At a masquerade ball, our hero, in a tramp costume, is arrested when they think he is a real hobo. In the meantime, an actual hobo, at the party, is treated like a guest.
Movie: Somewhere in Turkey ( 1918 )
A Turkish sultan captures and imprisons a young woman. Soon afterwards, the sultan also captures an explorer and his assistant. The explorer uses a series of ruses to evade the sultan's guards, and then gets an opportunity to rescue the girl.
Movie: Are Crooks Dishonest? ( 1918 )
Con artists Harold and Snub attempt to outwit phony psychic Miss Goulash and her "professor" father.
Movie: An Ozark Romance ( 1918 )
Movie: Kicking the Germ Out of Germany ( 1918 )
Our hero has a dream, while in the trenches at the front, that he is in Berlin rescuing a Red Cross nurse from the hands of the Kaiser and his henchmen.
Movie: That's Him ( 1918 )
Our newlywed hero is about to embark on his honeymoon when he realizes that he has lost the train tickets. In a mad scramble to find them, his bride is led to believe that she has been deserted.
Movie: Bride and Gloom ( 1918 )
Movie: Two Scrambled ( 1918 )
Roomers in a boarding house break the rules and are caught cooking if their room. A frantic run-in with the landlady ensues.
Movie: Bees in His Bonnet ( 1918 )
Movie: Swing Your Partners ( 1918 )
Hijinx at a classical dance academy when two tramps take a stab at ballet.
Movie: Why Pick on Me? ( 1918 )
Movie: Nothing But Trouble ( 1918 )
Movie: Hear 'Em Rave ( 1918 )
Movie: Take a Chance ( 1918 )
A man who goes by the name The Sport decides where he wants to spend his last twenty-five cents. He chases the girl he's infatuated with, and encounters colorful characters along the way.
Movie: She Loves Me Not ( 1918 )
Movie: Wanted - $5,000 ( 1919 )
Movie: Going! Going! Gone! ( 1919 )
Movie: Ask Father ( 1919 )
The young couple have decided to marry and it is time to ask the father for the hand of his daughter. Problem is, the father does not want to give the daughter away. So every time he goes to the office to ask the father, he is tossed out. He is ejected over and over, by different methods, while the girl waits and waits.
Movie: On the Fire ( 1919 )
Movie: I'm on My Way ( 1919 )
Movie: Look Out Below ( 1919 )
Movie: The Dutiful Dub ( 1919 )
Movie: Next Aisle Over ( 1919 )
Con man gets a job at a shoe store to impress a girl and winds up stopping a kidnapping.
Movie: A Sammy in Siberia ( 1919 )
An American, separated from his troop, protects a helpless Russian girl from marauding Bolsheviks.
Movie: Just Dropped In ( 1919 )
Movie: Crack Your Heels ( 1919 )
Movie: Young Mr. Jazz ( 1919 )
While running away from his girl's father, their car breaks down in front of a dance hall run by crooks. Harold has to not only stay one step ahead of the girl's father, but also those trying to rob them of everything they have.
Movie: Ring Up the Curtain ( 1919 )
As a group of traveling players are about to arrive at the opera house where they have their next engagement, the manager of the house is in the process of venting his frustrations with his crew. Harold, one of the stage hands, takes a liking to one of the dancers, and he willingly helps her with her baggage - until he realizes that one of her props is a live snake, which causes turmoil when he allows it to get loose. Then, when the show begins, Harold ends up causing further disruptions.
Movie: Si, Senor ( 1919 )
Our hero is a barber in a small Mexican town, wooing a local senorita, against the wishes of her mother.
Movie: Before Breakfast ( 1919 )
Movie: The Marathon ( 1919 )
Boy trying to impress girl, gets chased by her father and the police right into an ongoing marathon.
Movie: Back to the Woods ( 1919 )
Movie: Pistols for Breakfast ( 1919 )
Movie: Swat the Crook ( 1919 )
Movie: Off the Trolley ( 1919 )
Movie: Spring Fever ( 1919 )
Harold is a bookkeeper who works in an office but can't keep his mind on his job -- the spring weather is too nice to stay indoors. After escaping from his office he romps in the park instead.
Movie: Billy Blazes, Esq. ( 1919 )
The mining town of Peaceful Vale is a rough place, and sheriff 'Gun Shy' Gallagher can do little about it, since the town is ruled by Crooked Charley, the gambler. Charley runs Pierre the tavern keeper out of town, and takes Pierre's daughter Nell as his prisoner. But when Billy Blazes sees Charley's henchmen harassing Pierre, he rescues Pierre and then proceeds to confront Charley back at the tavern.
Movie: Just Neighbors ( 1919 )
Suburban neighbors (Lloyd and Pollard) join together to build a garden shed, but through carelessness, wind up ruining the garden, as well as the laundry, which is drying in the yard. Further mayhem ensues when chickens are set loose.
Movie: At the Old Stage Door ( 1919 )
Our hero visits the opera, is mistaken for the manager and is treated like royalty until the deception is uncovered.
Movie: A Sailor-Made Man ( 1921 )
When The Girl's father insists that, before he will agree to The Boy's marrying his daughter, he must first prove that he can do something more worthwhile than act the playboy. He joins the navy. When his ship docks at a Middle Eastern kingdom, The Girl and her father also arrive by yacht. The local maharajah kidnaps The Girl and it is up to The Boy to rescue her.
Movie: Grandma's Boy ( 1922 )
Always the mama's boy, or in this case a grandma's boy, Sonny joins a posse after a tramp accused of robbery and murder. He is unable to conquer his cowardice until Grandma tells him of his grandfather, also a coward, who overcame his fears with the help of a magic amulet. With new courage (and the charm), Sonny captures the fugitive and becomes the hero of the day.
Movie: Dr. Jack ( 1922 )
Country Doctor, Jack Jackson is called in to treat the Sick-Little-Well-Girl, who has been making Dr. Saulsbourg and is sanitarium very rich, after years of unsuccessful treatment. His old-fashioned methods do the trick and the quack is sent packing.
Movie: Safety Last! ( 1923 )
A store clerk organizes a publicity stunt in which a friend climbs the outside of a tall building.
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